Diane, Bettina & Stephanie...


By Mav

2023 Masters – Womens Nominees - Goose’s name-dropping post on potential female Master of the Year nominees included some familiar names, as well as women who took the next step in 2023. Highlighted below are the women aged 40-54 who I am nominating for the 2023 Minnesota Multisport Honor of Female Master of the Year:

Diane Hankee, 46, Lino Lakes. Diane is a 2x Master of the Year, and had a nomination-worthy season in 2023 as well. She had two regional podiums including a win at One Last Tri Sprint, and she posted solid results at Sprint and Olympic Nationals in Milwaukee.

Bettina Keppers, 40, Duluth. With 3 overall wins in 2023, Bettina set herself apart from the competition, often achieving this by way of a strong bike split bookended by a solid swim and run. Duluth has a strong multisport tradition – was her season good enough to crown her as the northland’s numero uno? Speculation aside, it is clear that she is a strong nominee for the Master of the Year honor.

Stephanie Peterson, 47, St. Paul. Stephanie had a breakout season in 2023 and didn’t miss the overall podium. She won outright three times (including a duathlon win at Oakdale), and she placed second in South Dakota at the HyVee Tri. ...

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Ted's Season - Part I - Coaches



By Ted Treise

Social media is tough. I don’t know what to post unless it’s a monthly thing about my partners that supports me. You want me to show you some picture of a run I did 50 times before? What’s the caption? “Another run banked”. Yup, great job, Ted. Glad to see you’re exercising. But BUT.. I can write. I feel like this is my medium. So with that, here’s and update on what’s been going on my end in 2023 to date. It will be long winded though because, well, it’s my post! Hah!


2023 actually started in 2022 when my long-time coach, Nate Dicks hung up the whistle and ended his coaching endeavors after my final race at Ironman Waco 70.3. Nate and I started working together in 2015 when I was a student at Mankato and he was a professor. His students were doing a dissertation on Vo2 stuff and needed a subject. I was stoked to get some free Vo2 work then after the test he recommended some training to help build my engine. We went from there and ended up being my coach for about 7 years.

It was tough seeing him go, but I understand when family and his teaching demands rise, somethings got to go....

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Tim, Luke & Keith...



By Mav

Triathlon is a lifelong sport. As Goose and I have discussed within the last few weeks, athletes as young as 15 years old can show true talent, determination, and speed, and that doesn’t stop when we hit the other end of the age spectrum. Today, we highlight the three 60+ males who Mav believes had seasons worthy of receiving official nominations for the 2023 Male Grand Master of the Year honor:


Tim Brown, 65, from Blaine. Tim won this honor in 2020. In 2023, he was one of Minnesota’s most diverse racers. He had age group wins at Apple Duathlon, Buffalo Sprint (AG record), 70.3 Des Moines where he could have started 30 minutes after his competitors and still won his age group, and Ironman Wisconsin.

Luke Harned, 70, from St. Paul. Luke is one of Minnesota’s most prolific racers, and not just in the GMOY category. He raced 8 times and won his age group every time, managing to also set an age group record at Buffalo Sprint. Included in his 2023 resume are two duathlon wins, too. ...

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Visible Fish, Chainsaw Starts & Thank Yous...


By Maggie Swanson

IRONMAN Kona race report –I just had the honor of competing at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, on October 14th. I qualified for Kona in September of 2022 at IRONMAN Madison in Wisconsin, and continued training for 2023. My first race this year was at IRONMAN Chattanooga 70.3 in May, and I tore my Achilles tendon on mile 10 of the run. It looked like my season and my dream of racing Kona was over!  ...

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Stepping Up - Men...


By Goose

2023 Minnesota Multisport Honors - Our research reveals that the men listed here truly "stepped up" in 2023. Their performances showed marked improvement over past seasons. Here are the men being considered for official MOST IMPROVED nominations:



- 2nd @ Northwoods

- 3rd @ Clearwater Olympic

- 4th @ Buffalo Olympic

- 8th @ Maple Grove Olympic

- 8th @ Ironman Chattanoga - 9:03:59...

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