Tridentity Crisis...


Let’s give ourselves permission to redefine what it means to be a triathlete .....


By Kelly O'Mara (triathlete.com)

If you run, you’re a runner. That’s all it takes: a few laps around the park a couple times each week. If you ride a bike, is something you need to call an exterminator about.
But if you…what…you’re a triathlete? If you triathlon? Our identities as triathletes are closely tied to racing. Too closely sometimes. You can swim and bike and run all you want for fun, but until you complete an actual triathlon, with a start and finish line, it’s often hard for you to consider yourself a triathlete. (And let’s not even start with the triathlon snobs who... 

Team Buenting = Team USA...


By Mike Buenting (mikebuenting.wordpress.com)

April 13th and 14th 2019 USA Triathlon (USA Duathlon) brought National Championships to Greenville, SC. If you have never been to Greenville I suggest you go visit it is a beautiful city and the people are so very kind and wonderful! Before I share the success of the weekend I want to say thank you to USA Triathlon for producing an amazing event, to Tri Bike Transport for getting out bikes safely to the race site and to Camp from Tri Bike Transport for all his service and help and just being a great guy! Thanks to F2C Nutrition for their support and the fuel that keeps Team Buenting hydrated!

I am so blessed that my family shares the healthy way of lifestyle that I live by and am passionate about. My wife Shannon who aged up to 50 this year, my daughter Bella 16 years old and myself who also aged up to 45 this year circled this event in the fall and said let’s get the entire family qualified for Team USA and World Championships 2020! We all knew a race in early April coming out of a miserable and brutal Minnesota winter was not going to be easy! When you can’t get outside much and run because of snow/ice/cold and you are stuck indoors on a bike trainer all winter it’s not ideal for having yourself in peak shape to compete at an event of this level! But it is what we had to deal with so Team Buenting just focused and adapted to conditions as mother nature gave them to us and got ourselves ready to compete....

Taught Not to Wait...


By Erin Lahti

I decided to take a trip by myself to Puerto Rico. I chose PR for a few reasons. It’s a tropical island, but still in America. I didn't have to worry about changing currency or different driving rules, and most of the people I talked to could speak at least a little bit of English. Also, after Hurricane Maria devastated the island in 2017, they need our tourist money. In addition to this be a soul searching trip, I wanted to get some ocean water swimming experience. An ocean water Triathlon is on my bucket list.

I flew into San Juan, rented a car, and drove 85 miles, across the entire island to a town called Aquadilla. It’s much less touristy on this side of the island. I rented an adorable little Airbnb right on the beach. My first morning, I drove a few miles to Crash Boat Beach. I was there by 7am and there were only a few people on the entire beach. I was at the end of the little pier, talking myself into doing my first ocean water swim, when a man walked up. He was wearing an Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico hat. As he approached, I immediately said hello and confirmed that he was a triathlete. He introduced himself as Edwin and he had just done his first 70.3 last week in San Juan. I asked him if he planned on swimming here today. He was there to meet others for a swim. He invited me to join them. Are you kidding me? Is this actually happening? What are the odds that with in a couple hours of my first day of my trip, I would accentually meet other triathletes to swim with? ...

Another National Title For Parish!


By Usatriathlon.org

GREENVILLE, S.C. — More than 500 run-bike-run specialists crossed the finish line Sunday at the USA Triathlon Duathlon National Championships in Greenville, South Carolina, as athletes competed for national titles and World Championship spots in two distances. 

The Non-Drafting Standard-Distance National Championships kicked off the day, with athletes covering an 8.45-kilometer run, 39-kilometer bike and 4.5-kilometer run on a rainy morning at Lakeside Park. 

Patrick Parish (Minneapolis, Minn.) was the overall men’s champion. The 34-year-old broke the tape with a time of 1 hour, 43 minutes, 23 seconds. Thirty-six-year-old Meghan Fillnow (Charlotte, N.C.) took the women’s overall championship, winning with a time of 1:57:54...

Bike Swap!

Bike_Swap_Digital.jpgGear West Road & Triathlon Bike Swap
Saturday, April 27
10am – 3pm

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The Gear West Road & Triathlon Bike Swap offers a great way to buy used bicycles and gear at an affordable price. Our Bike Swap provides a consignment-style, one-day sale of road and triathlon bikes and related accessories. Come peruse the inventory and find yourself a new set of wheels to use for your next triathlon, for recreation, transportation, health, or just plain fun!

We will also have our older bike inventory, rental wetsuits and vendor samples marked down with exceptional price reductions...

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