Green Lights!


Thgreenlakeart.pngis is the post we have been wanting to write for months. Minnesota will have a 2020 outdoor racing season after all. Several great events, all slated for August, have the approvals they need to take place.

This is great news for tri-optimists who have been training diligently during the pandemic and are ready to rock n roll.

And because the first of the un-cancelled events isn't until August 1, those who have let their training lag have time to get themselves race-ready.

Here are the August races that we know are confirmed:


GRANITEMAN BIG LAKE TRIATHLON – Big Lake, MN - August 1, 2020 - 

Offering both sprint and olympic distances, you will swim in the clean and clear waters of Big Lake, ride one of the flattest and fastest bike rides in the state, and enjoy a lakeside run that starts and finishes in the park....

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COVID-19 Pandemic: Keep Training!


zipperguy.pngBy Philip Mosley (trainingpeaks.com)

At times like these, it can be hard to stay motivated about your training. Perhaps your target events have been postponed or canceled; maybe you’re social distancing, or homeschooling your children while working from home. Maybe you’re just worried about your job, health, and family. Either way, if you can find the time, working out is still important.  

This blog will provide you with three great reasons to keep training consistently, even in extreme circumstances.

Reason 1: You’ll Stay Fit (Even if You Decrease Your Volume!)

It may sound obvious, but if you stop training altogether, you’ll lose fitness. And the longer you hit pause, the more fitness you’ll lose. Many of us are all-too-aware of this fact, and it may be causing you some anxiety—relax, it’s not all bad! ...

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Local Triathletes on COVID-19 Front Line...


By Aimee Berg (usatriathlon.org)

Brittany and Nick Philpot // Ages: 29 and 34 // Emergency room doctors Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota 

“The ER has been crazy, hectic. We’re seeing more and more COVID, less other issues. I don’t know if that’s because people are quarantining and not having heart attacks, or if they’re too terrified to come to the ER because of COVID and they’re suffering at home — that’s my fear.

 From the moment we enter the ER, we put on our face mask and full face shield. You’re not allowed to take it off so communication is difficult; you feel like you’re shouting. We’re all getting so dehydrated because we can’t take our masks off for eight or nine hours.

Another thing that’s really difficult is that the COVID guidelines are changing day by day. I’ll get three, four, five emails a day: new data is saying this or that. We want to know what the public is hearing, too. There’s so much anxiety about missing new information. But there haven’t been a lot of randomized control trials which is typically the data we like to trust....

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Finding Camaraderie as a Black Triathlete...


By Dr. Candace Brown (triathlete.com)

The effects of the most recent racially motivated events in our country have filtered into the triathlon community. As this started happening, I was proud of the many people and companies who took a stand to remind the triathlon world of the importance of equality, especially for those who are Black. The success of this race year would have marked the completion of just about all the goals I had set out to accomplish as a Black Athena triathlete. I have participated in every distance from super sprint to a full Ironman; I’ve won 1st in age-group and Athena divisions; and, this year, qualified to be on Team USA for the aquabike. However, the world changed, our nation is changing, and so is the sport....

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Don't Plop After a Hard Workout!



By Kevin Purvis (triathlete.com)

You just finished crushing a workout and your first instinct is to eat and plop down on the couch. I cannot say I have never engaged in that process myself. While there is nothing inherently wrong with it, you may not feel as fresh for your next session. While actual recovery—the repair of tissues and systems—is at a fixed rate, there are things we can do post-workout (like the post-workout mobility exercises below) to mitigate soreness and improve overall tissue health.

There are a variety of products and protocols claiming to speed up the recovery process, but the only tried-and-true actions you can take to aid in recovery are proper nutrition, hydration, and quality sleep. That being said, if your body feels better, your next training session will most likely be better.

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