Border State Honorees...



2020 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Later this week we will begin the process of posting nominees for this year's MMHs, which will feature two athletes--AJ MANNING (Fargo, ND) and PATRICK ALLAIRE (Marshfield, WI) that reside in border states. Since 2000, the MMH Committee has been rewarding those visiting athletes who meet the criteria for consideration, and at least nine of those talented multisporters have taken home awards, including SARAH KOLPIN (photo), who won the Rookie of the Year and Duathlete of the Year in 2005, and was ranked 1st on Team MInnesota. She is the only rookie in MMH history to captain the Team.


They are:


ROBERT GILLES, Fargo, ND - 2001 Triathlete of the Year, 2001 Duathlete of the Year, 20o1 Performance of the Year, 3 x Team MInnesota (photo below)

SARAH KOLPIN, River Falls, WI - 2005 Rookie of the Year, 2005 Duathlete of the Year, 2 x Team Minnesota....

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Frozen Fingers, Possums & Coke Zero...


By Darin Westphal

Tour to Duluth

With my daughter now a freshman at University Minnesota-Duluth, I thought this fall would be the perfect time to ride from Plymouth to UMD to meet her for lunch.  I’ve never worried much about excuses for making long rides, but this seemed like the perfect reason!  Plans were that I’d start riding early in the AM and my wife would start driving up at mid morning and we’d all meet for lunch mid afternoon.

Knowing that I’d be solo for the entire ride plus doing some night time riding, I stopped into Gear West to make sure the bike was ready to roll and I had everything I needed to make the trip up with as little interruptions as possible.  Lights, spare tubes, new arm warmers...now I don't have any excuses to not complete the ride!

4am Saturday I was wheels down and headed north.  My phone said it was 43 degrees so I was dressed in between that “I’m going to be warm when the sun comes up and holy crap it’s going to be cold until then”.  For the first 3:45 minutes of the ride the temp hovered in the mid/upper 30's which was cold.  Couldn't feel my fingers until about 10am.   I'm quite a sight as I'm standing at a gas station trying to text...

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"It's Shameful"....


Defending a Legacy

By Michael Weissenborn

“Mikey... you look like a bum.”

I wasn't even mad. He was right. He was always right. I'd strolled in to his office with a scraggly neckbeard, hair long enough to chew on, and a two-size too-large leather jacket. “Bum” was being kind.

I had just switched majors again, this time during my fourth year. I had no clue what I was doing, no idea where I was headed. My life now mirrored my appearance – directionless.

The words above were uttered to me by Roy Griak. The man was a living legend. He served in the South Pacific theater during WWII. He made it home, became a teacher, and dedicated the rest of his life to supporting kids. He coached of the University of Minnesota men's track and cross-country teams for 33 years....

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Flying Dismounts & 30-Watt Cowardice...


By Michael Weissenborn

FALL CLASSIC RACE REPORT - Race morning is always a bit of an existential crisis.

When that alarm hits at 6:00 AM on a Sunday, I begin questioning every decision which has led to this point. I was in bed by 8:00 PM last night. I binged Star Trek reruns until I fell asleep. I'm now conscious, my cat (not conscious) is draped across my face, and I'm about to voluntarily subject myself to 90 minutes of torment. Why am I doing this? Then I remember:  ...

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"OK! Let's Do It!" ...


By Shyanne McGregor (shyzamironwoman.com)

“You should really have a camp in Duluth.” Said one of my athletes. 
“OK! Let’s do it!”  My camp experiences have always left me with a ton more confidence and knowledge and I wanted to give that experience to my local athletes. Also, we have a ton of fun so I am always up for a weekend  devoted to training.

Last weekend, August 21-23, my coach and I hosted the inaugural rbCampDuluth!  ...

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