Coffee Catch-up - Summer 2018....


By Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.cm)


And just like that, it’s OCTOBER(!). Since we really didn’t get spring this year – remember that blizzard on April 15 when two feet of snow fell?! – summer felt so short, but the good news: it was crammed with fantastic – from yard work to cruiser rides to dinners al fresco to weekend trips.

it’s been a while since I’ve done a life update, so I’m stealing this coffee date catch-up from a few other blogs. My favorite coffee lately: iced oat milk lattes at our neighborhood coffee shop, Angry Catfish. Anyone else love oat milk? What’s your go-to coffee drink? Grab it, and let’s cheers and chat!  Here’s what’s been up and on my mind…

1 – the AG Kona allocation system

Bummed is an understatement about my AG only having one Kona spot at IMMT. I was crushed – and then I was, and still am, angry. So I looked into it a little more to figure out why there was only one spot in my AG (35-39) when every race has had two spots since they dropped from 50 spots to 40. Turns out, I’m not the only one curious about the AG KQ allocation. Russell Cox has been analyzing AG races and the allocation for a while, and the Live Fiesty ladies have been asking questions, too. ...

"...It's Never Goodbye."....


By Simone Lundquist (sisterswhotriblog.com)


Sometimes I like to think that someday I’m going to have a future where my triathlon season never ends. It’s the fantasy of waking up every single morning and getting to train and continue to compete as my job, but for right now it’s still a dream in the making. Every year I have to say, “See you later,” to a sport that I really love and something that brings me so much joy which seems to get harder every single year. All I want to do is keep improving and working harder, but it’s always nice to know that there’s another year and another season. Although it seems far away until the next competition, there is always something to work on in the off season, and there is always something that keeps you motivated throughout the year. One thing that I know for sure is that it’s never goodbye.

Triathlons basically take up my entire summer as our family tries to fit in at least 10 in a year. It’s my only focus and priority for the summer, but as the school year comes along I have to balance a start to a cross country season and an end to a triathlon season. I don’t get to have the entire focus that I usually get in the beginning of the year for my last races, but I still try to fit in time to train for them between practice and school. With the business of the school year I had not thought much about my last race going into the weekend. There was a little bit of worry in my head because I did not get as much time for biking and swimming as I would have liked, and I also did not mentally prepare like I usually get to in the summer. I also thought of these disadvantages as advantages because even though I had not biked in a while maybe that meant my legs would feel fresh, and even though I didn’t focus on the race the day before maybe that meant I wouldn’t stress as much. With everything spinning through my mind I tried not to worry or stress so I just pushed all of my thoughts aside....

Team Minnesota 2018....




2018 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Today we reveal the names of the Top 10 men and women who were named to Team MInnesota. The selections were based on 2018 resume, not reputation. Criteria includes performance quality relative to field and records, racing volume and head-to-head results.

In addition to the Top 10s, we've done some extra name-dropping, listing the names of other athletes who were part of the Team Minnesota discussion. They are very loosely ranked here.

New names on the Top 10 lists this year are TED TREISE, JOE ADRIAENS (photo L) and CHERYL ZITUR, whose racing excellence at the age of 54 has earned her a berth. Returnees to the Team after an extened hiatus were BECKY YOUNGBERG (7 years) and SAM HAUCK (10 years).

Over the next few weeks we will break down Team MInnesota and the other MMHs, which were arrived at through a domocratic process. This content will be inspersed with race reports, athlete blog posts and other news.


Three MMHs for Hanna. Jan Collects #18...


2018 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Here, as promised, are the recipients of the 2018 Minnesota Multisport Honors. In future posts, we will explain how these selections were determined.

(The MMHs were introduced in 1999. In parenthesis are the career totals of honors won by each 2018 recipient.)











Hopkins Royal is 2018 "Race of the Year"...


2018 MINNESOTA MULTIPSORT HONORS - MTN congratulates the Hopkins Royal Triathlon, this year's top vote-getter, based on percentage of participation, for "TRIATHLETES CHOICE RACE OF THE YEAR."

A perennial nominee for the TCROY, Hopkins Royal also received this honor in 2015....

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