Women's-Specific Triathlon Microsite...


ED. Here's some cool and important stuff from USAT:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — USA Triathlon today announced the launch of its first-ever women’s microsite, usatriathlonwomen.com, which will serve as a hub for women’s-specific triathlon training information and community and industry resources. Its creation is part of a larger effort by the organization, outlined in its 2020 Quad Strategic Plan, to increase women’s triathlon participation in the U.S.

The microsite features a calendar of women’s-specific multisport events — including races, clinics and social gatherings — as well as a list of women’s triathlon clubs across the U.S. Women of all ages and competitive levels will be invited to share their multisport stories and celebrate their achievements on a regular basis through guest blogs on the site’s homepage....

Carney Wins Carney Island 140.6...


By David Carney


HITS-Ocala Race Report - Triathlon is a wonderful sport.

It may very well be the most giving and influential activity I have participated in. It gives you self awareness and promotes growth in all areas of life. All your weaknesses and shortcomings are revealed and exposed during the process of training and racing. If your diet is poor, if you are not sleeping enough, if you are stressed, if you are in a unhealthy relationship, if you come in a contact with a negative person, you will know immediately. This is the awareness I need so I can make changes to ensure my spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health is good.
November 28th I signed up for Ironman Madison and I want to crush it to be honest. Shortly after I realized I need a practice run at this distance to fully understand tactics, nutrition, pacing, and gage where my fitness is at. So, I come across a 140.6 race at Carney Island Park in FL March 30th, okay game on. Seems like the perfect place and it really was. I enjoyed every minute of this event and the best part is I got to share it with my brother as he raced the sprint distance. It was his first tri so I got to support and encourage him as he lit his triathlon candle. His candle is shining and Big Sexy will be racing Chisago Lakes Sprint July 28th.

SWIM: Gun goes off at 7 sunrise was 7:18 open water start and on the countdown we all have our goggles up saying where is the buoy, too funny. It takes me longer then most to settle in for 2.4 miles and find it and today was no different. Second lap my right calf is cramping, what, why, am I in trouble, stopped for a second to try and stretch, no help started swimming and soft kick seemed to get rid of it but still freaked a bit on this. First time I used the wetsuit strippers and I loved it, why have I not used em before? Unofficial time here thinking 1:18 which means I need help on the swim and lots of room to improve here....

Affordable Triathlons...


By Tom McAllister (triathlete.com)

Thom Richmond wants to tear down this financial barrier to triathlon entry. “There’s an area that’s completely ignored,” he says of tri’s demographics, which skew toward mostly male, white, high-income earners in their middle 40s. “That’s not where most of the country is.” Pointing to U.S. Census Bureau data, Richmond believes there’s growth potential for triathlon, but costs must be lowered in order to attract newcomers—from all socioeconomic backgrounds—to the sport.

A 49-year-old engineer by trade and an age-grouper triathlete by passion, Richmond is a former Southern Californian who now lives in Virginia. He followed his wife to “Old Dominion” after she received a sweet job offer: VP of admissions at Washington and Lee University. The family made the move in 2015, but ...

Phillipi Two-For-Two at SLP Indoor...



LIFE TIME ST. LOUIS PARK INDOOR TRIATHLON #2 - VICTORIA PHILLIPPI won the January indoor at the SLP club, and she successfully defended her title in race #2 at that venue last Sunday.

In January, tri vet Kathryn Jensen was her closest rival. This time around, it was KATE BARNETT who gave Victoria a run for her money,  but it was Phillippi's swim/run combo once again that sealed the deal for her, though it shuld be said that her bike performance was not too shabby either.

FYI - Victoria was coming off a very solid 5-mile effort (17th - 31:47) at O'Gara's Irish Run two weeks prior.

As for Barnett, she capped her 2018 outdoor tri season with a 7th place finish at Hopkins Royal, which matched her 2017 performance there. ..

Dog Lovers & Flower Bikes...


A pair of intimate indoor tris took place last Sunday. One was at the Life Time Fitness club in Plymouth, where 64 athletes went the distance. The other was the LTF club in St. Louis Park, which had 34 finishers....

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