Take Your Off-Season Seriously...


By Jim Lubinski

A single-sport focus in the winter is a good idea, but going after another tough endurance race may not be.

The off-season is a great time for some single-sport focus and to work on weaknesses—something you may not get to do during the regular season while balancing all three sports. That being said, you need to make sure you don’t overdo it— this is a time to get refreshed both mentally and physically....

Fun and Fancy Glasses....


YWCA Indoor Tri Series #1 - The 2019 indoor tri season was launched last Sunday at the Midtown YWCA. The event boasted a record 72 finishers, 10 more than 2017 record-breaking numbers for the January event. Cool Beans.

A glance at athlinks.com revealed that a significant percentage of the entrants were avid runners with little or no outdoor triathlon experience. We'd love to see more indoor tri-ers make the transition.

We reached out to a few of the participants, asking them to comment on their experience. KAITLIN RANDOLPH (photo), overall winner of the Sprint tri (500 yd - 5 mile - 2 mile) who is a devoted cat lover, former track runner at Carleton College and a very nice person, had this to say: 

This was my first indoor tri, and I had a blast. The volunteers and other participants were incredibly supportive and welcoming, and I’ll certainly be back for more.

We asked her if she had done any prior tris: 

I did a couple student-run outdoor triathlons back in college (for Carleton and St Olaf), but none post-college. Hopefully I’ll have the courage to take that step one of these years! ...

MTN's 2019 Wish List - Part II


Last week we posted our first "Wish List" installment, wherein we expressed our fervent desire that Gaby Bunten be named USAT 2018 Athlete of the Year. Today's post deals with our desire for certain cancelled races to be resurrected....

A Crucial Component...


Monthly Training Tip:


By OutPace Coach Anthony Jagielo

The Benefits of Strength Training

At this point in the year strength training should be a main component of any training program. Many endurance athletes resist the notion that strength training is an intricate component of training and racing. The reason for this misunderstanding is usually a lack of explanation of the importance of strength training. I hope that this monthly tip will clarify some of those questions and inspire each of you to take a new level of focus when approaching your next strength training session. Here are some (but not limited to) of the benefits of strength training:

1. Resiliency in the ligaments and tendons which decreases your chance of injury when endurance training volume increases in preparation for race season....

The Note, the Thought, the Time...




By Ruth Brennan Morrey (from Facebook)


99.9% of my runs are done alone bc of several reasons...but mostly because I love my alone time in nature to breathe, find my own rhythm, and let my mind wander to really fun places.

Over break, an old friend was in town and I asked her to go for a run because our visiting time would be short. We had a wonderful chat and put another building block into our friendship.

Today, I received a heartfelt card from her detailing her enjoyment of the run and noting every conversation we had and thanking me for my part in it. Geez...A hand written ‘thank you’ note after a friendship building run....

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