Most Improved Women & Long Distance AOY....



2018 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Tomorrow we begin the process of revealing the MMH winners, starting with TRIATHLETES CHOICE RACE OF THE YEAR. We have two more lists of nominees to announce before that process begins: MOST IMPROVED (Women) and LONG COURSE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR.

Here are the five Most Improved nominees, and their 2018 racing highlights:


EMILY GAGE, 32, Minneapolis (photo)

- 1st @ Graniteman Big Lake Sprint

- 1st @ St. Paul Sprint

- 2nd @ Minneapolis Sprint

- 2nd @ One Last Tri Sprint

- 4th @ Maple Grove Sprint ...

Gaby, Hanna, Becky...Jesson, Wade, Patrick & Ted...




2018 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Many years ago the MMH Committee decided to limit the number of PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR nominations by a single athlete to two. This was done to involve more athletes in the POY process, as there have been years, and 2018 was one of them, where a single athlete turned in three or more POY-nomination-worthy efforts. Most recently, for instance, HEATHER LENDWAY could have  swept the nominations, and limiting her to just two nominations wasn't easy for the Selectors.

This year GABY BUNTEN turned in two very clear POY-nomination-worthy efforts, and one or two others that could be considered had HANNA GRINAKER and BECKY YOUNGBERG (and DANI V) not raced so well.

And speaking of Hanna, all six of her 2018 triathlon performances were POY-nomination worthy. This is unprecendented. Selecting only two of her performances wasn't easy.

So, after much debate, here are the official women's POY nominees: ....

Dan, Brooks, Kevin & Matt...


2018 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Yesterday we revealed the nominees for female MASTER OF THE YEAR. Today, we introduce the four men, with their racing highlights, who are also nominated in this category:



- 2nd / 1st Master @ Liberty Long Course 

- 3rd / 1st Master @ Square Lake Half IM

- 4th / 1st Master @ SuperiorMan Half IM

- 5th / 1st Master @ Door County Half IM...

Diane, Andrea, Becky, Cheryl...


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Here are the official nominees for female MASTER OF THE YEAR, and their 2018 competitive highlights.


DIANE HANKEE, 41, Lake Elmo (photo L)

- 2nd overall / 1st Master @ Oakdale Duathlon

- 2nd overall / 2nd Master @ Maple Grove Sprint

- 2nd overall @ Bertram Blast - Masters Record

- 5th overall / 2nd Master @ Heart of the Lakes

- 7th overall / 3rd Master @ Chisago Lakes Half IM

2018 Race of the Year Finalists...


Y-logo1.pngMINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Voting for 2018 TRIATHLETES CHOICE RACE OF THE YEAR has just concluded, and though the voting period was greatly reduced this year, there was a record voter turnout. Very cool.

Thirty-two races received votes, and as always, those event producers that encouraged their participants to vote, or actively lobbied for support for their races, fared best.

The five finalists, and the eventual winner, were determined by the percentage of participants method, i.e. we divide the number of votes that an event received by the number of people who finished. (Races must receive at least 40 votes to be eligible for finalist consideration.) ...

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