Overcoming Fear of Triathlon...


By Will Murray (mytimetotri.com)


You don’t have to be super-human to complete a triathlon. That is despite the popular notion. Many people could become triathletes if they could get past their fear of just giving triathlon a try. Let’s clear up the misconceptions and get you started.


Truth: there are very few true three-sport athletes who are equally proficient at the swim, the bike and the run. Almost everyone has one discipline that isn’t their favorite, because it isn’t their strongest. So, during the race it evens out. Solid in one discipline, a little less in another. Most of us are in that situation. Some say, train to your weakness, but race to your strength. If you don’t yet know how to swim well, this is your chance to learn a new sport while keeping up with your cycling or running. Who knows? You might really learn to love it. Here’s a mental skill exercise for learning how to do that. And, there are other multisport events in addition to triathlon: duathlons have a run-bike-run format, and aquabikes a swim-bike format. ...

Hankee Wins "The Intimidator!"...



For more that a decade, DIANE HANKEE has been one of Minnesota's premier female multisporters. She is a former Minnesota Master of the Year and was nominated for Triathlete of the Year in 2016, the year she was ranked #2 on Team Minnesota.


On March 16, Diane kicked off her 2019 tri season with a big win at the Florida Challenge Half Ironman, aka "The Intimidator.". Her time was 4:52:24 on the extremely hilly course. That's right, there are some hills in the Sunshine State, and they are all in the Clermont area.


Not only did DH win the women's race by a chunky margin (7:27!), she placed 9th overall.

She also did this event in 2017, placing 5th (1st Master) in the women's race in 4:52 and change....

Iguanas, Bike Dancing & Saline...


ED. Nikki's new blog is awesome!


By Nikki Dostert Sudberry (gingertriathlete.wordpress.com)

Ironman Puerto Rico 70.3

Swim: Swimming in Condado Lagoon is a must for any first time endurance triathlete. The warm water temperature keeps the race from being wetsuit legal but the ocean water keeps you buoyant. I felt good entering with my wave of athletes. It’s my 4th time to do this race so the familiar faces of my competition is comforting. We know that the swim is a gentle way to ease into the windy and hot bike and the notorious hilly and hot run.

Bike: This bike course is the best. Although it’s flat, the wind can give athletes a challenge. This year I got to try out my deep dish pizzas from Flo cycling and of course they didn’t disappoint. I had my training focused on watts this winter and last year averaged 137 watts on this course and this year improved with an average of 150 watts over 56 miles. Ocean...

Guenther & LaFrance Are National Champs...Again!


MINNEAPOLIS — Twenty athletes earned age-group national titles Sunday at the USA Triathlon Winter Triathlon National Championships, held as part of the Loppet Foundation’s Loppet Winter Triathlon at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis. Jan Guenther (Long Lake, Minn.) and Joel LaFrance (Plymouth, Minn.) led the way, claiming the overall women’s and men’s national titles respectively....

"This Just Got Real"....


ED. On June 11, 2017, MTN posted it's coverage of Ironman Wisconsin 70.3, which was won in Performance of the Year fashion by Dani Vsetecka. We just discovered that she had blogged about her experience. It's a terrific read. Enjoy. 


By Dani Vsetecka (4iowasisters.blogspot.com)


“Is this real life?”  This is the question I’ve had to repeatedly ask myself for the past few days.  It’s difficult to put into words to describe the range of emotions I’ve felt.  Disbelief, joy, exhilaration, nervousness, and most of all: gratitude, gratitude, and more gratitude.  My last two races (the Apple Duathlon and Madison 70.3) have far exceeded my expectations and I can hardly believe what’s actually happened. The outcomes came, but more importantly so has amazing time with family, the opportunity to build friendships, and feelings of self-assurance.

The highlight of the Apple Duathlon was getting to slap my nephew's hand coming out of T2. All three nephews, my sister, my mom, and I spent the night before the race in my parent's RV basically on the race site the night before. We had a blast "camping" and getting to spend the 4 hour trip (2 hrs each way) talking to my sister ...

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