Champion For a Little While...


GRANITEMAN BIG LAKE OLYMPIC - For two minutes and twenty-five seconds, RYAN COLLISON was a repeat champion. His time--2:09:32--was more than six minutes faster than last year, though in fairness, the weather last Saturday was far more accommodating than in 2018.

But that knowledge wasn't quite enough to make him comfortable. He'd outswam, though not by much, and outrode rather significantly, the man he feared most.

His rival, however, was a faster runner...

July 2019 Athletes of the Month...


We're sensing a pattern here. The male AOM in April/May was also the AOM in June.

Guess who MTN's July male AOM is?

Though a pair of Joshes--Mork and Blankenheim--had stellar July racing resumes, it was PATRICK PARISH's scorecard that rose, once again, to the top.

And the women's July Athlete of the Month, and Master of the Month, was the same AOM / MOM that earned those honors in June.

The other July recipients are also repeat winners.


Here are MTN's July 2019 Athletes of the Month:




- 1st @ Minneapolis Olympic (1:55:05)

- 1st @ Heart of the Lakes


HM - Josh Mork, 36, Lino Lakes - 1st @ Chisago Lakes Half IM (4:09:57), 3rd @ Minneapolis Olympic (1:57:46), 3rd @ Heart of the Lakes

HM - Josh Blankenheim, 38, Duluth - 1st @ Timberman Olympic (1:56:42), 2nd @ Heart of the Lakes ...

Chisago Reflections...


ED. JOSH MORK and KELLI MORETTER-BUE turned in breakout performances at Chisago Lakes Half last Sunday. Josh won the race, and Kelli cracked the Top 10 with her first sub-5-hour effort. On Facebook, they commented on their Chisago experiences.

KELLI - “Why oh why do we do this?!” “We paid for this suffering!” “I chose this—I must be nuts!” “I’m never doing this again!” All these thoughts go through my head during a race and I’m 100% certain in almost every race I’ve done that I won’t ever...

Brewhouse XXXIII Preview...Exciting Stuff...


33rd BREWHOUSE PREVIEW - Though we may see repeats of races we've seen here before, that does not mean that the events will not be exciting.

On the contrary.

Yes, many of the same great athletes race here year-after-year (recidivism is good!) and place highly year-after-year, and that should be the case again next Sunday, still there is much to anticipate. Sure, two-time champion on this stunning Island Lake course, JOSH BLANKENHEIM, is picked to win the Olympic race again, and he is coming into the race is great shape. His  recent win at Timberman, and his follow up 2nd at Heart of the Lakes suggest that WADE CRUSER's course record 1:57:47 isn't safe.

Exciting stuff.

ELAINE NELSON, like Blankenheim, is the clear women's favorite. Heck, she's taken her gender's title in her last three appearances here, each time without being seriously challenged. Now 40, we're anxious to see how badly she breaks the event's Masters record.

Once again, exciting stuff....



 GRANITEMAN BIG LAKE - The 9th edition of this great event is happening on Saturday and you can still get in. Race day registration is available.

Approximately 300 are expected for this year's Sprint and Olympic contests, and on paper, it appears that three of last year's champions, and many of the AG winners, should repeat....

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