Committed to Growing the Sport....


By USA Triathlon

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — USA Triathlon today unveiled Elevate 2028, the organization’s 2021-2028 Strategic Plan, which will guide its priorities, decision-making processes and culture through the next two Olympic and Paralympic Quadrennials. The robust set of guiding principles, goals and strategies will enable USA Triathlon to grow participation, provide unmatched support to the multisport community, and reach vast new audiences culminating at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Los Angeles 2028.

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Ted's Schedule - Part II ...


By Ted Treise (https://www.instagram.com/ttreise/)

The Meat and Potato’s.

I am deeming this section the meat and potatoes of the season. These are races on the schedule that I’ve done before (mostly) at a distance I’ve done many times before. There are two goals surrounding these races – executing them with a high level of precision and figuring out what I am good at course wise. These races are: ...

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A Schedule Emerges - Part I


By Ted Treise (https://www.instagram.com/ttreise/)

A Schedule Emerges

After a year getting ready for races that may or may not happen, then having the later ones happen and scrambling to panic train for a race that was miraculously put on the schedule, I think in 2021 we’re emerging into a safer space. A space where races have a good to great shot at going off. A space where we can shape a season with a few key races on the calendar. I recently sat down with my coach Nate Dicks and we planned out our 2021 racing dance card. The schedule isn’t quite clear what the fall will look like as I imagine some early season races will defer to that period of the calendar, but it’s a great start including something I’ve never done before – a full Ironman. This blog post outlines my 2021 season and the thought process behind it.

Lesson Learned from 2020 Racing: ....

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"I Never Walked and I Always Stayed Tough"....


By Mike Buenting (mikebuenting.wordpress.com)

Challenge Miami 2021 race recap. 

Challenge North America and Challenge Family creates world class triathlon events and I highly suggest when planning your race schedule you add Challenge events into that. 

I loved working with the Challenge North America group, from Caitlin, Bill Christy and all the staff! And then Jillian the race director she is simply the best so much love for her! 

As the Business Development Manager for Speed Hound. ( thespeedhound.com ) I built a relationship with Challenge for Speed Hound to be the recovery sponsor. We set up a pro-athlete recovery lounge for all the pro-athletes. We also had a recovery lounge in the expo area for the age group athletes. This was all very successful and the word is out and people are loving Speed Hound recovery systems and say we are...

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"I Grew Three Inches in One Day."...


CHALLENGE MIAMI MIDDLE DISTANE TRIATHLON - DANI TREISE made her pro debet last Friday at Challenge Miami and the MTN Guys couldn't be more proud of her. Here's how she described the experience on Facebook: ...

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