Paige is Rookie of the Year! Kyle & Bella are Top Juniors...


bellalake.pngMINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - In the past, we announced all of the MMH winners in a single post, then discussed the selection process of the individual honoreess in follow-up articles. We're doing it a little differently this year. We're announcing the winners of a couple of categories at a time, and explaining the five-member Committee's rationale for the selections. 

Today we are revealing the winners of the ROOKIE OF THE YEAR and JUNIOR OF THE YEAR categories.





Four of the five Selectors favored Paige, based largely on her brilliant long distance results. Rookies aren't supposed to podium a big-time races like the Chisago Half IM, where she popped a 4:42:17, and more significantly at Ironman Mont-Tremblant, where she finished 3rd among amateur women in 10:09:16.

Receiving the support of one Committee member was Herrick, who excelled in short course races, as well as turning in great results at half IM. Her win at Hopkins Royal, and her 3rd at Heart of the Lakes, were the kind of highlights that reminded us of former ROYs, Nicole Heininger (2013) and Suzie Fox (2009)....

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YWCA Women's Tri is "Race of the Year!"


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - The multisport athletes of Minnesota have spoken. The YWCA WOMEN'S TRIATHLON is the 2019 Triathletes Chioce Race of the Year."

A perennial nominee, the women's tri also earned this honor in 2012.

Here is the voting breakdown for the Top 5 ROY finalists:

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Do-Do Happens!


By Johnny Surprise (Facebook - Posted Nov. 9)

Ironman Florida - Shit happens
3.5 weeks prior to Ironman I was on a much too early run with Evan Reed and I unfortunately stepped in a small pothole that I could not see thanks to the darkness and to me not wearing a headlamp. My 5th metatarsal snapped like a large branch, yes, that loud. I didn’t panic; I just calmly hobbled off to the side of the path and asked ER to go get the car. Got home and jumped into the car and went to Parkway, my good pal Dr Ness confirmed that it was broke. Now the fun begins… Thank God for Pete Garber, Certified badass Physical Therapist. He set the plan; we met pretty much everyday until I got on the plane to PCB. Pete is a motivator as well as probably the best PT in the state of MN. I was able to get in a couple of runs before the race BUT we knew it was going to be hit or miss - meaning I would be great or I was going to suffer.

I had probably the best training block I have ever had for this being my 11th Ironman; my fitness was at an all-time high. Had a top-notch coach - ass kissing here - The one and only Andy Schiesl (Hannah Grinakers Coach) he really awakened a monster in me - Good thing. I had one heck of a training partner Meleah...

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Me and Triathlon Stuff - A Season Wrap-Up...


By Ted Treise (Submitted 11/13)

Well the season is over and here I am on a Saturday morning at Isles Buns, a local coffee  shop/bakery in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. I haven't had a serious workout since Augusta at the end of September and it's been a nice change of pace. The first couple weeks were a little ADHD'esque. From going full bore since the start of December with at least 2 scheduled workouts each day to zero leaves me a little antsy without the structure I've been accustomed too.  With that extra time, I still love to do a little something  each day exercise-wise along with staying in the office a little later. As much as I try to separate  myself from this sport during this time to rejuvenate, it's hard not to think about triathlon.  What went well during last year? Where did I mess up? How could I have avoided being injured? What things should get more attention and what things are a waste of time? One thing that fell by the wayside was writing and probably social media in general. Sorry sponsors! So with that, enjoy this longer-than-it-should-be write up called "me & triathlon stuff".
To recap the past 11 months so we're all on the same page, here are some bullet points highlights....

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On Cloud 9...


ED. Sophomore triathlete Shyanne McGregor of Duluth could not have had a more successful Ironman debut: 9:47:52! For MMH purposes, November and December performances apply to the following season's resume. Shyanne, therefore, will come into the 2020 season with a POY-nomination-worthy result already on her scorecard.


By Shyanne McGregor (Facebook - Posted November 3)

Wow!!! What. A. Day.!!! IMFL 2019

The whole last week I was super nervous about the race, but as soon as the gun went off I was surprisingly (for me) calm.
Short but sweet race report:

🏊‍♀️The swim went well! I probably seeded myself a little too far back but I moved my way up the pack. I ended up 7th overall female out of the water. 
🚴‍♀️ Bike: Didn’t let any girls pass me. Kept the rubber side on the road. No flats. Came off the bike 7th female.
🏃‍♀️Run: I’ve never run a marathon until today...after a 2.4 mile swim and 112 bike ride. I kept my pace and ended with a 3:26:03 marathon.
And a finishing time of 9:47:5...

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