CoVid-19: Thinking Long Term

Dear MN Multisport Community,

We all know how important triathlons, duathlons, and other similar physical activities are to our health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, we are all in a state of limbo and uncertainty, with no crystal ball to give us clear answers or much needed comfort.

Numerous event directors recently met (virtually) to discuss the impact CoVid-19 is having on the upcoming racing season. As many groups/activities are already doing, we are monitoring the situation as best we can. We are cautiously optimistic that some events will still occur this season, but obviously cannot, nor should not be making any guarantees. At this point in time, each organizer is still making their individual decisions about their respective event(s). In any case, know that this process is not easy, but will be made with your safety being a priority.

We hope you also realize that for many events, numerous hours and dollars have already been invested into them, well in advance of the actual event. Our goal and vision, just like that of most athletes is to think long term. By doing so, we will be able to continue to put on quality, memorable, and safe events for years to come, as well as all get through this pandemic together (albeit 6 feet apart for the foreseeable future).


The Race Director and planning committee for:
- Hopkins Royal Triathlon & SWIM-off to Summer (Doobie Kurus)
- Lake Minnetonka Triathlon (Kendra Minser)
- Minnesota Tri News (Jerry MacNeil)
- WingMan Triathlon (Sam Tift)
- Midwest Multisport Races (Judi Fluger)
- Bertram Blast (Brett Oden)
- Younglife Triathlon (Jason Loney)
- Anderson Race Management (Mary Anderson)
- Northwoods Triathlon (Nancy Lewis)
- Trinona (Lindsey & Scott Sherman)
- Moose Lake Triathlon (Craig Pruhomme)
- Heart of the Lakes Triathlon (Jeff Holmberg)
- Superior Man Triathlon (Kenny Krell) dba: 3 Disciplines
- Green Lake Triathlon & Green Lake Kids Tri (Dan Hubbard)
- Brewhouse Triathlon, Buzz Ryan Sprint & Root Beer Kids Tri (Matt Evans & Rod Raymond)

- IGNITE SwimRun (Jay Peluso & Danny Serpico)

- Great Up North Triathlon (Ashley Hall)

- CycleHealth (Tony Schiller)


"It's a Girl!"


ED. MTN congratulates 2019 Minnesota Rookie of the Year Page Schulz on the upcoming birth of her second child.

By Paige Schulz (strava.com)

The biggest news of my second trimester: It's a GIRL. Wow, did I ever have to wrestle mentally with this news. I am so happy and excited baby is a she now, but it took me a bit to come around to the news. It was no secret that I was team boy. I am so smitten with my adorable little bouncing two-year-old boy who gets excited about the simplest things in life. I pictured getting another version of him and his future best friend. I just assumed that since Brennen and I each are one of three of the same sex, we would have a same sex sibling family too. (Not how this works.)

Brennen on the other hand has been team girl for years, even before Jack’s birth. I asked him what he is looking forward to most with a daughter, and he said the teenage years. LOLOLOL. He clearly didn’t have a sister and must have had fabulous high school relationship experiences. (Cough, me and one other girl. Ha. I wonder what my MIL would say about this. 😉) The teenage years are what I am most terrified for (besides a potential early age obsession with Disney princesses). He thinks our family dynamic will be different since she will have an older brother to keep her in line. Fingers crossed....

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When Adulthood Gets in the Way....


By MScreen_Shot_2020-03-24_at_11.43.19_AM.pngitchell Clayton (2016 Minnesota Junior of the Year)

Minnesota has one of the nation’s strongest triathlon communities. It’s one where each summer weekend has several races and where athletes, both seasoned veterans and first timers, come together to challenge themselves and accomplish a common goal. The Minnesota tri scene also has a strong history for developing elite juniors, many of whom often challenge for overall podium spots at local races and who race competitively on the national and world stage. Recent speedy teens include the Swenson siblings, Nick Klonne, the Lundquist sisters (photo below), Isabella Buenting, and several more who provide depth to the roster of fast, young racers. However, history has shown that the majority of elite juniors do not continue their racing careers into adulthood. What changes, and why do many of Minnesota’s best up-and-coming triathletes put what was once a passion of theirs on hold?

School is a big reason why many young triathletes stop racing. Some focus all of their efforts on academics, taking time away from training and racing. Some continue their high school sports, often swimming or running, into college and are forced to commit more time to one discipline than to the others that comprise the sport of triathlon. Not to mention, social life changes. Not many teens want to be “that guy” or “that girl” who’s dorm room stinks from having their trainer set up all winter, or “that person” who doesn’t go out with friends because they have a 6:00am brick workout on Saturday morning....

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Waterless Swim Workouts...


Pools all closed? Pro Laurel Wassner shares a great "swim" workout you can do at home with a set of stretch cords.

By Laurel Wassner (triathlete.com)

Every Friday we feature a new swim workout that you can take to the pool! Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most pools are closed and many of us are left to try to hold onto some form of swim fitness without stepping foot in the water. Thankfully, there are some alternatives that can help you hold onto your fitness and maybe even make you an overall stronger swimmer. During this time, we’ll be using our Weekend Swim Workout column to bring you some creative ways to not let your swim totally take a backseat. First up, professional triathlete and coach Laurel Wasser is sharing dry land swim exercises you can...

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"Let Training Be Your Sanctuary"...


Thipathetic.pngs blog written by triathlete Rhiannon Berry originated as a post she wrote on the popular Facebook group, Pathetic Triathletes Group, as a response to the ever-difficult and changing COVID-19 pandemic that has altered life as we know it and completely changed the sports landscape.


My beloved Pathetics — 

I've seen so many of you lamenting races that have been canceled (understandably so), so many of you losing motivation because the odds of approaching races are so bleak with no concept of where things go from here. Many have struggled with whether it is worth it to train with race schedules at the mercy of the unknown.

In addition to being a proudly Pathetic triathlete, I am a teacher at a large, impoverished district, a daughter with two older parents with pre-existing health concerns, a sister to one sibling who works in a hospital serving heavily populated areas and another sibling whose engineering company has multiple international partners, and a woman with a significantly...

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