Becoming a Better Runner Off the Bike...


By Tom Kowalski (triathlete.com)


If you dread T2 and know you’ll be watching your time slip through your whole run, it’s time to take a look at this part of the triathlon.
Luckily you don’t have to be a professional runner to make the most of this leg. Here are some tips to get fitter, more efficient, and stop fearing your finish time.

Improve your movement economics
Running on the treadmill helps to build the habit of maintaining a high running rhythm, even as fatigue increases. This is critical to good running in the long-course triathlon. Mobility is also important. Systematic rolling, stretching and mobility drills performed wisely are very effective, though running fast on a regular basis generally solves most mobility problems!...

Apple Du XXXVII - AG Predictions...


As promised, here are our picks to claim the Age Group titles at this Saturday's APPLE DUATHLON, seven of whom are in the top photo....

Apple Podium Picks - Women...


37th APPLE DUATHLON - In our previous post we predicted the men's podium at this Saturday's Apple Du: PATRICK PARISHJESSON BAUMGARTNER and ALEX ARMAN are our picks, though we acknowledge that late elite registrants like TODD BUCKINGHAM, SEAN COOLEY and TED TREISE could upset that. (We almost said "upset that apple cart," but we've never understood that metaphor.We also don't know what it means to feel like "a room without a roof," which is a Pharrell deal. Do rooms have roofs? They have ceilings....)

We digress....

Apple Podium Picks - Men...UPDATED AGAIN...


37th APPLE DUATHLON - Today we are evaluating Apple's men's competition. We'll discuss the women's race in a future post.

Though they were not enrolled when we glanced at the registration list last week, we are assuming that past champions WADE CRUSER and JESSON BAUMGARTNER will be on the starting line next Saturday, where they will face another former winner, and current Duathlon National Champion, PATRICK PARISH.

These three guys will not be the only talented men in the field, not by a long shot, but we believe that unless, say, Michigan's World and National champion TODD BUCKINGHAM, who placed second here in 2018, shows up, that Jesson, Wade and Patrick will claim the podium spots and the prize money that goes with them.

Here are their highlights:

Transition No-Nos...Don't Do These Things!



By Evan Rudd (triathlete.com)


Race like a savvy triathlete by avoiding these mistakes in transition.

Race like a savvy triathlete by avoiding the seven biggest mistakes in transition.

Prepping your transition bag before a race can feel like gearing up for a month-long backpacking trip, and your mental checklist can quickly overwhelm clear, methodical preparation. Take note of these seven transition blunders to ease your nerves and, most importantly, to avoid becoming the target of your training buddy’s jokes.

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