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Teetering on the Overtraining Fence...


By Jason Crisp

As a health & wellness professional, personal trainer, and endurance sports coach i feel I must share my recent struggles.

As many of you know I’m training for Ironman Lake Placid on July 25 with the ultimate goal of qualifying for the world championships in Hawaii. This takes extreme amount of commitment and energy. However ones energy is limited. We need it for all areas of our life from family obligations, work, social, etc plus to handle other daily stressors.

The last few weeks I’ve had my blinders on and have been putting in some serious hard training. Nothing different from the past however I’m busier than the past so safe to say this past weekend put me over the edge of that energy balance. Original symptoms were edginess, lack of focus with daily things, slight performance decline, plus Sunday I verbally just said I can’t take any more. With that all said I should’ve backed off this week but continued to train hard mon-Wednesday all the while I started having anxiety/panic attacks in the middle of the night that didn’t allow for much sleep. These increased to happening during the day doing simple tasks. Fortunately yesterday I went and saw a great doctor (former endurance athlete who himself has experienced overtraining syndrome). He talked about the physiological reason things are happening to me. Basically with the mix of work, home life, constant stimulation from screens, and hard training my adrenal gland/hormones are out of wack causing sudden surges of cortisol & adrenaline hence the middle of the night anxiety attacks. Trust me it’s not a fun thing....

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June 2021 Athletes of the Month!


Bakyleaom.pngsed on a minimum of two outstanding performances during the month in question, though for our purposed,  "June 2021" includes May performances, and in one case, an even earlier effort, the Minnesota Multisport Honors Committee had determined its AOMs. Our thanks to MIKE BUENTING, who reps "Speed Hound," for providing cool swag for the winners.


The men's AOM was contentious. Some of the Committee members favored DAVID KOPPEL, based on his two wins, the first of which--Buffalo Olympic--was arguably the men's Performance of the Month. In the end,...

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Cheryl & Doobie's "Kidney-versary"...


By Doobie Kurus & Cheryl Zitur

Doobie Kurus and Cheryl Zitur celebrate their 5th Anniversary...
Ok, that headline was misleading. It should have read Doobie Kurus and Cheryl Zitur celebrate their 5th "Kidney-versary", because 5 years ago on June 30th, they each donated one of their kidneys to help save someone's life. People often worry how a donor's life might be affected, but 5 years later here's what they've been up to, and we think you'll be impressed.

per Cheryl
I donated to my oldest son Chris who lives in Denver.  He is still doing great!  He continues to be active playing hockey, kickball, volleyball and skiing in the winter.  We are so happy he is healthy!!  

I continue to train for triathlons! I completed an Ironman 1 year after donation and a Marathon in 2019 qualifying for Boston but it was cancelled due to Covid.   I swim, bike and run every week and teach strength and conditioning classes 3 days a week.  My goal is to do at least 3 triathlons a year.  I am also enjoying many trips to Florida to play with my twin Grandkids.  I have met so many awesome donors over the years and am part of a Facebook group...

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Stuff Beginners Need to Know...


By Holly Bennett (triathlete.com)

As part of your intro to the sport, consider why you’re taking up triathlon to begin with and what you hope to gain from the beginner triathlon training experience. Are you motivated purely by the desire to have fun and expand your social circle? Are you looking for a fitness kick in the pants to battle the bulge of middle age? Were you inspired by media coverage of a seemingly impossible pursuit? Are you an athletic type already, aiming to be a serious contender? Whatever your reasons at the start, formulating your goals and priorities will help you plan a race season best suited to your desires and strengths....

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