Part III - Family & Doing This Pro Thing...


By Ted Treise

Heart of the Lakes Triathlon

This was an absolute blast of an event. My mom’s side of the family’s cabin is in Annandale and coincidently the weekend of HOLT was the same weekend as our family reunion at said cabin. On race morning, team Treise had a crew! Going into the race my mentality was, I just wanted to suit up and race, that’s it – whatever that meant for performance-wise was secondary after coming off a midseason break.

S: Josh Mork, AKA Mr. Wildcard, put in a huge effort with the goal of gapping the field. The young gun, Kyle Swenson, was able to hang on with Kevin O’Connor and myself sharing his draft. Once Kevin pulled off, the three of us swam back into shore.

B/R: On the bike it wouldn’t surprise me if Josh pushed 27-28mph or whatever to stay up front. IMO he races best on the front of the race & once he’s there, Josh is not going anywhere. However this wasn’t his day. I took the lead leaving transition then hung out there until the finish. I felt decent on bike, but am most excited to come away with a good run. My runs this year have been labored and I’m finally feeling the flow out there. In all, a great day on the course and you cannot beat racing local....

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Part II - Lots of Hanging Tough...


By Ted Treise 

Ironman St George 70.3
If we were shaking the rust off in Texas, I had no idea where we were at fitness-wise a month later in St. G. The field was nuts, close to a World Championship 70.3 roster with about 80 dudes on the start list – lots made the trek over from Europe due to closers. In the days leading up, I was just so excited to race these guys and see where I was at. For help wise, it was my mom and I taking on the world. Just us and a giant Tahoe Enterprise upgraded us to. A very fun trip completed with me loosing $60 at a Las Vegas black jack table in about 3 hands. Anyway back to the race;
S: I lined up with Ben Deal. I knew he could swim front chase pack and I just had to stay on his feet. His wetsuit is a DeSoto with some 80s neon blue logo on the side. After the gun sounded, all I saw was that stupid logo swimming away after 300 yards. But again, I swam with a decent pack and it was still a huge improved swim from prior years.

B: I pushed like mad on the bike enjoying the up and down course. Eventually I caught up to Matt Russel’s pack in Snow Canyon then hung out there throughout the descent. During this ride I couldn’t believe the people I was going through, Reid, Lagerstrom, Lieferman. It was truly something I’ll never forget....

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Horner & Jesson Are August Athletes of the Month...




To reiterate, athletes need at least two outstanding performances during the month in question to be eligible for AOM consideration.

Here are the August 2021 AOMs:


Female Athlete of the Month:  JENNA HORNER. 23, Eden Prairie

The Committee was in 100% agreement with Jenna's selection. Check out her August scorecard:

- 2nd @ Ironman Maine 70.3 - 4:30:42

- 5th @ USAT Olympic Nationals - 2:11:10 (1st AG)

- 10th @ USAT Sprint Nationals (2nd AG)


Also considered: GABY BUNTEN, 29, St. Paul, and CAMI ECKHOFF, 35, Detroit Lakes...

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Part I - Tight Hips, Locked Glutes, Movie Metaphors...


By Ted Treise

The first part of the season is wrapped up. It started in April @ 70.3 Texas, from there we raced two more 70.3’s at St G & Des Moines along with a local duathlon then finally Heart of the Lakes Tri. The goal of this blog is to break down each section of each race of my season so far along with my thoughts behind it. The breakdown will be segmented into a few sections making it semi-readable.

The Lead Up

Going into the season I had my goals which you can read about HERE (schedule emerges pt 2) & two other things I really want to touch on are 1.) Mobility & 2.) Equipment.

For mobility, I’m doing two things – 1.) biweekly massages at Odom Health and 2.) hiring a Strength & Mobility Coach. For the massages, I really feel like this adds an edge to my program. They feel amazing and help me hit the reset button after a hard stretch of wkos....

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July 2021 Athletes of the Month...



JULY 2021 ATHLETES OF THE MONTH - July was a strange month. There were only five races and few athletes raced more than once. Because AOM considerees must have turned in at least two outstanding performances during the month in question, filling out the usual categories was impossible. So, the Committee decided to include the August 1 races--Brewhouse and Gear West Half & Olympic--on the July calendar. This solved their problem.


Male Performanceof the Month - TED TREISE's win at Heart of the Lakes. His 1:29:12 was the fastest time since 2009, and his margin of victory over the deepest field of the season thus far was 2:25. (Photo L)

Female Performance of the Month - RACHEL ZILINSKAS' resounding victory at Ironman Lake Placid, where  she proved once again that she is our country's premier female amateur long distance racer. Her time of 9:52:33 was beaten by only six pros, and her margin of victory in the amateur race was a ridiculous 44:54!. ...

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