Apple Podium Picks - Men...


37th APPLE DUATHLON - Today we are evaluating Apple's men's competition. We'll discuss the women's race in a future post.

Though they were not enrolled when we glanced at the registration list last week, we are assuming that past champions WADE CRUSER and JESSON BAUMGARTNER will be on the starting line next Saturday, where they will face another former winner, and current Duathlon National Champion, PATRICK PARISH.

These three guys will not be the only talented men in the field, not by a long shot, but we believe that unless, say, Michigan's World and National champion TODD BUCKINGHAM, who placed second here in 2018, shows up, that Jesson, Wade and Patrick will claim the podium spots and the prize money that goes with them.

Here are their highlights:

Transition No-Nos...Don't Do These Things!



By Evan Rudd (triathlete.com)


Race like a savvy triathlete by avoiding these mistakes in transition.

Race like a savvy triathlete by avoiding the seven biggest mistakes in transition.

Prepping your transition bag before a race can feel like gearing up for a month-long backpacking trip, and your mental checklist can quickly overwhelm clear, methodical preparation. Take note of these seven transition blunders to ease your nerves and, most importantly, to avoid becoming the target of your training buddy’s jokes.

Oakdale Spring Classic Du Preview - Part II...


OAKDALE SPRING CLASSIC DUATHLON - Who will lead the way at the 17th annual Oakdale Du this Saturday? That's hard to say. Elite athletes tend to register late. 

So, who are some of the athletes that are not currently enrolled that might show up at Lake Elmo Park Reserve and take home awards? Perhaps last year's top two men and women will return. We're talking about Jacob Olsen, Jessop Keene, Christina Roberts and Diane Hankee.

Past champs Wade Cruser and Jenn Scudiero could be there, as could 2019 Duathlon National Champion Patrick Parish.

We'd love to see any or all of these national class athletes on the starting line, along with other stars who have rocked socks at Lake Elmo Park in the past, guys like Dave Koppel and Jordan Roby, and women like Katherine Lenglet and Shelley Ostrander.

Fingers crossed.

As for those who have committed to racing on Saturday, we are excited about the fast juniors who will be there....

Another World Championship Medal For Sheri!



By Sheri Shrock


RACE REPORT - I earned Silver at the ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships in Pontevedra Spain, and I owe it to this team: Dave who ALWAYS encourages me, Coach @LeandaCave who trains me to be the best I can be, @OtsoCycles who set me up with the sweetest mountain bike in the world, Chris Balser who fits my bikes to perfection, massage therapist Linda Stram who says, “Go ahead, if you wreck it, I’ll fix it!” Emilio DeSoto who customized my wetsuit and rushed it to me before Worlds, @JanetSoule and Cliff Millemann who mentored me before this race, @SomerSchrock and Amanda Kautzer who invite me to ride with them. 
I also earned 5th Place at Aquabike Worlds on my Cervelo P5 and I owe thanks to Cronometro for it’s performance....

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