Fluffy Cows, Insane Climbs & Mount Rushmore...



By Noah BIllings

Wildlife Loop Triathlon Race Report - When I was younger, I was very shy. When I started doing tri, I got a bit more outgoing. I think that it helped me socially because I liked the feeling of confidence and accomplishment that I gained....

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Grand & Masterful...



2023 Minnesota Multisport Honors - Here are the men that are being considered for 2023 Grand Master of the Year nominatons: 



2023 Highlights: 

- 1st AG @ Buffalo Sprint

- 1st AG @ Clearwater Sprint

- 1st AG / 13th overall @ Turtleman Sprint

- 1st AG @ Maple Grove Sprint

- 1st AG @ Square Lake Sprint


TIM BROWN, 65, Blaine (2020 GMOY, 3rd nomination)

2023 Highlights:

- 1st AG @ Apple Duathlon

- 1st  AG @ Buffalo Sprint - AG Record...

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The Grandest...



By Goose


2023 Minnesota Multisport Honors - It's time for more name dropping. Today we are introducing the 55+ women who, according to our research, set the highest standards in their gender's Grand Master of the Year category. It will then be up to Mav to select the three official GMOY nominees.


MARY DEEG, 61, Annandale

2023 Highlights:

- 4th overall woman / 1st AG @ Buzz Ryan Sprint

- 6th overall woman / 1st AG @ Lakes Country 

- 12th overall woman / 1st AG @ Buffalo Olympic


JAN GUENTHER, 63, Long Lake

2023 Highlights:

- 6th overall woman / 1st AG @ Timberman Olympic

- 11th / 1st AG @ Maple Grove Olympic

- 12th overall / 1st AG @ Lake Minnetonka...

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2023 Junior Girls...



By Goose

Our research suggests that two Junior Girls deserve JOY consideration. Every other teen only raced once, or their efforts weren't quite JOY-nomination quality. Additionally, we suggest that in this case - Junior Girls--only two outstanding performances, not three, are required for inclusion. This is because the Tri West results were very unofficial, and more top junior girls raced there than in any other MInnesota triathlon.

Here are the girls we recommend for JOY nominations:

MACY IYER, 19, Edina (2020 JOY, four-time nominee)


- 3rd overall / 1st Jr. @ Buffalo Sprint - 1:08:44 (2nd fastest Jr. time in course history.)

- 4th overall / 1st Jr. @ Graniteman CLearwater Sprint...

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