"A PERFECT Race"...


By Ruth Brennan Morrey

2:43:41! 2020 Olympic Trial Qualifying Standard at age 44! See you in Atlanta!
Twenty years ago I ran 2:48:17 at the 2000 Olympic Trials. Today, 20 years later, I smashed my PR by 4 1/2 minutes. I don't know how I did it, but I do know a few things:

1) Today's California International Marathon was a PERFECT race. It was easy. No rough patches. Smart execution. I ran the last 5 miles at 5:55-6:10 after 21 miles of rolling hills at 6:17/mile. I cannot believe how effortless it felt. I am so thankful for a GREAT day!

2) Never lose hope in training. After Grandmas marathon, I became frustrated at the heaviness and difficult effort it took during my typical run paces. I thought it was old age. I became frustrated, but never relented. Turns out, I required patience and perseverance. I kept running, I then became peppy, energized, and invincible.

3) Focus on COURAGE. Full disclosure....I cry over courage. I am inspired by courage. I am inspired by my kids and my 12 year old soccer players who show me what courage REALLY looks like. They were my deepest lesson today. I'd imagine their examples throughout my run today, and repeat George S. Patton's quote "Courage is fear holding on for one more minute." ...

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Thrice-Honored: Patrick and Hanna...


Here are all of the 2019 MMH recipients. Note that next to each name are parenthese bracketing the number of 2019 honors followed by the athlete's total career honors). With three honors apiece, Patrick Parish and Hanna Grinaker were the big winners in 2019.

Twice-honored, Becky Youngberg was the other multiple winner.

Triathletes of the Year:


Duathletes of the Year:


Long Distance Athlete of the Year:


Junior of the Year:
KYLE SWENSON (1 / 1) & ISABELLA BENTING (1 / 1) ....


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St. Cloud's Ultra-Triathlete...


By NScreen_Shot_2019-12-10_at_8.46.29_AM.pngora G. Hertel (sctimes.com - Dec. 9)

BOULDER, Colorado — Laura Knoblach says she's "super slow" in short races.

But the St. Cloud native has world-record-breaking endurance. 

Knoblach completed the equivalent of 20 Ironman triathlons in October, back to back to back.

In the span of about 26 days Knoblach swam 48 miles, biked 2,240 and ran 534. It's called a double deca triathlon, and Knoblach won the event held in Leon, Mexico.

The 24-year-old beat the women's double deca world record by more than 9 hours. And she beat the U.S. men's record by more than 44 hours, she said....

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Grinaker and Parish Are "Triathletes of the Year!" ...


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS – Today we reveal our final honors category, arguably the most prestigious one: “2019 Triathlete of the Year.”




2019 Female Triathlete if the Year – HANNA GRINAKER


Hanna won all four of the multis she finished in 2019, though one of those was an aquabike, the performance standards of which are still unestablished. Two of her three triathlon efforts earned POY nominations, one of which won the honor. The non-nominated performance, her win at Ironman Canada 70.3, also received serious POY discussion.

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That Time I Almost Drown (Or How I Became a Triathlete)...


By Binam Shrestha

The year was 2004. I had recently moved to the United States from Nepal, a developing nation with few swimming opportunities for lower and middle class families. Like most people, I never learned how to swim. Now in my new American apartment building was a small swimming pool. The weather was hot and the pool was cool. One thing lead to another and I tried my hand at “swimming”. I put that in quotation marks because what I was doing couldn’t really be called swimming. Eventually, I lost my momentum in the middle of the pool, away from any walls. My head slipped below the water at 9 feet deep and I had no way of getting back to the surface. My only saving grace was another person from the building who was also at the pool that day who dove in to pull me out. Needless to say, my relationship with water and swimming from then on was one of anxiety and fear.

Over the years, I tried – and failed – at swim lessons at my local gym because I couldn’t get over my fear of the water. In 2015, my 3 year old daughter started swimming lessons and was surprisingly good. Watching her learn and develop motivated me to try again. I observed her swimming, and some of the things the swim teachers told to timid preschoolers to get them in the water. I started personal lessons once again, and started to slowly improve. By early 2018 I could swim a few laps in a pool, but I was always exhausted after doing only a few lengths. Fortunately I met an amazing group of people, including Coach Luke and some great Triathletes from Gear West. They encouraged me to continue to develop my swimming, and even took me swimming in open water for the first time! ...

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