2023 Male Performance of the Year Candidates...



By Goose

2023 - Minnesota Multisport Honors -Of the eight  performances listed below, three will be nominated for 2023 Male Performance of the Year."MOV" represents "margins of victory."


NOAH BILLINGS - Course Record @ Maple Grove Sprint - 59:26 (MOV - 4:08)

SEAN COOLEY - Win @ Trinona Olympic - 1:58:30 (MOV - 1:45)

BROOKS GROSSINGER - Win @ Northwoods - 58:26 (MOV -2:04)


SAMUEL HAUCK - Win at One Last Tri Olympic - 1:56:13 (MOV - 18:09)...

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Happy Thanksgiving From MTN!


Ted's Season - Part V - Like a Hallmark Movie...



By Ted Treise

Michigan and lead up to IM FL - I though Oceanside was a beautiful venue, but WOW. Michigan in the Traverse City area is just gorgeous - The lake, sandy beaches, birch forest & fresh air. It was like a hallmark movie in real life. Not to mention, I was just so exciting to be back at the races, seeing friends, putting on my HED disc and 80mm front. This is why I love triathlon. Racing with the best people possible on the fastest bikes mankind has ever made.


But how did the race go? Well the swim and bike went about the same as Oceanside and the run was a bit of shitshow given the furthest I went was about 9 miles at an 8 minute pace. I hobbled through it slipping under 1 hr 30 min for a run split which puts you in pretty much last for the pro field. My run was fine, whatever. But it was frustrating to be back so far on the bike and loose 10 min to the front after putting in a huge block without running....

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The 2023 POY Discussion...


By Goose

Below are the performances being considered for Performance of the Year nominations: 


NOAH BILLINGS - Course Record @ Maple Grove Sprint

JOSH BLANKENHEIM - Win @ Lakes Counry - 58:31

SEAN COOLEY - Convincing Win @ Trinona Olympic - 1:58:30...

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Ted's Season - Part IV - Buffalo & My Stupid Ankle...


By Ted Treise

In Minnesota, the local tri season starts in June at the Buffalo triathlon. I raced it last year and had blast with the MN crew. This year leading into it though, I had a tight interior ankle issue. It was fine in the sense that I get a little limp going through my warm up, but in the main-set, things were grooving. After it would be a bit sore, but nothing some Advil vitamins couldn’t solve. As someone who trains 20+ hourrs a week, nothing is ever perfect. My shoulder is sore in the swim, feet hurt around hour 5 on the bike. Shit happens and I thought this is just one of those things that will go away with some dry needling at Odom. Andrew is a super healer and most things do.....

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