Top 10 Newbie Fears...


By David Mills (newtotri.com)


1.    What if I can barely even swim 2 laps?
     The swim is simply the bouncer that stands at the triathlon doors to keep the riff-raff out.  If it weren’t for the swim, there would probably be about a million more triathletes than there are today.  And that’s the whole point of a bouncer right?  To keep the party exclusive; to keep it respectable.  The truth is, swimming is coordination.  It’s like patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time.  Anyone in the world can do it.  You just have to practice it a little.  With even a kindling of desire to become a triathlete, anyone can acquire the necessary coordination to kick, stroke, and breathe in a coordinated rhythm with a few trips to the local YMCA.  Don’t let the swim intimidate you.  But don’t expect it to come easily your first time in the pool.  Just stick with it and don’t get discouraged; before you know it, it will “click” and you’ll be swimming laps no problem....

Mimosas and Quiche...


By Julie Pagano (mntrigal.com)


Life Time Eagan Indoor Tri Race Report - A couple of weeks ago, Lifetime Fitness held their series of indoor triathlons. I was able to participate in the event at their Eagan club. As this was my 5th year participating, I was pretty well aware of what to expect. 10 minutes of swimming followed by 30 minutes of biking on the spin bike and ending with 20 minutes of running on the treadmill. This event really has a special place in my heart as a few friends and I do the event together and grab brunch afterwards. A sweet little reward after 70 minutes of hard work.

I was really looking forward to this year’s indoor tri to see if my Ironman training has made an impact on my results. I knew I wasn’t going to go my normal pace on the run due to my nagging knee injury but had set some aggressive (for me) goals on the swim (goal – 23 lengths) and bike (goal – 11.3 miles)....

Exciting Upgrades!


buff2019.pngPress Release:  Active Central MN 2-5-19
 Active Central MN, which is the new nonprofit organization that has taken over management of the Apple Duathlon, the Buffalo Triathlon, Graniteman Clearwater, and Graniteman Big Lake is proud to announce some exciting upgrades for the upcoming 2019 season!
Active Central MN exists to support and sustain local events that benefit the health, fitness, and overall wellness of our community.  Active Central offers logistical, financial, and management support to key local events, so that they can continue to be offered year after year to the people of Central MN and beyond.  Active Central MN hopes to expand the number of events it supports in the future as well as the variety of activities those events provide....

Girl Scout Cookies and Beard Dye...



LIFE TIME FITNESS EAGAN INDOOR TRI - DAVID LABNO did not compete at the LTF Lakeville Winter Indoor on January 20, an event he's won at least four times. But he did do the Eagan event on the 27th, and yes, he finished, thanks to his superior swim and bike splits, atop the leaderboard. However, he was joined there by BRIAN SHOEMAKER, who posted impressive splits throughout, and former collegiate runner RILEY HUFFMAN.

All three men amassed 210 points.

We scoured the web in search of interesting info on the men's co-winners, and didn't find much. We did see a cool pic of Brian Shoemaker with his Cervelo R3. He's a good looking guy who parts his hair on the left. We're not sure, but think that Dave Labno is into historical bottles and yummilicious confections from Sweet Treasures (Cakes, Cupcakes & More!) in Lakeville.

We did find some cool stuff about Riley Huffman. On at least one occasion, he dyed his beard white so he would look like Santa (photo). He's a Wisconsinonian, thus he likes the Packers better than the Vikes. He is also into "guy" humor, you know, movies starring Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Zach Galifianakis, and TV shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy...

In Defense of Fast Food...


By Kelly O'Mara (aka The Salty Triathlete - triathlete.com)


"You're a triathlete. You must be a health nut. What do you eat? You probably eat super healthy. You, like never go to Mcdonald's right?"

Sorry to disappoint every person who’s ever asked me this, but I definitely go to McDonald’s—and not just because the Oreo McFlurry (with extra Oreos) is amazing. It’s because McDonald’s doesn’t have to be shorthand for “unhealthy.” In fact, fast food, prepared foods, or frozen meals don’t have to be terrible for you; sometimes they might be the best option you’ve got. And not everything ...

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