Square Lake & IMOO Notes...



SQUARE LAKE WEEKEND PREVIEW (Sort of) – The Square Lake Short Course Triathlon will celebrate its 20th anniversary next Sunday. The Square Long Course race, now a full 70.3, will turn 19 on Saturday.

We have not seen an entrant list for the shorter race, thus we cannot comment on the competition.

We haven't seen a list of 70.3 participants either, but we know that three of state's true elites will be competing, two of which—JOSH MORK (photo) and KORTNEY HAAG--are coming off huge victories at Chisago, and the other –BECKY YOUNGBERG—has been the runner-up at Chisago the last two years.

Josh's breakout 4:09:52 back on July 28 puts a target on his back. Though he probably won't be able to match that time on Square Lake's seriously challenge course, he can be expected to beat last year's winning time, JESSON KEENE's 4:22:21. But, by how much? We predict a 7-10 minute lowering.

Becky had this to say, via Messenger, about her match-up with Kortney:

“...to beat her she needs to swim bad and I need to have a great day in all 3 disciplines 'cause I can’t match her on the bike, and 56 miles is a long way. If it’s cool weather I race really good though! Should be a good one. We have had some epic battles over the years!

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Gaby and Josh are Athletes of the Month...


AUGUST 2019 ATHLETS OF THE MONTH - To be eligible, athletes must turn in at least two outstanding performances during the prior month, in this case, August 2019.



Gaby excelled on the national and international stages in August. Here are her highlights:

- 5th overall woman @ USAT Sprint Nationals

- 5th overall woman @ USAT Olympic Nationals

- 11th overall woman / 2nd US @ Lausanne (CHE) World Age Group Championships.

HM - BECKY YOUNGBERG, 44, Eden Prairie (See "Female Master of the Month" for resume.)

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Fun & Fast Times...


HOPKINS ROYAL TRIATHLON - Saturday morning at Shady Oak Lake. Cloudy, mild temps (low 60s), negligible wind, flat lake. Add the new transition layout and you have ideal conditions for a triathlon, the kind that result in fast times and a spate of rewritten age group records.

ANDY ZABEL, arguably the frontrunner for the 2019 Most Improved (male) award, was the clear favorite to take the men's overall title.

The women's gold medal race was less predictable, though. 2017 champion ANDREA MYERS, who had excelled on this course in each of the previous three years, had experience on her side. Here stiffest challenge on Saturday would come from rising rookie star CARYN HERRICK.

Zabel and Herrick were later registrants, thus they were among the last starters in the event's time-trial format. Myers was an early starter, which allowed her to appear to gap most of the field, women and men alike, from the get-go. We've seen this before. Andrea finishing well ahead of her rivals, then having to wait to see if others would overtake her in the final results.

Myers husband SCOTT was the first athlete to cross the finish line. ERIC ROESNER and KEVIN GREIMEL were in next. Then Andrea crossed the finish line.  Ultimately, Scott would have the 5th fastest time of the day, Eric would place 7th, and Kevin, a two-time Top Fiver here, would finish 8th.

Andrea's time on Saturday was 1:11:27, a personal best on this course, a performance she could be proud of. But would it be good enough for the win? ...

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"Body Follows Mind...."


By Hanna Grinaker (thefitspace.com)


In the face of uncertainty, lack of control, or on the brink of being late, hungry, tired, or unwell, my brain tips towards anxiety. For the longest time (read: 30 years), I didn’t know that’s what it was. There was about a 3 week stint in my sophomore year of college where I dealt with insomnia so bad I didn’t sleep for 3 nights in a row, and had the constant feeling of tightness in my chest like you sometimes get after running up a flight of stairs. At that time, it was so evidently clear to me that anxiety was driving these symptoms, that I began associating anxiety with physical manifestations only.

I was wrong. 

The realization that my anxiety surfaced in different ways was an aha moment for me, and one that literally occurred last week. Ruminating thoughts, imagining worse case scenario, over-scheduling, and rushing through projects, conversations and even workouts only to get to the next thing never occurred to me as a symptom of something that might be off in my brain. I chalked those types of thought patterns up to having a type A personality, or the result of being someone that just has a lot of crap to get done within a window of finite time. The latter might be partly true but the anxiety is what made those reactions even more pronounced.

Having the awareness that I can change my reaction to situations has given me power. Even if, I haven’t mastered the reaction part yet. ...

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Hopkins Stuff...


HOPKINS ROYAL TRIATHLON - DOOBIE KURUS' vision for his Hopkins Royal Triathlon is not simply to produce a first-class sustainable event, but to use his event to promote all of Minnesota's triathlons (and duathlons, and now, Open Water Swim Challenges). In other words, he wants ALL of Minnesota's races to thrive, not just his own, which is truly a model for "thrive-liness."

The HoRT ALWAYs fills early, and has been nominated for Race of the Year in each of it's first five years, winning twice and never placing lower than 3rd in the polling.

Kurus' event is "open-armed," not just to paricipants, with special love for newbies and recreational athletes, but to all of the directors of Minnesota's tris and dus. They are encouraged to set up tents and tables on-site and promote their races. There is no charge for this. And the more races that accept Doobie's invitation, the happier he is...

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