Beware of the Pool and the Bike...


By Jason Erdahl


It’s 1:20a and my heart is too full to sleep.

My body is battered but not broken. Today I am an Ironman.

On June 3rd at mile 90 or so of the FANS 24 hour race I broke my foot and my mind reeled with thoughts of a lost year. I sat through the FANS awards ceremony in shock, fighting back the tears (unsuccessfully) for my lost year while everyone was congratulating me on my “finish” and all I wanted to do was scream at them that the only “finish” was for my year. No running. No companionship that comes with running. No fitness. A return of the 100 pounds that I worked so hard to lose. I was completely shattered. I left the awards ceremony early so I could put my “brave face” away.

When the MRI confirmed what I feared, I put on that brave face on as the kind nurse secured the boot on my foot and the doctor talked about the next 6-8 weeks. I thought about how bravely my friends had faced their running injuries and desperately searched for something I could do.

A great friend loaned me a run buoy so I could run in the pool and I reached my absolute lowest point: it hurt to do this, and the doc warned if it hurt, I couldn’t do it. Even this one simple thing was beyond me. Out of frustration I went to lane 1 and started swimming laps. Oh, if I only knew then what this simple decision would bring me to....

Why Becky? Why Kevin?


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - HEATHER TAYLOR's selection as Rookie of the Year was a true slam dunk. Only one other pick was as slam dunky as that one: BECKY YOUNGBERG's selection as female MASTER OF THE YEAR.

Analysing past F-MOY winners, we were unable to come up with a resume that rivaled Becky's. Check out these highlights:

- 1st overall @ Lake Waconia - Masters Record

- 1st overall @ Green Lake Olympic - Course Record

- 1st overall @ YoungLife Olympic - Masters Record

- 1st overall @ Maple Grove Olympic - 2:05:04 - Course Record

- 1st overall @ Hopkins Royal Triathlon - Course Record

- 2nd overall / 1st Master @ Heart of the Lakes

- 2nd overall @ Chisago Half IM - 4:37:04 - Masers Record

Here's the breakdown: Five wins. One Performance of the Year nomination (Maple Grove). Three course records. Six masters records. Ranked #3 on Team Minnesota....

Hot Messes, Unreasonable Expectations, Recognizing Patterns...


By Hanna Grinaker


It was my boyfriend, Sean, who introduced me to the sport of triathlon. I never had any intention of trying out a sport where equipment was involved. I had only ever been a runner. I remember walking into our condo back in the fall of 2015 to discover a new tri bike propped up against our couch in the living room. When I found a brand new tri-kit in my closet a week after the bike showed up, I realized I was really going to do this.  

After my first successful triathlon experience, I was on a vengeance. I signed up for every triathlon Sean did, entering each race in a blissful state of ignorance. Will I be able to unclip my bike shoes from the pedals today? Get my wetsuit off? Run the race without smashing into a cone on the side of the road and find myself splayed all over the pavement? (Yes, I did do this…in my second triathlon). 

My point in all this is that my first year in triathlon was a little bit of a hot mess. But gosh, was it fun. No expectations, no pressure, no idea that I could and would do the thing I set out to do that day....


Why Heather? Why Arianna? Why Jan?



MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - While most of the MMH recipients were difficult to determine, one was a slam dunk: ROOKIE OF THE YEAR.  

HEATHER TAYLOR was the clear choice.

Not only did her resume include a win (CyMan), she also managed to break 2:20 at Olympic distance, which is a big deal for newcomers. And she did that twice. 

Additionally, she outraced several regional elites at Maple Grove Olympic.

There could be a spot for her on Team Minnesota as early as next season.

Here are Heather's 2018 highlights:

- 1st @ CyMan Sprint (IA)

- 2nd @ St. Paul Sprint

- 4th @ High Cliff Olympic - 2:13:32

- 5th @ Maple Grove Olympic - 2:16:09


Determining the recipient of JUNIOR OF THE YEAR required much thought and debate. A strong case was made for MACY IYER, 14, who blew away the teen records at Cinco Du Mayo Sprint, which she won!, and YWCA Women's Tri. A similarly strong case coulld be made for 2017 JOY TAYLOR LUNDQUIST, 19, whose record-setting effort at Timberman Sprint was arguably the junior performance of the year....

Erin's Five Favorite Running Routes in Minneapolis ....


By Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.com)


I’ve been lucky enough to run in some pretty beautiful places – Whistler, BC; Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; along the California coast; the Bahamas; and Kona, Hawaii....

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