'Each Mile Seemed Longer Than the Last"....


By Terri Jaksha

2023 Kona Ironman World Chamionship Race Report - The day started with a 3:15 alarm and 4:10 shuttle ride to the race site. I didn’t use personal needs bags (available at halfway points on bike & run), so I went to body marking to get race tattoos applied. Next stop was my bike on the pier to pump tires (with my electric pump) and add water bottles & computer. Then I waited an hour near porta potties, dropped morning bag, lined up with my age group (55 - 59) and watched the pro women take off. Lots of energy as we made our way into the water, treading water until our horn sounded at 6:50.

The swim was beautiful and felt wavy but fast. A few collisions, but nothing major. I finished with my fastest Ironman swim time ever… 1:18:22.

My first transition was 12:56. I spent a lot of time rinsing the salt water off and putting sunscreen on in prep for the hot bike. I skipped the aero helmet and went with a more vented option with new Roka shades. Glad I did!

It was a long run around the pier to grab my bike and head out. Saw Cari at the beginning.

We rode in town a few miles then headed out on the Queen K Hwy. I started off faster than expected (17.5 mph). But as the day heated up and climb to Hawi wore me down, my average slipped to 15.5 mph (still my fastest Ironman pace). I couldn’t get comfortable on the aero bars thanks to recent injuries - this caused extra sore & fatigued neck & shoulders.

I stayed on track with BASE salt, water, and nutrition (Maurten gels, apple sauce, and maple syrup). I grabbed water at each aid station, filling my front bottle and dumping the rest on me to cool down. Happy with my PR of 7:17:43! ...

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2023 Masters - Women...



By Goose

2023 Minnesota Multisport Honors - Today Mav and I look at the resumes of potential women MASTER OF THE YEAR nominees.

DIANE HANKEE, 46, Lino Lakes (2x MOY)


- 1st overall @ One Lake Tri Sprint

- 2nd overall / 1st AG @ Chisago Sprint

- 4th overall / 2nd Master / 1st AG @ Timberman Olympic

Also: Solid results @ Sprint and Olympic Nationals. ...

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2023 Masters - Men...



By Goose

2023 Minnesota Multipsort Honors - Masters -  Today Mav and I are studying the 2023 competitive resumes of our state's male Masters. Here are the age-40-59 guys that rocked the hardest  last season. We put an asterisk (*) next to the the performances that we consider to be "outstanding." Once again, we are trying to determine if two great results are enough to earn consideration.


DAN ARLANDSON, 46, Burnsville


- 2nd overall / 1st Master @ Chisago 70.3 - 4:20:45 *

- 8th amateur / 1st AG / 2nd Master @ Ironman Gulf Coast - 4:20:37 *

- 16th overall / 2nd 45-49 / 3rd Master @ Ironman Des Moines 70.3 - 4:31:10 ...

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Arigato & Ganbanhte...


By Tim Bontrager

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend the summer/fall of 2022 in Japan and do a few triathlons. I’ve got a pair of races that I think should be on every triathlete’s short list of “destination races”. If anyone has questions about scheduling a trip, or questions about racing in Japan please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to assist. \

Lake Nojiriko Triathlon – Olympic Distance

Have you ever wanted to do switchbacks on a bike? What about on the run? Set in a national park in Lake Nojiri on the outskirts of Nagano, the Lake Nojiriko triathlon offers a challenging Olympic distance course with a small-town feel. Bring a road bike and get ready to do some punchy climbs and technical descents!  Signup: http://nojiriko-triathlon.com/, signup is only available in Japanese. I used Google Translate and was able to figure it out.

How to access: Fly into Tokyo. If you are planning on exploring the country while you’re there, I would ship your bike to the race using a takkyubin service (Sagawa will for sure take bikes, the other services might not). Then, you can take a train/bus to Nojiri, or you could train to Nagano and then rent a car for the rest of your time. Alternatively, you could rent a car in Tokyo and drive the 3.5 hours to Nojiri....

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Jan, Christel & Cheryl...


Photo - Cheryl & Christel demonstrating the art of making team heart fingers.

By Mav

GMOY – Women’s Nominees

As Goose has previously pointed out, Minnesota had several women aged 55 and better who rocked the 2023 triathlon season. Most are perennial household names who have been nominated for this award in the past, and a few are relatively new on the scene or had stepped up their game this season. Below, in alphabetical order, are Mav’s nominees for the 2023 Female Grand Master of the Year honor:

Jan Guenther: Jan, 64, from Long Lake, had 5 nomination-worthy performances. What impressed me most about her resume was her diversity in racing, successfully winning her age group at sprint, olympic, and half-iron distance races. She also consistently races at some of MN’s most competitive events, often only being beaten in the overall results by our state’s top athletes.

Christel Kippenhan: Christel, 57, from way up in Bemidji, outraced Guenther at both Maple Grove Olympic (4th overall) and at Lake Minnetonka Sprint (7th overall), although being 6 years younger than Jan. Her effort at Maple Grove Oly resulted in an age group record, and additionally she made the overall podium at Northwoods Sprint, placing 3rd. ...

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