"Someone Who Understood My Goals"....


By Johnny Surprise

In 2016, post my Ironman Maryland finish, I was scheduled for surgery the week after the race. The hip surgery was a success but as I have learned unfortunately from a few other orthopedic surgeries, it was challenging to find the right after care to get me back on the road. I went through a couple of PT clinics who did their job and got me back to walking and moving around, but I wanted more. I wanted to run and bike at a high level again.

I still had poor posture; lacking range of motion and very weak glutes despite my rehab process.

A few months had passed into my recovery, I was concerned that I would never be able to run and perform at the level I wanted. I was getting behind with my recovery and discouraged with my lack of progress toward my goals. Feeling incredibly frustrated, I gave up on PT and I called my surgeon weekly to find the right care that would work for me. I needed someone with the knowledge, skillset, and experience with this type of surgery, but more importantly with the mindset and the background of working with someone who shares the same passion for long distance endurance sports. ...

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2020 Minnesota Junior of the Year Nominees: Girls...


- Joining NOAH BILLINGS, CARSON DEICHMAN and KYLE SWENSON as official 2020 JUNIOR OF THE YEAR nominees are the talented girls highlighted here.

It was a great year for teen girls. Lots of competition with the athletes taking turns beating each other. Not nominated, but deserving mention, are MORGAN and MACY BELL, CAROLINE PETERSON, plus 2019 Female Junior of the Year BELLA BUENTING, who only raced once last season, but turned in what was unquestionably the Junior Performance of the Year at Big Lake, where she placed 2nd overall just 30-seconds behind the winner. ...

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2020 Minnesota Junior of the Year Nominees: Boys...




2020 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Due to the abbreviated season, eligibility for MMH consideration is based on two outstanding performances, not three or more as is standard. By "outstanding," we refer to performances that approach, match or exceed existing standards for the courses in question. In other words, the efforts we evaluate  are measured against course records, either overall and divisional, and what are recognized historically as "elite time ranges."  ...

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We are entering the traditional off-season for triathletes. If you are new to the sport, or could use a few refreshers, now is the perfect time to learn! Come learn with experienced coaches, whether you have a race planned or not, this is a no-pressure, come-as-you-are environment for you to learn all you need to get started in the sport of triathlon. You will even get to practice all that you learned on the final day with a mini indoor triathlon experience!

Weekly topics range from triathlon basics to planning and gear to transitions, ending with a day of Indoor Tri prep and a Mini Tri activity day on December 16. All staff and participants are required to wear masks....

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Coyotes, Semis and Super Good Sandwiches...



By Noah Billings

TRI BY KNIGHT RACE REPORT - I was interested in Tri by Knight at Wartburg College because their reschedule date, October 10, 2020,  fit perfectly between mountain bike races and looked to be a way to get one more race in before the end of season.  I liked the distance proportions.  It had a short 300 swim, a nice 15 mile bike, then a 3 mile run to finish.   

We left at 4:45 AM and drove to the college.  We almost hit a coyote. Because of Covid, there were a lot of extra rules about spectators and who could go into the fieldhouse, but they had a ton of student athlete volunteers so there were a lot of people to help.  Also, my tri friends from Rochester- Kevin Proud, Lael Daire, and Sarah Hunter- were all there so I hung with them pre-race. 

I was a little nervous for this race. My mom got covid at her work and we had to quarantine for 2 weeks and my doctor and coach said I should not train at all during that time.  I was released from quarantine and allowed to exercise 1 week before the race.  I was worried about whether I would still be fast.

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