The Thought Must Have Crossed Her Mind...UPDATED...


Like Nationals, St. Anthony's Triathlon is one of "those" races.

As a super high-profile event, St. A attracts our country's most ambitious amateurs. Success there is often a springbard to a pro career....




For decades, Minnesota's outdoor multisport season started in late April, but the rescheduling of the Morris Tinman (May 11) and the cancellation of the Falls Du has pushed the opener back two weeks.

At it's peak, our racing calendar boasted 83 annual multi races. Now that list is 40-races lighter. Bummer.

We can't afford to allow any more events to leave the calendar. We need to insure that the existing events endure.

How do we do that?

The MTN Guys suggest that every athete who can manage to do so, add at least one more Minnesota race to their schedule. If, for instance, two-thousand of our state's multisporters do that, that would be the equivalent of adding about 50 bodies to each of the current races....

Daily Check-in...


ED. We got this wonderful note from Tim Timmerman last weekend. Please check it out, and his new tri blog, too.


Hey MTN Guys,

So last winter I had just started training for triathlons after getting convinced to do it by some of my friends. However I didn't really do ANY of the sports. I had taken up swimming just a couple of years before, but I didn't own a bike or really do much running. But I guess that didn't stop me. So in hunting for triathlons I discovered Minnesotatrinews.com. It was a great resource for finding potential triathlons.

Then I actually started reading it. The names didn't mean anything to me, but the stories were interesting. Then as I continued to read the stories, the race recaps etc I started to learn the names. It turned out the woman I had been swimming with at the Y was none other than Elaine Nelson. I had no idea I was swimming alongside someone "famous". Ted Triese and I share a coach so I started following him. After Superiorman (I did the 41.5), I pointed out people to my wife that I knew from the website. It was fun to feel like I was hanging around with "stars." ...

YWCA's Indoor Season Finale....


YWCA Indoor Triathlon #4 - KAITLIN RANDOLPH has mastered the indoor tri thing, and we are anxious to see how she fares in outdoor races this summer. The cat-loving Carleton grad had entered, and won, the women's title in all four of the YWCA's Indoor tris she did this winter/spring. In January, she won the Sprint race outright. In February, March and April, she won the long course events, each effort faster than the one before.

It should be noted that Randolph's margin of victory two weekends ago was slim, just four seconds ahead of FRANCIE STREICH (photo), who is a HOOT! MTN featured her in March 2018 after her runner-up YWCA Indoor effort. LINK

Kaitlin has limited outdoor swim-bike-run experience, but has said she plans to get more involved this year. If so, she will be one of several emerging women MTN (and the MMH Committee) will be watching closely. 

Who are some of the others?


So you know, the April YWCA Indoor happened on April 14, and boasted it's best turnout of the year, and perhaps ever. One hundred and twenty-nine athletes finished the event, which was 35 more than the second largest 2019 turnout (February)....

Gaby & Sam...


hauck_154x199px1.jpgThough opening day of the 2019 Minnesota outdoor multisport season is a few weeks off (May 11), several of our state's athletes have opted not to wait. Instead, they have traveled to events in southern states, and some of those athletes have come away with victories, one of which was a national championship, and another was a major long distance contest:

- DAVID CARNEY won the HITS-Ocala 140.6 

- DIANE HANKEE won the Florida Challenge Half IM

- DANI VSETECKA won the Texas 70.3 in Galveston

- PATRICK PARISH won the Standard Distance Duathlon National Championship

It's possible that one or two more Minnesotans will turn in winning performances before our regional scene gets underway. GABY BUNTEN and SAMUEL HAUCK will be racing at the prestigious St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Florida on April 28. The event is Olympic distance and Gaby has arguably been our country's most...

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