Rock 'n Roll, Lang Hunt & Donut Rumors...


1st TRI WEST OLYMPIC & SPRINT - There are lots of great reason's to do Tri West on July 24. Here are seven goodies: 

- It's NEW! And like, say, getting a whiff of the interior of an impossibly shiny 2022 Borton Volvo V60, you'll notice that "new race smell" when you arrive at the venue. But wait a minute, you say. "Isn't this race a contuation of last year's Gear Western Half & Olympic. Nein! After the demise of Liberty and Superior Man, the 2021 event was designed to give our region's athletes another quality long distance option. Unfortunately, the only available date turned out to be too close to Chisago's date. Chisago, of course, is our state's largest and most entrenched 70.3. Besides, Tri West's mission is to attract ALL triathletes, hard-core and recreational alike, not just serious long-course enthusiasts.

- Not only that, it has a COOL NEW LOGO. If you sniff your commemorative t-shirt you'll notice its "new logo smell." (Okay. The smell thing was overdone. Sorry.)

- Tri West is a PERFECT TUNE-UP EVENT for Age Group Olympic & Sprint Nationals in Milwaukee two weeks hence, or even the abovementioned Chisago race on July thirty-oneth.

- VENUE - If you've raced at Liberty, or last year at Gear Western, you know that Lake Rebecca Park Preserve is a "premier" racing venue. If you have never visited or raced here, you gotta check it out on Sunday, the 24th....

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A Great Start to Super Sunday!


Last Weekend Today....Updated...


Dane Nelson Photo - Alyssa Knese throwing down a breakout performance at Apple.

APPLE & OAKDALE DUATHLONS - The pandemic's "uncertainly" effect on the multisport racing scene was STARKLY evident last weekend, as both the Apple and Oakdale duathlons experienced lower that normal participation. Still, "The Race Must Go On," and there were plenty of positive takeaways. At Apple, which celebrated it's 40th anniversary, Sartell's ANDY ZABEL collected his dozenth career W, doing so in a time that lowered his Apple PR by one second. He and former Apple amateur winner BROOKS GROSSINGER went one-two, managing to stay in front of decorated out-of staters STEPHEN ELES of Colorado and TOM WOODS of Nebraska, guys who cracked the overall Top 10 at last month's Duathlon National Championships.

Finishing 4th between Eles and Woods was 2021 Junior of the Year runner-up / current JOY frontrunner NOAH BILLINGS.  ...

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Screen_Shot_2022-05-24_at_11.31.59_AM.pngBy Katie Deregnier

Chattanooga 70.3 Race Report - I decided to race Chattanooga for 2 reasons- 1. Tune up for Des Moines 140.6  2.To race with Kristen Hawkins (training partner since Aug 2021). It turns out, Chatty gave me so much more than I anticipated! Between hanging out with Kristen and our families, and running into several race challenges, this may have been the most unforgettable race I've ever done! 

 The swim was refreshing in the Tennessee river! 1.4 miles with the current was a pretty fun experience. The sunrise was behind us, making it easy to spot each buoy until the end where volunteers pulled us out of the water, ready for our next leg of the race! I finished the swim in 29 minutes, right on par! 

 At the start of the bike, there was a bit of a headwind along with a few hills. It felt a little challenging, but I knew it wouldn't be long until the tailwind, which would be super fun! I had just started experiencing the tailwind along with some super cool rolling hills and amazing views when I noticed my back wheel sounding like it was riding on the rim- uh oh! I pulled over and sure enough, it was flat. 

In the back of my mind I had Paul and Tracy Serreyns voices talking to me- they had just finished giving me a "flat tire clinic" teaching me how to finish putting the tire on using a lever. They said to me, "a flat will not put you out of the race". I knew I had to try! Step by step I did what I was taught to do. In the midst of it all, Kristen rode by and screamed to me, "you got this, Katie!"-words that motivated! Next, I thought- do I know how to use CO2? Many cyclists may laugh at me, but I have been afraid to use co2 since I started biking in 2011! By some miracle I did it! It may not have been perfect, but it was done well enough to finish the last 20 miles! ...

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Last Weekend's Performance Highlights...


As promised, here are some of the outstanding performances by Minnesota athletes in out-of-state races last weekend, starting with the Door Country 70.3 and Sprint:

- DOOR COUNTY 70.3 - On the heels of her big wins at Buffalo Olympic (amateur race) and Lake Minnetonka MAGGIE SWANSON placed 2nd at DT. Her time--4:46:46--was only 1:39 behind the women's  winner, long distance veteran Jess Barrett of Verona. Maggie's clocking was also faster--by 52-seconds--than her 2021 time, when she placed 4th. Swanson's versatility in 2022, wherein she won at Olympic and Sprint distances, then excelling on a long course, puts her squarely in the Triathlete of the Year discussion.

KRIS SPOTH finished 5th in the men's race, clocking a 4:18:08. ANTHONY JAGIELO took 10th in 4:29:35.

- DOOR COUNTY SPRINT - Several Minnesotan turned in fine efforts at the DC Sprint, on the eve of the 70.3. Gopher star QUINN KNEELAND won the men's race in a field of 1059 finishers. NATHAN WAECH and PATRICK CARROLL also cracked the Top 10.  Leading the way for Minnesota women was CATHERINE LEE, whose 3rd place  finish was one place better than her 2021 showing, and her time was 1:09 faster. Also cracking the women's Top 10 was 2021 Chisago Sprint winner DEANA JAGIELO, who finished 7th....

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