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Hi MTN Guys!

Glad we got in touch with each other. This was the 3rd Indoor Tri that I put on at Chanhassen and each time it gets a little better. I really enjoy seeing people give Triathlon a go. My favorite sales pitch to get people registered is "you can walk the swim!"

I emailed a few people to ask them for a blurb about their experience. I was hoping to get something from Julie Ewasiuk (2nd place masters) and Emily Williams (1st place open) as they're members of my Tri TEAM class, but I guess they like to ignore their coach when he tells them to do homework. Very proud of them both. This was Emily's first tri of any kind and she'll soon be out in the real outside triathlon world. 

I also asked Jenelle (1st place masters) for a short write up, she was someone I got a chance to meet that weekend. Looks like she decided to attack the write up like she did the Tri that weekend. I've pasted it below.

There's a chance we'll do this again in March and I'll be sure to let you know. I'm trying my best to grow the Tri community out at Chanhassen and have a class specifically for Tri training that meets mornings and noon, MWF. Hoping to have a lot of fun this year. ...

Intrepid Guys. Fearless Women...



LIFE TIME FITNESS WINTER INDOOR TRIATHLON - CHANHASSEN -  Eighty-two athletes finished the Chan. Indoor on January 20. The men were led by veteran indoor triathlete KYLE MOONEY, whose previous best finish had been a 3rd at Maple Grove in 2015. His margin of victory over 2nd placer KENNETH DOWNER was six points.

Rooney appears to be an intrepid guy. Info on his FB page suggests he's done New Mexico's arduous Mount Taylor Winter Quadrathlon, which consists of a 13-mile bike (1800 foot climb), five mile run (1200 foot climb), two mile uphill XC ski (1200 foot climb), followed by a 1-plus mile snowshoe run to the 11,301-foot summit (600 foot climb), then turn around and snowshoe, ski, run and bike down to the finish line. He may also have hiked to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. His "Likes" include Jimmy Buffett's music and TV lampoonist Daniel Tosh.

A glance at Kenneth's FB page suggests that he's a totally intrepid guy, too. Very athletic and outdoorsy. A transplanted easterner, he owns some very solid triathlon results, especially in the long stuff.

Ken's Journey...


By Ken Barrick (usatriathlon.org)


It was March, 2014. I was sitting in an airport in Honduras on my way back from a scuba diving vacation, when a friend of mine handed me a triathlon magazine that was sitting on the chair next to him. He knew I was a baseball player and often made fun of me for how I always bragged about being an athlete at my advanced age of 46. “These are athletes,” he said as he handed me the magazine.

“Triathlon,” I scoffed, “that’s like taking candy from a baby. I can do that easily.” 

“Sure,” he quipped back, “I dare you.”

With that dare, my adventure began. Upon arriving back in my hometown of Baltimore, MD, I began my research. Where was the closest triathlon event to my home and when? I discovered the Baltimore Triathlon was being held in September. I had six months to train. ...

Snoopy PJs & a Ute...


Here is mini-coverage of one the remaining two races--COON RAPIDS and CHANHASSEN--of Life Time Fitness's Winter Indoor Triathlons. Visit our calendar page to link to Life Time's Spring Indoor events, which will take place in late March and again in early April. 


COON RAPIDS - To no one's surprise, masters tri-stud / mountain bike devotee LUKE NELSON finished atop the 40-member field, posting a four-point win over CORY SWINGEN. Nelson, a true "family man" and professional firefighter bought Snoopy Christmas PJs (photo) for his whole family. Very cool!

Like Nelson, Cory is an addicted MTB guy, having done the awesome Lutsen 99er on several occasions. A music lover, one of Swingen's favorite bands is "Frightened Rabbit." We've never heard of them, so we visited their Facebook page and listened to one of their tunes ("Ahem"). It was pretty darn good!

Placing 4th overall and winning for the women at CR Indoor was ELISHA KEKACS, a former collegiate hurdler (University of Utah) who outran her gendermates by a significant margin. A dedicated summer triathlete/duathlete, Elisha gravitates toward the long stuff, i.e. half and full IMs. She has many chldren (three, we think?),  and her husband has a handsome beard. We think she has had a successful Lasik procedure and likes Hawaiian coffee....

Preteen Rocks at Life Time Lakeville...



LIFE TIME INDOOR TRIATHLONS - WINTER RACES - We have already posted capsules on the St. Louis Park and Plymouth events. There were three other tris staged at various clubs that day (January 20), as well. Here's some stuff about the Lakeville event:


LAKEVILLE - Sixty athletes completed the tripartite event, with JOHN DREW outswimming and running the men's field to claim a five point victory over runner-up ERIC LINDQUIST, and preteen phenom CLAIRE VUKOVICS, 12 (photo), likewise relying on her swim/run prowesss to hold off her closest rival, outdoor tri-vet STEPHANIE FEAKES-YOUNG.

Drew has very solid outdoor tri creds. He cracked the Top 7 at New Bri last Summer, and nailed a Top 15 (13th) against the strongest men's field of the 2018 Minnesota outdoor season at Lake Waconia. As for Vukovics, she is a five-time junior Olympic cross country All-American. How cool is that! ...

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