Parish and Hankee are Athletes of the Month


APRIL/MAY 2019 ATHLETES OF THE MONTH - Monthly AOM recognition highlights Minnesota athletes that turn in at least two outstanding performances during the period in question. Typically, our state's athletes have 8-10 Minnesota multis to choose from during the April/May period, and far more options than that in the months that follow.

This year is different. Much different. Falls, Cinco, Chain of Lakes, Gear West, Oakdale are gone, and all that remains are Tinman and Apple. So, for an athlete to post two noteworthy efforts in April/May, they have to post one or more of them in other states.

Two athletes managed to do that, thus we are able to announce our 2019 April/May AOMs:  ...

Becoming a Better Runner Off the Bike...


By Tom Kowalski (triathlete.com)


If you dread T2 and know you’ll be watching your time slip through your whole run, it’s time to take a look at this part of the triathlon.
Luckily you don’t have to be a professional runner to make the most of this leg. Here are some tips to get fitter, more efficient, and stop fearing your finish time.

Improve your movement economics
Running on the treadmill helps to build the habit of maintaining a high running rhythm, even as fatigue increases. This is critical to good running in the long-course triathlon. Mobility is also important. Systematic rolling, stretching and mobility drills performed wisely are very effective, though running fast on a regular basis generally solves most mobility problems!...

Transition No-Nos...Don't Do These Things!



By Evan Rudd (triathlete.com)


Race like a savvy triathlete by avoiding these mistakes in transition.

Race like a savvy triathlete by avoiding the seven biggest mistakes in transition.

Prepping your transition bag before a race can feel like gearing up for a month-long backpacking trip, and your mental checklist can quickly overwhelm clear, methodical preparation. Take note of these seven transition blunders to ease your nerves and, most importantly, to avoid becoming the target of your training buddy’s jokes.

Matt's Mission...




Photo - Matt is the tall guy on the right.


By Matt Wiitala

As a 3-sport athlete in high school (baseball/basketball/football) and a college football player after that, I never dreamed I would now be as dedicated to a life-style of swimming, biking and running. After meeting some amazing people who have participated in multi-sport events, I started participating in 2015. My goals one December was to sign up for an event (of course an Olympic distance), to not stop to rest and to finish. Small goals, but goals nonetheless. I accomplished that and did it again in 2016 and now have 6 events on my schedule for 2019. I am hooked! Just being at events and being around people of all ages and ability levels is so inspirational. ...

Daily Check-in...


ED. We got this wonderful note from Tim Timmerman last weekend. Please check it out, and his new tri blog, too.


Hey MTN Guys,

So last winter I had just started training for triathlons after getting convinced to do it by some of my friends. However I didn't really do ANY of the sports. I had taken up swimming just a couple of years before, but I didn't own a bike or really do much running. But I guess that didn't stop me. So in hunting for triathlons I discovered Minnesotatrinews.com. It was a great resource for finding potential triathlons.

Then I actually started reading it. The names didn't mean anything to me, but the stories were interesting. Then as I continued to read the stories, the race recaps etc I started to learn the names. It turned out the woman I had been swimming with at the Y was none other than Elaine Nelson. I had no idea I was swimming alongside someone "famous". Ted Triese and I share a coach so I started following him. After Superiorman (I did the 41.5), I pointed out people to my wife that I knew from the website. It was fun to feel like I was hanging around with "stars." ...

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