Ken's Journey...


By Ken Barrick (usatriathlon.org)


It was March, 2014. I was sitting in an airport in Honduras on my way back from a scuba diving vacation, when a friend of mine handed me a triathlon magazine that was sitting on the chair next to him. He knew I was a baseball player and often made fun of me for how I always bragged about being an athlete at my advanced age of 46. “These are athletes,” he said as he handed me the magazine.

“Triathlon,” I scoffed, “that’s like taking candy from a baby. I can do that easily.” 

“Sure,” he quipped back, “I dare you.”

With that dare, my adventure began. Upon arriving back in my hometown of Baltimore, MD, I began my research. Where was the closest triathlon event to my home and when? I discovered the Baltimore Triathlon was being held in September. I had six months to train. ...

Douchebaggery & Farts in the Wind....


Ed. James Lange is a HOOT!


By James Lange (trstriathlon.com)


In October my esteemed colleague and veritable “real journalist” Kelly O’Mara published a thought provoking piece titled “Make the Best Amateur Triathletes Turn Pro.” As title implies, Kelly argues that the best amateurs should be forced to “go Pro” (this echoes a similar theory I have for the adult film industry, but I’ll save that for another time and place).

A logical extension of Kelly’s argument is that those at the tail end of the pro field should be forced to move back into the age group ranks, to “go unpro”. This concerns me greatly, because transitioning from a professional triathlete to an unprofessional triathlete is a complicated process. When an amateur turns pro there are a plethora of resources and people they can turn to, but when a pro turns amateur they are left to drift aimlessly, like a fart in the wind....

Indoor Tris Are Not Just For Newbies...


By Triathlete.com

When there's snow on the ground and you're ready to race, indoor triathlons offer a great challenge.

The off-season can be rough. Shorter days and cold outdoor temperatures can cause training motivation to dwindle. If you find yourself struggling to get moving when workouts force you inside, signing up for an indoor triathlon could cure your off-season woes.

Indoor triathlons are almost always based on time instead of distance. A typical race length is 75 minutes, consisting of a 10-minute pool swim, 10-minute T1, 30-minute bike (in a cycle studio or on an exercise bike), 5-minute T2, and a 20-minute treadmill run. Racers are “graded” on a curve based on the number of participants, with athletes receiving points based on how they performed in each discipline....

MTN's 2019 Wish List - Part III


Here is the third installment of MTN's 2019 "Wish List":



We want as many voices as possible to be heard on this site. In 2018, awesome content had been posted here by Erin Klegstad (photo), Sara Carlson, Michelle Andres, Matthew Payne, Nikki Dostert Sudberry, Marc Sontowski, Tom Segar, Erin Ladendorf, Kristina Swenson, Lang Hunt, Ted Treise, Dani Vsetecka, Branden Scheel, Paige Schulz, Jason Erdahl, Hanna Grinaker, Taylor and Simone Lundquist, Chris Balser, Nick Serratore, Doobie Kurus, Macy Iyer, Mike Buenting, Jason Goepfert, Maddy Pesch, Jeff Dahle, Garrett Williams, Erin Lahti, Corey Nygaard, Christina Roberts, Andy Hardt, Joe and Emma Adriaens, Wade Cruser, Mitchell Clayton, Jake Braam, Ruther Brennan Morrey, Jeff Gilmer, Greg Dummer and Judy Rykken....

Take Your Off-Season Seriously...


By Jim Lubinski

A single-sport focus in the winter is a good idea, but going after another tough endurance race may not be.

The off-season is a great time for some single-sport focus and to work on weaknesses—something you may not get to do during the regular season while balancing all three sports. That being said, you need to make sure you don’t overdo it— this is a time to get refreshed both mentally and physically....

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