2018 Race of the Year Finalists...


Y-logo1.pngMINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Voting for 2018 TRIATHLETES CHOICE RACE OF THE YEAR has just concluded, and though the voting period was greatly reduced this year, there was a record voter turnout. Very cool.

Thirty-two races received votes, and as always, those event producers that encouraged their participants to vote, or actively lobbied for support for their races, fared best.

The five finalists, and the eventual winner, were determined by the percentage of participants method, i.e. we divide the number of votes that an event received by the number of people who finished. (Races must receive at least 40 votes to be eligible for finalist consideration.) ...

Josh, Branden, Ted & Garrett...


2018 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - As we explain every year, "Most Improved" is a confusing award category. It pertains to athletes whose competitive trajectories elevate them to regional elite status or higher, or to those elite athletes who move up significantly within those elite ranks. A person who would not be ranked among the Top 20 in their gender last year, but could now take his or her place in the Top 15 or higher, would be a great candidate, as would a person who was ranked, say, 10th in 2017, but can now be ranked, based on resume, in the Top 5.

Upward mobility within the Top 10 is hard to accomplish, as there is soooo much talent in our state.

So, who are this year's nominees for MOST IMPROVED MALE?

Here they are in alpha order, along with their competitive highlights:


JOSH MORK, 35, Lino Lakes (unranked in 2017) (Photo L)

- 1st @ Graniteman Clearwater

- 2nd @ Lake Waconia

- 3rd @ New Bri

- 14th @ Ironman Wisconsin - 9:44:00 (IM debut)...

Jesson, Wade, Andrea...



2018 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Today we reveal the official nominees for DUATHLETE OF THE YEAR. As we've occasionally done in the past, we have reduced the minimum number of outstanding performances per nominee to two, instead of three. This was done because the number of run-bike-runs in our state has been declining.

Here now, in alpha order, are the DOY nominees and their 2018 du highlights:


JESSON BAUMGARTNER, 36, Rochester (phot R)


- 1st @ Falls Duathlon - Course record

- 1st @ Apple Duathlon - 1:21:16...

Sean, Wade, Kevin, Patrick, Matt...


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Earlier this week we revealed the female TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR nominees. It was one the easiest categories to determine.

The men's TOY nominees were a bit tougher to figure out. In fact, the Committee eventually agreed to nominate five candidates instead of four because we couldn't agree on which of the athletes to exclude. 

Here, in alpha order, are the male Triathlete of the Year nominees and their 2018 racing highlights:


- SEAN COOLEY, 32, St. Paul (photo L)

- 1st @ Liberty Long Course

- 1st @ Minneapolis Olympic

- 1st @ Superiorman Half IM

- 2nd @Heart of the Lakes

- 2nd @ Chisago - 4:09:25 ...

Gaby, Hanna, Christina, Becky....


2018 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - The easiest, no-braineriest, MMH category to determine this year was female TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR.The nominees were obvious choices. Not only that, this foursome rivals the group that was nominated in 2012, which heretofore was arguably the most formidable list of female TOY nominees in MMH history, which began in 1999. 

Who were those 2012 nominees? Ruth Brennan Morrey, Cathy Yndestad, Suzie Fox and Claire Bootsma.

Here, in alpha order, are the 2018 female TOY nominees and their highlights:


GABY BUNTEN, 26, White Bear Lake (2017 Minnesota Triathlete of the Year - photo L)

- 1st @ USAT Olympic Nationals

- 1st @ South Beach (FL) Olympic

- 1st @ Trinona Olympic

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