Futureproofing Triathlon....


By Susan Lacke (triathlete.com)

In engineering, the concept of futureproofing means to design something so that it can still be used for the long haul, even when technology changes. By anticipating the future, engineers can develop methods for minimizing the shocks and stresses of future events, be it a building that will one day need to expand or a computer that will need to be compatible with changes in network operations. Future-proofing something, at its core, means to take steps now to avoid becoming dysfunctional later.

It’s a concept that has swirled around in the mind of Dr. Michael Kennedy, a sport scientist and Associate Professor at the University of Alberta, for years. Though his specialty is athletic performance, not engineering, he’s long sought out ways to apply the concept of...

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Attempting the Seemingly Impossible...


By Brad Culp (triathlete.com)

At some point in early 2022, Alistair Brownlee, Kristian Blummenfelt, Lucy Charles-Barclay, and Nicola Spirig will attempt something seemingly impossible. The two men will attempt to break seven hours for an iron-distance triathlon and the two women will try to break eight. ...

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Recovery - "Women Are Not Small Men"...


Dr. Stacy Sims (triathlete.com)

I’ve spent many years researching the sex differences associated with training and performance—women are not small men, after all—and recovery is an area in which we see key differences between men and women. Before diving into that, let’s first look at what we mean by recovery.

When we discuss a recovery window it is specific to endurance activities (e.g. fuel depleting training) that are significant in their catabolic functions (that is, the activity breaks down the body). The recovery window is the time period it takes for the body to come back to its pre-exercise baseline, which is related to several factors including fuel utilization, intensity, and nutritional state (whether you were fueled or fasted) prior to exercise.

One of the little discussed issues in the sport nutrition space is sex differences. We know that women and men use a different proportion of carbohydrate, fat, and amino acids for fuel during the same relative intensity and duration of exercise. Women rely more on fat with less depletion of carbohydrate, whereas men...

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More Encouraging Words....


Runbuentings.pngner-up for Rookie of the Year in 2014, KELLY TROM (photo L) has developed into one of our region's top long distance triathletes, owning six 70.3 podium finishes, including a win at Chisago in 2015. She is also one of the coolest people we know!


Thanks for messaging and getting the juices flowing. Excited that you’re excited about the 2021 season... SO, prompted by your email, Karl and I went digging into the 2021 current proposed season’s lineup.   1- do you know anything about superior man coming back‽!   That’d be a great half we’d love to do but didn’t see it yet on the calendar. (ED. We have reached out to race organizers but haven't received a reply as yet.)

And 2- Agenda otherwise, Karl (my fiancé!!) and I are doing Chattanooga IM together (his first, my 5th) which means there’s plenty of races of interest in prep for that late Sept event. He showed up at the Chisago half with me in 2019, a week out, and impressively...well annoyingly did very well in the Half IM so I’m sure his season will be fun.   But...

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