Why Run-Walk Training is a Good Thing...



By Amby Burfoot (outsideonline.com)

Jeff Galloway almost certainly holds the record for a run-walk marathon — he ran a 2:16:35 at Houston in 1980 while taking a brief walk break each mile. It’s also his personal record, and it came eight years after he made the 1972 Olympic team in the 10,000m.

In 1978 Galloway remembers hitting a low point in his training and racing. He had injuries, suffered through races far slower than his expectations, and began feeling “down” about his running. “I thought, ‘Okay, maybe I’ve reached the end of my improvement curve,’” he recalls. “I wallowed in my misery for a bit, and then realized I needed a different goal. I came up with a new personal mantra: ‘Run Injury Free.’” ...

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Funny Things About Triathlon Swimming...


By Alfred Dockery (swimbikestumble.com)

What do you get when you combine fear of water, fear of tight spaces, and performance anxiety? A triathlon swim start.

What do triathletes mean when they refer to being in the washing machine during a race? It’s a slang term for playing rugby while drowning.

What prompted you to take up a hobby where people regularly brag about being able to pee while in motion and occasionally put on rubber suits to swim for more than a mile? My job as a sea lamprey exterminator was too glamorous.

During your last race your googles fogged up so badly that you could not see the buoys so you just aimed for the middle of the pack of swimmers ahead of you. When you told a friend about the experience she replied, “so you were crowd sourcing?” ...

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Failing Forward....


ED. Runner-up for MInnesota Rookie of the Year in 2021, Detroit Lakes' Cami Eckhoff has set her sights on Ironman in 2022.

By Cami Eckhoff

Have you ever given up on something too soon and regretted it? I have… college swimming, sophomore year, I battled a bad overuse shoulder injury and after therapy and a cortisone injection to cut the inflammation and pain, I could have kicked my way through every practice the remainder of the season to compete at Conferences, but I quit the season early, letting myself and my team down. It has really bothered me and I wish I could go back and do it differently.

I’ve developed a growth mindset since then and have a new outlook at obstacles. The last couple weeks have brought many tears and frustrations while trying to train and I told Keith and my boys, I’m putting up a big fight this time and am ready to fail forward, learn, and make changes for the better....

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A One-Of-A-Kind Training Experience...



Indoor Winter Training Sessions
Saturdays 1/22 to 3/19, 8:00 to 10:00 AM
Embrace North
Address: 4420 Drew Ave S, Minneapolis, MN  55410

Winter is THE Time to improve your overall cycling and triathlon fitness. Join some fantastic coaches (Elite Ironman athletes, professional triathletes, Olympian)  for an incredible 8 week winter training program. If you are dreading those lonely weekend basement trainer miles and are ready to have a blast this winter and beat your personal best, next season, come join in a NEW high energy indoor winter group training experience.  This one-of-a-kind training experience will include specific bike interval cardio conditioning  (on your own bike and trainer ) in addition to dynamic strength and mobility...

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Triathlon in the 90s...


By Kevin McKinnon (triathlon magazine.ca)

Those of us who competed in triathlon during the 90s will fondly remember the “good ol’ days” of the sport when things were, well, so much simpler. If you long for the days when a Timex watch was all you needed to track your workouts and race-day entries were a reality, read on!

The Timex Ironman Watch

The first Timex Ironman Watch came out in 1986, but through the 90s the watch remained a mainstay on every self-respecting triathlete’s wrist. In 1992 Timex introduced the first Indiglo version of the watch. The Ironman watch was such a big deal that even President Bill Clinton wore it, donating one of his early Ironman watches to the Smithsonian. Remember the times we were so excited to get a new watch that could track 16 laps vs. the 8-lap model from the previous year? Who needed power, heart rate, running efficiency and a the like – you went out the door, started your watch, and started running. Or biking. (In the pool we used a pace clock.) ...

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