Lexus Bows, Wax Kittens & Fiddles...


Last week we revealed the Christmas gifts we would have given to Team Minnesota's Gaby Bunten, Hannah Grinaker, Elaine Nelson, Matt Payne and Cheryl Zitur if we could afford to do so.

What are we not going to give to Wade Cruser and Sean Cooley, you might wonder? What about Becky Youngberg and Christina Roberts?

Here are the answers to those questions:


WADE CRUSER (2018 Triathlete of the Year, #1 - 2018 Team MInnesota) - We'd love to give Wade a new car. A Subaru Outback was out first choice, but we decided to go with an Luxus SUV because it came with a big red bow. We love that bow....

Why You Should Cross-Train This Winter...


By Jesse Kropelnicki (usatriathlon.org)


At the end of a long season of training and racing, athletes need a break away from their sport. Some will gladly accept a bit of downtime. Others will fight you tooth and nail. Either way, this is a time when athletes need to focus on recharging their batteries for the upcoming season and work on any known limiters. So, to this end, while the end of the season may not, necessarily, represent off-time, any downtime should be used expeditiously, honing strength and skills for what’s to come.

We all know that triathletes can be a little compulsive, to say the least. It’s what drives them throughout the season, to wake up at those early hours, and commit so much of their lives to the sport. The offseason is an excellent time to apply this compulsion to other things. Things that further their next season’s endeavors, yet nothing like swimming, biking or running. Enter into the discussion, cross-training....

Semi-Lucrative Running Streak...


ED. Today we ask you to indulge the MTN Guys. This story, which appeared in Runner's World last month, is about a friend of ours from Phoenix, Arizona.


By Sarah Lorge Butler (runnersworld.com)


You can’t really put a price tag on a good run.

But you can count up the change and bills you find along the way.

That’s what Craig Davidson does. And his tallies—in miles and money—are legend.

Davidson, 64, of Phoenix recently passed two unusual milestones. The first is an epic run streak: 40 consecutive years of daily running, which he hit on November 4. During that streak, he covered 207,412 miles, more than double that of some cars. He currently ranks 20th on the list of active U.S. streakers maintained by the United States Running Streak Association....

Jets, Swivel Chairs and "The Garagia Sophia"......


Yesterday we revealed the Christmas gifts we would give to GABY BUNTEN and HANNA GRINAKER, our state's two most successfull female triathletes last year, if we  could afford to do so.

It's the thought that counts, right? (FYI - We wanted to give Gaby a new house and a crock-pot, and Hanna a farm with horses and a monogrammed pair of shoes.)

Here are some more gifts that we won't be giving to various prominent triathletes:

ELAINE NELSON (2018 Team Minnesota) - We adore Elaine and were heartbroken when her garage burned down just before the tri season got underway. Her family lost several vehicles and other valuable stuff. So, we want Elaine to have the fanciest, fire-proofiest garage ever. Coach Kris calls his awesome Man Cavey garage "The Garage-Mahal." We suggest that the Nelson's new garage be even fancier than that, and they should call it the "Garagia Sophia." All the stuff that was lost--cars, bikes, skis, Craftsman Tool kits, lawn mowers, recycling bins, leaf blowers, cases of WD-40 and rolls of duct tape etc.--would be replaced with upgraded versions of those things....

"It's the Thought That Counts, Right?"...


Every year at this time the MTN Guys reveal the Christmas gifts they'd like to give to members of Team Minnesota (and other Minnesota multisporters), but can't because they don't have the means to do so.

Let's start with GABY BUNTEN, the 2017 Minnesota Triathlete of the Year, and runner-up for that honor in 2018. Gaby is getting married in the relatively near future to her long-time stud boyfriend, and totally cool guy, Kris Spoth. This makes us very happy. So, we'd like to give Gaby and Kris a new house. We prefer Craftsman-style architecture, though Mid-Century Modern is cool, too, but better suited for warmer climes. We'll make sure that the home has a huge mud room and a finished basement with high ceilings so as to accommodate their treadmills and bike trainers. The space would also have a big closet to store their foam rollers and those big balls that athletes like to roll around on.

But wait, there's more! ...

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