How to Break Up With Your Triathlon Coach...


By Susan Lacke & Bethany Rutledge (triathlon.com

Managing the relationship with a triathlon coach can be a little like dating. You might find someone online, send a few messages, maybe meet up for a coffee to get to know each other. At first, you might be really excited about your future together. But then, as things progress, it might be clear to you there is no future. Maybe you’re not seeing the results you wanted, or perhaps your communication styles don’t match up. Or maybe “it’s not you, it’s me” is the reason – and that is totally understandable, too. Sometimes things just don’t work out. It’s just as true for age-group triathletes as it is for pros. Case in point: Sam Long, who recently revealed on YouTube that he fired his coach...

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Matt's Unofficial Men's Team Minnesota...


By Matt

2022 Re-Post - Last Tuesday, Damon revealed his unofficial and unranked list of women that he believes would comprise this year's Team Minnesota. Here, in alphabetical order, are the men that Matt believes will comprise the 2022 Team Minnesota if official rosters are announced in the future:  ...

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Damon's Unofficial Team Minnesota Women's Picks...


2022 Re-Post - Matt and Damon have posted their unofficial 2022 MMH choices, and are now debating whether to post unofficial Team Minnesota rosters, i.e. the Top 10 Minnesota male and female triathletes based on resume. Matt wants to rank athletes. Damon would prefer to simply list, in alpha order, the athletes who raced well enough to be included. 

Damon worried that the shrinking number of Minnesota races plus post-pandemic attrition and the fact that several of our state's best triathletes did not meet the minimum volume (3 impressive performances) requirements would result in five-member teams. That list of ineligibles includes KORTNEY HAAG, SHYANNE MCGREGOR, DIANE HANKEE, KELLY TROM-NYGREN, NICOLE CUENO and SARA CARLSON on the women's side, and JOE ADRIAENS, KRIS SPOTH, JAKE KEEHAN, KARL NYGREN and KEVIN O'CONNOR for the men.

After some research, Damon was surprised that the list of potential Team Minnesota candidates is actually a rather lengthy one. Here are some of his observations about the 2022 women's team:

In alpha order, these are the ten women who, in his opinion, deserve berths:

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2022 Performances of the Year...


This post is a cursory look at possible (amateur) Performance of the Year nominations. Only a few performances are highlighted here because both Matt and Damon agreed that these efforts stack up alongside the best in Minnesota multisport history, i.e. performances by the likes of Matt Payne, Dan Hedgecock, Cathy Yndestad etc.

Here are their men's selections:

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Matt's Picks...


(Re-Post from October 2022) - Matt and Damon have been busy discussing nominees and winners for this year's unofficial Minnesota Multisport Honors. To do this, they have evaluated the resumes of dozens of Minnesota's top multisport athletes. Athletes are considered on the basis of their overall race resume, not who is perceived to be better than who. By doing this, MTN aims to applaud well-deserving nominees and winners, and to show that Minnesota multisport athletes have some of the highest standards in the entire country. 

Earlier this week, Damon posted his unofficial picks for Minnesota Athletes of the Year. Here are Matt's picks for the winners in each category:

Triathlete of the Year
Preston Youngdahl and Heather Lendway - To Matt, these two are the clear favorites for this honor, although Preston did face a significant challenge from AJ Manning who, like Youngdahl, posted incredible results and times this season.

Performance of the Year
AJ Manning's Course Record at Green Lake Olympic and Heather Lendway's Course Record at Maple Grove Olympic - Like Damon noted, Heather's Maple Grove effort was perhaps the best amateur female Olympic distance performance to ever take...

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