Josh, Brooks and Brett...



2021 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Joining KORTNEY HAAG, DIANE HANKEE and ELAINE NELSON on the list of 2021 MASTER OF THE YEAR nominees are these fast guys:



- 2nd overall / 2nd Master @ Timberman Olympic

- 3rd overall / 2nd Master @ Buffalo Olympic

- 4th overall / 1st Master @ Heart of the Lakes ...

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Kortney, Diane & Elaine....


2021 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Here are the three finalists and their competitive highlights for 2021Female Master of the Year:

KORTNEY HAAG, 42, Maple Grove (photo page 2 - R)

- 1st overall woman @ Graniteman Clearwater Olympic

- 1st overall woman @ Gear West Half - 4:47:48

- 1st overall woman @ Square Lake 70.3 - 4:48:47

- 2nd overall woman @ Heart of the Lakes...

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Tim, Luke, Dan & Tony...



2021 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - As with the women in this category, there were several men who distinguished themselves in this category last season.

Here, in alpha order,  are the nominees for 2021 Male Grand Master of the Year and their competitive highlights:


TIM BROWN, 63, Blaine (2020 Male GMOY) - photo

- 1st AG @ Apple Duathlon

- 1st AG @ Buffalo Olympic

- 1st AG @ Manitou

- 1st AG @ Timberman Sprint

- 1st AG @ Turtleman Sprint

- 1st AG @ Maple Grove Olympic

- 1st AG @ Square Lake Sprint ...

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Titanium Triathlete...


By Tim OBrien

MTN Guys - I wrote the below comeback story for a hip replacement forum (hip runner) recently. The forum is for active people considering hip replacement or coming back from it to share information and experiences. I modified it for the local MN tri community and thought it might be useful to anyone in our local community thinking about a hip replacement or coming back from a major injury. 

Sitting in a dark room recovering from ... right eye cataract (a 20 year old engine in a 65 year old body…stuff just wears out), I wanted to provide a summary of my experience coming back to racing after a total hip replacement for anyone considering or coming back from a major surgery or recent major injury.

Background: I twist broke my leg while cross country skiing in 2011. It was during a winter training season as I was building fitness to try and qualify for the 2011 Ironman Championships in Kona. Nine years later after multiple PT sessions, doctor visits and painful runs off the bike….it was finally diagnosed that my twist break most likely resulted in a labrum tear and I now needed a New hip. So in June 2020 with all the races cancelled and no ability to run any longer, I had a right posterior total hip replacement that included a titanium post in my femur, ceramic head and a titanium socket with synthetic lining....

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Jan, Julia & Cheryl...



2021 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - There has never been a better year for our state's female Grand Masters. More over age-55 women rocked the local, regional and national scenes than ever before. PAM STEVENS, 68, CHRISTEL KIPPENHAN, 56, AMY WOOLSEY, 55, TRACY SERREYN, 57, turned in stellar performances, as did MARY DEEG, 59, LISA HINES, 58, RHIANNON O'CONNOR, 65, and others. 

Those athletes performed at a very high level, but three Grand Masters raced at an even higher level. Every effort turned in by these women was national, if not world, level. Those three extraordinary athletes are our nominees for 2021 FEMALE GRAND MASTER OF THE YEAR.

In alpha order, they are JAN GUENTHER, JULIA WEISBECKER and CHERYL ZITUR. Check out their hightlights:  ...

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