July 2019 Athletes of the Month...


We're sensing a pattern here. The male AOM in April/May was also the AOM in June.

Guess who MTN's July male AOM is?

Though a pair of Joshes--Mork and Blankenheim--had stellar July racing resumes, it was PATRICK PARISH's scorecard that rose, once again, to the top.

And the women's July Athlete of the Month, and Master of the Month, was the same AOM / MOM that earned those honors in June.

The other July recipients are also repeat winners.


Here are MTN's July 2019 Athletes of the Month:




- 1st @ Minneapolis Olympic (1:55:05)

- 1st @ Heart of the Lakes


HM - Josh Mork, 36, Lino Lakes - 1st @ Chisago Lakes Half IM (4:09:57), 3rd @ Minneapolis Olympic (1:57:46), 3rd @ Heart of the Lakes

HM - Josh Blankenheim, 38, Duluth - 1st @ Timberman Olympic (1:56:42), 2nd @ Heart of the Lakes ...

From Turtlekid to Kona...


ED. Here's a cool story about Josh Mork that appeared in the Monticello Times:


by Jessie Meyen



Josh Mork has always had a passion for swimming. He started at a young age and never grew out of it, rather he perfected the sport and added on two other sports.

For many years Josh thought completing an Ironman triathlon was an unimaginable feat. He couldn’t comprehend running a full marathon after swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112 miles, but in the spring of 2018 he decided it was a now or never to attempt this bucket list milestone and so he registered for the Ironman in Madison, Wisconsin that would take place four months later.

After months of diligent training and preparation he placed among the top finishers and qualified for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii....

Kyle, Bella, Mike, Thomas & Helen...






KYLE SWENSON, 16, Rogers

June Highlights:

1st Junior / 3rd overall @ Buffalo Sprint - Junior Course Record

1st Junior / 15th overall @ Lake Minnetonka Triathlon - Junior Course Record

1st Junior / 2nd overall @ Graniteman Clearwater Sprint

COMMENT: Slam dunk.


ISABELLA BUENTING, 16, Chanhassen (photo)

June Highlights:

1st Junior / 3rd overall @ Lake Minnetonka Triathlon - Junior Course Record

1st Junior / 4th overall @ Buffalo Sprint - Junior Course record

Honorable Mention: MACY IYER, 15, Edina (1st overall @ Trinona Sprint, 4th overall / 1st Junior / 4th overall @ Graniteman Clearwater Sprint)

Parish & Youngberg are June Athletes of the Month...


JUNE 2019 ATHLETES OF THE MONTH - PART I - To be eligible, athletes must have turned in at least two outstanding performances during the month in question.




BECKY YOUNGBERG, 44, Eden Prairie

June Highlights:

1st @ Gear West Duathlon

2nd @ Buffalo Olympic - MR

2nd @ Ironman 70.3 Madison - MR

2nd @ Lake Minnetonka Triathlon -MR

AOY Honorable Mention: HANNA GRINAKER (1st @ Buffalo Olympic - CR, 1st @ High Cliff Aquabike), CHRISTINA ROBERTS (1st @ Lake Minnetonka Triathlon, 3rd @ Buffalo Olympic). MOM HM: SARA RONDORF (1st overall @ New Bri, 1st overall @ Graniteman Clearwater Sprint)....

Mentally Positive and Open to Education...


By Jan Guenther


I flew into a concrete curb. Figuratively & literally. That Wed, May 29th much of my active life, changed.

Ironically this bike crash happened shortly after writing the previous blog, which expressed gratitude. Now I must live my words. I made a mistake on our Gear West group bike ride. While cruising about 22+ mph in my aero bars on a wide open industrial park road, discussing new shoe models with our Hoka sales rep, I saw the huge pothole at the last second. With just enough time to hastily transfer my arms from the aero position to the side bars, I decided to avoid bringing Mr Hoka down, and instead attacked the hole head-on. That did not work too well. I remember feeling that my bike broke in half (it was my aero bar wing that gave way) as I catapulted in a spin? Airborne? 44 ft into the concrete curb. I don’t remember much.

From there, I have only experienced the best that hospital care from North Memorial offers for my injuries: a fib/tib plateau compression fracture and four broken ribs. Surgery the next morning drilled in 6 screws and a plate and I am off my feet for three months. Greatest difficulty now is to avoid sneezing....

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