Jan's Ironman Blog #1...


By Jan Guenther

March 31st

Time to start my personal journey on training for yet another IRONMAN at almost 60 years of age. My goal is to blog it, for several reasons:

To justify my spending time and money on my 7th IM (5 in Wisconsin and 2 in Hawaii) because it will cut into my work and brain energy to think about Gear West as I start jumping on the training in July and August;

I will keep more abreast of what is happening in the triathlon world (helpful for business). I have raced tri’s for a very long time, from 1983 till now. Lots of change has occurred. As I have told many who look at my ancient 1985 Hawaii IM pictures, power bars were not invented and neither were aero bars, clipless pedals, comfy bike seats,...

You Know You're a Triathlete......


ED. We have posted one or two versions of "You Know You're a Triathlete When..." in the past. Here's another one. It's fun stuff. Enjoy.


1. You failed high school chemistry but you could teach a course on lactic acid.
2. While at the gym, you change clothes as fast as possible because it feels like a transition.
3. You wear your heart rate monitor during sex.
4.  You bring bottled water to a party so that you’re properly hydrated for the next morning’s long run.  Everyone else at the party also brought their own bottled water because you don’t have a social life outside of triathlon.  Everyone showed up by 7pm and left by 10pm.
5. You know you’re a triathlete when you wear your bathing suit under your work clothes to make a fast transition from work to swim on your lunch hour....

Women's-Specific Triathlon Microsite...


ED. Here's some cool and important stuff from USAT:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — USA Triathlon today announced the launch of its first-ever women’s microsite, usatriathlonwomen.com, which will serve as a hub for women’s-specific triathlon training information and community and industry resources. Its creation is part of a larger effort by the organization, outlined in its 2020 Quad Strategic Plan, to increase women’s triathlon participation in the U.S.

The microsite features a calendar of women’s-specific multisport events — including races, clinics and social gatherings — as well as a list of women’s triathlon clubs across the U.S. Women of all ages and competitive levels will be invited to share their multisport stories and celebrate their achievements on a regular basis through guest blogs on the site’s homepage....

Affordable Triathlons...


By Tom McAllister (triathlete.com)

Thom Richmond wants to tear down this financial barrier to triathlon entry. “There’s an area that’s completely ignored,” he says of tri’s demographics, which skew toward mostly male, white, high-income earners in their middle 40s. “That’s not where most of the country is.” Pointing to U.S. Census Bureau data, Richmond believes there’s growth potential for triathlon, but costs must be lowered in order to attract newcomers—from all socioeconomic backgrounds—to the sport.

A 49-year-old engineer by trade and an age-grouper triathlete by passion, Richmond is a former Southern Californian who now lives in Virginia. He followed his wife to “Old Dominion” after she received a sweet job offer: VP of admissions at Washington and Lee University. The family made the move in 2015, but ...

Overcoming Fear of Triathlon...


By Will Murray (mytimetotri.com)


You don’t have to be super-human to complete a triathlon. That is despite the popular notion. Many people could become triathletes if they could get past their fear of just giving triathlon a try. Let’s clear up the misconceptions and get you started.


Truth: there are very few true three-sport athletes who are equally proficient at the swim, the bike and the run. Almost everyone has one discipline that isn’t their favorite, because it isn’t their strongest. So, during the race it evens out. Solid in one discipline, a little less in another. Most of us are in that situation. Some say, train to your weakness, but race to your strength. If you don’t yet know how to swim well, this is your chance to learn a new sport while keeping up with your cycling or running. Who knows? You might really learn to love it. Here’s a mental skill exercise for learning how to do that. And, there are other multisport events in addition to triathlon: duathlons have a run-bike-run format, and aquabikes a swim-bike format. ...

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