Sean, Wade, Kevin, Patrick, Matt...


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Earlier this week we revealed the female TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR nominees. It was one the easiest categories to determine.

The men's TOY nominees were a bit tougher to figure out. In fact, the Committee eventually agreed to nominate five candidates instead of four because we couldn't agree on which of the athletes to exclude. 

Here, in alpha order, are the male Triathlete of the Year nominees and their 2018 racing highlights:


- SEAN COOLEY, 32, St. Paul (photo L)

- 1st @ Liberty Long Course

- 1st @ Minneapolis Olympic

- 1st @ Superiorman Half IM

- 2nd @Heart of the Lakes

- 2nd @ Chisago - 4:09:25 ...

Gaby, Hanna, Christina, Becky....


2018 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - The easiest, no-braineriest, MMH category to determine this year was female TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR.The nominees were obvious choices. Not only that, this foursome rivals the group that was nominated in 2012, which heretofore was arguably the most formidable list of female TOY nominees in MMH history, which began in 1999. 

Who were those 2012 nominees? Ruth Brennan Morrey, Cathy Yndestad, Suzie Fox and Claire Bootsma.

Here, in alpha order, are the 2018 female TOY nominees and their highlights:


GABY BUNTEN, 26, White Bear Lake (2017 Minnesota Triathlete of the Year - photo L)

- 1st @ USAT Olympic Nationals

- 1st @ South Beach (FL) Olympic

- 1st @ Trianona Olympic

Cycling Tips for 2019...


By Chris Balser

Hello, Minnesota Triathletes. Thank you fr supporting Triathlon in 2018.

Here are a few Bicycle Fi Guru Cycling Tips for 2019:

The most constant observation in my work is that clients who establish an optimal bike position before base training experience a more successful season than clients who buy bikes and/or changing fit early spring or mid-season.

The Triathlon Specific Bike Position

In my opinion, an effective bike position fosters a comfortable, powerful, aerodynamic position that promotes upper body recovery from swimming and lower body preparation for running, specific to an athlete’s course objectives.

Good Muscle Recruitment

Isolating gluteal and (deep) spinal stabilizer recruitment patterns (among other things) are integral to developing a comfortable, strong, aerodynamic position. These are common attributes of an athlete who establishes his/her base in a good position.

How to Proceed

Buy your new bike and have it fit properly before establishing a base for the season.

Make your purchase from a shop that specializes in triathlon and carries more than one-brand. Tri-geometries and cockpits vary between manufacturers, and even the “most adjustable” bike isn’t right for all people....

Carter, Macy, Taylor & Arianna...


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - One of the most difficult categories to determine was JUNIOR OF THE YEAR, and though the Committee ultimately agreed on the final four, there were a few athletes who came dang close to earning nominations.


If the committe had allowed a fifth nominee, it would have been KYLE SWENSON, 16, of Rogers. Kyle won the Maple Grove Sprint outright, and cracked the overall Top 5 in three other races, losing to a fellow junior only once. Had his result at Sprint Nationals been more competitive, or if he had one more outstanding regional performance, he would have made the list of nominees. 

Kyle is a very talented athlete and we are certain that future nominations, perhaps even a JOY title of two, will come his way.

ANDREW NOVAK, 17, or Oronoco was our state's most successful teen duathlete, winning his AG in the four dus he entered. We wish his resume had more volume, as all the eventual nominees raced in at least five multis apiece....

2018 Rookie of the Year: Tom, Shyanne or Heather?..UPDATED...


tommyd.png2018 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Based on our research, four tri rookies truly distinguished themselves in 2018, which is to say, they demonstrated the potential to ascend to regional elite status. Unfortunately, only two of them satisfied the minimum performance requirement, and will thus receive ROOKIE OF THE YEAR nominations.

With only two noteworthy performances in 2018, the other athlete, PAIGE SCHULZ, will be eligible for ROY consideration in 2019. 

If, however, Paige races one more time this year--Fall Classic Duathlon, perhaps?--and has an impressive result, she will be added to the list of ROY nominees.

If you're curious, Paige's two races this year were a 9th at Chisago, where she went 4:59:03, and her 25th at Ironman Wisconsin. Her time there was 10:58:40. Breaking "5" at 70.3, and "11" at 140.6 on your first try is a big deal and portends a successful future....

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