YWCA Women's Tri is "Race of the Year!"


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - The multisport athletes of Minnesota have spoken. The YWCA WOMEN'S TRIATHLON is the 2019 Triathletes Chioce Race of the Year."

A perennial nominee, the women's tri also earned this honor in 2012.

Here is the voting breakdown for the Top 5 ROY finalists:

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Me and Triathlon Stuff - A Season Wrap-Up...


By Ted Treise (Submitted 11/13)

Well the season is over and here I am on a Saturday morning at Isles Buns, a local coffee  shop/bakery in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. I haven't had a serious workout since Augusta at the end of September and it's been a nice change of pace. The first couple weeks were a little ADHD'esque. From going full bore since the start of December with at least 2 scheduled workouts each day to zero leaves me a little antsy without the structure I've been accustomed too.  With that extra time, I still love to do a little something  each day exercise-wise along with staying in the office a little later. As much as I try to separate  myself from this sport during this time to rejuvenate, it's hard not to think about triathlon.  What went well during last year? Where did I mess up? How could I have avoided being injured? What things should get more attention and what things are a waste of time? One thing that fell by the wayside was writing and probably social media in general. Sorry sponsors! So with that, enjoy this longer-than-it-should-be write up called "me & triathlon stuff".
To recap the past 11 months so we're all on the same page, here are some bullet points highlights....

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Gaby, Hanna, Cathy and Becky....


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Here are the official nominees for female TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR, and their tri highlights:


 GABY BUNTEN, 27, St. Paul

- 1st @ St. Anthony's (FL)

- 2nd @ Ironman Madison 70.3 (4:46:48)

- 5th @ USAT Olympic Nationals

- 5th @ USAT Sprint Nationals

- 10th / 4th US @ ITU Worlds (Lausanne, CHE)

COMMENT: Gaby didn't race locally last season, opting instead to make a name for herself on the national and international stages. Great results against top level competition....

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Two Joshes, Sean and Patrick...


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Here are the four finalists for male TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR, and their 2019 tri-highlights:



- 1st @ Timberman Olympic - 1:56:42

- 1st @ Brewhouse Olympic - 1:57:15 - Course record

- 1st @ Lakes Country - 57:49

- 2nd @ Heart of the Lakes

- 3rd @ Lake Minnetonka


COMMENT: Josh's results since 2014 have been stellar, and 2019 may be his most successful season yet....

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Dan, Hanna, Josh and Becky....




MINNESOTA MUTISPORT HONORS - Here are the finalists, and their 2019 highlights, for LONG DISTANCE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR


DAN ARLANDSON, 42, Burnsville

- 3rd amateur @ Ironman Wisconsin - 9:20:31 (fastest IM time by a Minnesota male in 2019)

- 5th @ Chisago Lakes - 4:20:39



- 1st @ Ironman 70.3 Canada - 4:38:36 (17:24 behind male winner)

- 2nd US / 13th amateur @ Hawaii Ironman World Championships - 9:55:58 ...

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