Diane, Kortney, Cathy & Becky...


2019 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS  - An unprecendented number of elite 40-plus women rocked the Minnesota tri scene last season, beckyhop.pngand at least four of those women, and perhaps five or six, will earn Team Minnesota berths. 
Cool, right?
In alpha order, here are the four finalists for 2019 MINNESOTA FEMALE MASTER OF THE YEAR:


KORTNEY HAAG, 40, Maple Grove (photo L)
In four starts, Kort won twice, both in record times, an placed 2nd twice, each time to MMH-nominated athletes. She rocked a PR Chisago (4:32:52), and posted a 2:10 at Maple Grove Olympic. Her MOY nomination and placement on Team Minnesota are richly deserved....

Steven, Caryn, Connor & Paige...


2019 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - On Saturday we revealed the official JUNIOR OF THE YEAR nominees. Today, in alpha order, we introduce the the four nominees for ROOKIE OF THE YEAR


STEVEN DECKERT, 28, Loretto 

2019 Highlights:

1st @ Fall Classic Duathlon

10th @ Gear West Duathlon

15th @ Maple Grove Sprint

COMMENT:  In his first season, decorated bike racer Steven demonstrated star potential as a duathlete....

Bella, Carson, Simone and Kyle....


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Until now, we have posted lists of athletes who are being considered for MMH nominations. Today we are revealing the four finalists for JUNIOR OF THE YEAR. As always, there was no shortage of teens to consider.

Here are the official JOY nominees, in alpha order, and their 2019 competitive highlights:



- 1st overall @ Heart of the Lakes Sprint  - AGR

- 3rd overall / 1st Jr. @ Lake Minnetonka - AGR

- 3rd overall / 1st Jr. @ Minneapolis Sprint

- 4th overall / 1st Jr. @ Buffalo Sprint - AGR

- 4th overall / 1st Jr. @ Maple Grove Sprint - AGR ...

"Is Ironman Dying?"


By Dan Conway

I watched the 2019 Ironman World Championship Review broadcasted on NBC Sports Network the day after the event was held. While it was great to see the 8-hour barrier broken on the men’s side and American Tim O’Donnell place 2nd Finish, there a couple of other things that made me wonder if the Ironman Triathlon in Kona is long for this world. First was the lack of a major, big name sponsor like Ford Motor Company and Timex. Second was the noticeable lack of spectators at the finish line along the infamous Alii Drive. Also, I did not see anything regarding the amateur athletes, since the program was solely focused on the professionals. These gave pause to wonder “Is the Ironman Triathlon dying?

Before I sign the death certificate, it might be worth looking at the brief history of how this event grew to prominence. It basically starts with Navy officer John Collins and a few of his fellow sailors wondering which athlete was in the best shape, a swimmer, a biker or a runner. John had been stationed in San Diego where he and his wife participated in triathlons in the mid-1970’s. The idea for the Ironman came after the completion of the 1977 Oahu Perimeter Relay, which involved 5-person teams running and swimming around the island of...

"Despite the Difficulties"...


By Josh Mork


Kona Race Report - My motto for the summer “There are 2 types of pain: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Choose wisely.”

This is a long post but an Ironman is a long day... and Kona was particularly eventful for me.

This was my first time to Kona (and second IM), so I figured I could be in for a tough day...

Swim: 56min. Ocean swim with some rolling swell. Nothing crazy but the waves were big enough that even I took a couple gulps of saltwater. I positioned myself next to the inside buoy line, about 3 guys from the front and thought I could muscle my way through the first section to avoid getting stuck in a huge pack of slower swimmers. Only problem, I was surrounded by about 100 guys with the same idea since this is the world champs, ha! So the first 10 minutes was thrashing madness. Hands, elbows and feet hitting you from all directions and everyone swimming way too fast, knowing they would get trampled if any one slowed down. It didn’t really spread out until about the halfway point. But this was about what I had expected, so the fun factor was on full blast and I was excited my time was where I had estimated....

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