Records Tumble at Sturges Park...


Photo - Fun bringers at Buffalo, including Darin, Lang and Jordan who nuked the men's relay record. Also: Mary, Jeff, Eric, Betsy Nine Toes and another guy.

16th BUFFALO OLYMPIC TRIATHLON - Subtracting 25-degrees and 30 miles-per-hour gusts, conditions plaguing last years race, made a huge difference at yesterday's race. Last year's windy inferno kept a talented field of men from cracking the 2-hour mark, and a strong women's field from breaking 2:20. On Sunday, when conditions were perfect (temps in low 60s, negligible wind), four men broke two hours, the first of whom doing so by more that 6-minutes, and four women needed less than 1:40 minutes to go the distance. These stats have been matched at a few prior editions of this race, but never exceeded...

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Tuffles, Pit Boards & Energy Pellets



By Ted Treise

Ironman 70.3 Augusta - The 2022 version was year number... FOUR for me at Augusta. Crazy to think I’ve raced each running of the race since 2018. Each year’s been special. 2018 was my first overall amateur win, 2019 was my first pro race, 2021 I had a breakout day with a sub 3:50 time. This year my goal was to have a fast swim and invest everything I had to make that front group on the bike then whatever happens happens on the run.


Augusta’s swim is a notoriously fast downriver swim. For the pro’s its typically non-wetsuit meaning we’re all in swim skins. Knowing how important it was for me to make a good group, I went all in with my tri suit down under my skin for max shoulder mobility.

After the national anthem, we jumped in, warmed up and jockied for position on the dock. Last year I lined up towards the middle of the river and it seemed like the shore side got a better jump in the current so this year I did the opposite with an inside line. The gun went off and for the first 5 minutes it was mayhem. Typically, in a deep water start you can tread water and be horizontal, but Augusta its more like AG nationals with everyone hanging on a floating dock then scrambling to get horizontal. To my right, Filipe went out of a cannon leaving a nice gap that became prime real-estate for clean water. A few of us got in a tuffle for it and lost a bit of time. After organizing ourselves a group got away and we were the third pack from what I could see....

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Good Swim. Strong Bike. Solid Run. PR....



By Shyanne McGregor

Eagleman 70.3 (MD) Race Report - My goal for this race was to go into it calm and confident and the focus on the process the whole time.

In the past I’ve made the mistake of focusing too much on the outcome. The outcome is not within my control and focusing on that only leads to more stress and anxiety.

If I could focus on executing a solid race one step at a time, something that IS within my control, my outcome goals may be met.

So, here’s my quick race report:

Swim: I had a good swim in some choppy water...

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Bikers Prevail at Clearwater Olympic...


GRANITEMAN CLEARWATER OLYMPIC - The inclement weather that was anticipated didn't happen, thus instead of a sloppy and slow experience, yesterday's Graniteman Triathlon was contested in surprising accommodating conditions, which resulted in some inspiring performances, fast times and even a few records.

Our race coverage will come in two parts. Today we will talk about the Olympic race, which celebrated it's 7th anniversary. Later in the week, we'll post coverage of the Sprint competition, which turned nineteen last Saturday.

Because a race is predictable doesn't mean it will be unexciting. On paper, three men appeared to be shoo-ins for the overall podium. The same was true for the women's race. PRESTON YOUNGDAHL, who was victorious the week before at Lake Minnetonka, AJ MANNING, the amateur winner at Buffalo Olympic, where he outraced Youngdahl by a scant six seconds, and NICHOLAS LADAS, last year's Clearwater runner-up, seemed destined, barring mechanical catastrophe, to outpace the men's field. VANESSA NAGEL, who held her own against national talent Kortney Haag here in 2021, where she (Vanessa) finished 2nd, EMILY GAGE, who has three career triathlon wins and eight total podium finishes, and KRISTIN HAWKINS, whose breakout season last year featured three wins, were expected to break away from their gender's field....

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Canals, Hippie Hollows & the HTR...


By Julie Pagano

Ironman Texas (4/24) Race Report - Like many triathlons that athletes have been training for, this race was nearly 2 years in the making. After completing Ironman Wisconsin in 2019, I targeted Texas as my next full Ironman race. Unfortunately, COVID took over the world and it was unclear when or if IMTX would be a viable option again. After registering for another race, TX popped back up and I transferred my registration as soon as I could. In late fall of 2021, training kicked into full swing to prepare for the early season race. With all my training being done inside, thanks to our cold and snowy upper Midwest winters, I attempted to create some heat acclimation and prepare myself for a warm TX race. Lots of rides and runs done with no fan and wearing sweats made for some hot training days. After a series of solid build/recovery phases, I felt ready and packed up my bike and gear to head to the land of heat and humidity…The Woodlands, TX.

Stepping off the plane in TX, the warm, humid air hit like a welcome blanket given the sub 30 degree temps we left from in Minneapolis.
The days leading up to the race went by quickly, I reassembled my bike, did the shake out swims,  rides and runs, met up with friends, went to check in, bought some of my favorite IM apparel, checked out the course, packed up gear bags and relaxed. Having the experience of a previous Ironman race was so beneficial. I felt very confident and calm about my preparation and plan for race day. 

In the blink of an eye, it was race morning and I was consumed by the final preparations, checking in with friends and loved ones and getting to the swim start. As the gun sounded for the AG start, I inched toward the starting coral with so much excitement, anticipation and nervous energy. ...

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