2022 Apple Preview - Part I...


applelaunch.jpgSARTELL APPLE DUATHLON PREVIEW - Part I - The historic 40th edition of America's oldest ongoing run-bike-run is happening next Saturday (May 21 - 5K on May 20). To honor this iconic event, we are sharing some competitive history. Here are the Top 10 fastest times for men and women on Apple's challenging 5K - 33K - 5K course. Note that every male athlete listed is a former National Duathlon Champion and/or US Duathlete of the Year, and four of six women in the Top 10 have similar credentials.


1. Ryan Giuilano, IL - 1:19:46 – 2019 – AMCR  - ( Former US Duathlete of the Year, multiple podium finishes at Du Nationals))
2. David Thompson (P) -  1:19:57 – 2010 - PCR - (Former US Ekite National Champion, Elite Duathlete of the Year, multiple Powerman Alabama wins)
3. Matt Payne  - 1:20:45 – 2015 (2x Duathlon National Champion; Former US Amateur Duathlete of the Year)
4. David Thompson (P) - 1:20:52 – 2007
5. David Thompson (P) - 1:20:54 – 2009 ...

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The Unhealthy Triathlete...


By Jordan Blanco (active.com)

As a triathlete, your training likely keeps you in good physical shape, right? That's what I had always assumed.

For 10 straight years, I passed on the annual medical check-up offered by my doctor, given that I trained hard and I ate a healthy diet. Over the last few years, I brushed off a decline in my bike power and a slowing in my run times as old age. After all, I am in my 40's! I threw in a few other explanations for the slide in my performances: work stress, less quality training, not enough run miles, mistimed taper, not tough enough, etc. I'm good at that sort of thing....

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Start Line Feels...


By Shyanne McGregor

Start line feels…

I’ve had races when I’ve been super calm at the start line and races when I’m fighting back anxiety ridden tears.

Part of that is expectation I put on myself, but another part is just the things that happen in my body in those moments.

The fight or flight response to these stressful pre race moments can cause an increased heart and breathing rate, shakiness, butterflies, nausea, dry mouth, the feeling of having to pee even though you just went 10 minutes ago. If we don’t understand why these things are happening, we can interpret them as more of a panic response leading to even more anxiety that something bad may happen to us….

It’s how we perceive what happens to us, not what’s actually happening. If We perceive these things as signs of “impending doom” we could freeze up or panic. ...

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Fitness & Healthfulness Are Not the Same Thing...


Photo - We couldn't find a photo that worked with this post, so we inserted this shot Chrissie Wellington's calves. 

By Nancy Clark, MS, RD (beginnertriathlete.com)

Nutrition advice for those who run fast, bike far, but can't say no to cookies

As he indulged in a jumbo sugar-covered fried pastry, the runner unabashedly remarked, “I’m skinny; I can eat this.” Well, the truth is even skinny runners die suddenly of heart attacks and strokes. Heart disease is the number-one killer, ahead of cancer, and accounts for one in four deaths. No one can out-run a bad diet.

While we’ve all heard let food be thy medicine, the latest dietary advice from the American Heart Association (AHA) focuses less on individual foods and nutrients (such as eggs, meat, fat, sodium) and more on lifestyle and lifelong dietary patterns. Given cardiovascular disease (CVD) starts in the womb, adopting heart-healthy eating patterns early and maintaining them...

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Canals, Hippie Hollows & the HTR...


By Julie Pagano

Ironman Texas (4/24) Race Report - Like many triathlons that athletes have been training for, this race was nearly 2 years in the making. After completing Ironman Wisconsin in 2019, I targeted Texas as my next full Ironman race. Unfortunately, COVID took over the world and it was unclear when or if IMTX would be a viable option again. After registering for another race, TX popped back up and I transferred my registration as soon as I could. In late fall of 2021, training kicked into full swing to prepare for the early season race. With all my training being done inside, thanks to our cold and snowy upper Midwest winters, I attempted to create some heat acclimation and prepare myself for a warm TX race. Lots of rides and runs done with no fan and wearing sweats made for some hot training days. After a series of solid build/recovery phases, I felt ready and packed up my bike and gear to head to the land of heat and humidity…The Woodlands, TX.

Stepping off the plane in TX, the warm, humid air hit like a welcome blanket given the sub 30 degree temps we left from in Minneapolis.
The days leading up to the race went by quickly, I reassembled my bike, did the shake out swims,  rides and runs, met up with friends, went to check in, bought some of my favorite IM apparel, checked out the course, packed up gear bags and relaxed. Having the experience of a previous Ironman race was so beneficial. I felt very confident and calm about my preparation and plan for race day. 

In the blink of an eye, it was race morning and I was consumed by the final preparations, checking in with friends and loved ones and getting to the swim start. As the gun sounded for the AG start, I inched toward the starting coral with so much excitement, anticipation and nervous energy. ...

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