Timberman Sprint - Preview...



TIMBERMAN SPRINT PREVIEW - We're counting the days until we make our annual trek to Sugar Lake for the Timberman, which will celebrate it's 34th anniversary on July 14. 

Timberman is Minnesota's premier destination triathlon, contested at one of the most picturesque resorts in the Midwest. From the standpoint of physical beauty, it rivals any tri venue in the country.

Timberman also has an awesome bar and grill with a wonderful deck that overlooks its transition area, which is perfect for post race celebrations. How cool is that!

As we said, we can't wait to, as Tina Fey would say, "go to there."

We plan to post two previews, starting with today's words about T-Man's Sprint race. For grins, let's make some predictions....

A Truly Unique Event...



ELYSIAN TRIATHLON – This event started thirty-five years ago, though there have been a few weather-related cancellations along the way. And speaking of weather, we doubt that the Elysian Tri was ever contested under more ideal conditions than it experienced yesterday. Temps were in the high sixties, the sky was cloudless and winds were light. 

And though it was a perfect day to race, bucolic Elysian is not a place where the majority of its participants come for a competitive experience. Most entrants come to play, which we think it truly cool.

The reason for this, we think, is that the event is the epitome of minimalism. Grandeur can be intimidating. Color and noise and "stuff" can be nerve-racking. Keeping it low key, i.e. minimally staged, makes this experience a very comfortable one.

But, of course, there were those who did come to race, especially those rare few who have been blessed with the genetic wherewithall, which when coupled with intelligent training, places them at the front of the pack. And because race coverage is what we do at MTN, we are going to fill you in on what happened at the front. Just know that a good time was had by all....

It's Time to Take Mental Readiness Seriously....


By Simone Lundquist (sisterswhotriblog.com)


Lake Waconia Race Report - When I was younger I always heard people say how important it was to mentally prepare for your race. I never really knew what that meant and it didn’t matter that much to me when I started racing, but I learned over the years just how important it truly is. When I first started competing whether it was track, cross-country, or triathlons, I would usually just show up, race, get the free food, and leave. It never once crossed my mind to picture my race in my head and to get into the right attitude to compete. As I continued to race my coaches and parents would always emphasize how it would help all my competitions if I did that. So I decided to give it a try to see what would happen.

Mental preparation was something I never had taken advantage of, and I was so glad when I finally started to. To picture yourself crossing the finish line with a new PR, or finishing knowing you put it all out on the race course, was something that made actually doing it seem much easier. It gives you the excitement of actually wanting to do it, or the determination of knowing that your goal is in reach. Mental preparation will also put you in the right mindset of believing in yourself and remembering why racing gives you the joy to continue to compete....

Sometimes It's About What Goes Right...


By Aaron Wilson


Ironman Boulder Race Report - I have been on a long journey to achieve the goal of qualifying for Kona. I started out my Ironman career by crashing on my bike and finishing at 15+ hours. I have been on the side of the road or worse, in the Port-a-Potty’s throwing up. I can tell lots of stories. This one is a little different than the rest....

Gophers Keep Winning...


By Garrett Williams

High Cliff Triathlon - The University of Minnesota sent ten Gophers out to High Cliff State Park in Wisconsin to compete in the third race of the Midwest Collegiate Conference season. While many had been in low spirits after the cancellation of QuarterMax Triathlon in Missouri, the group regained momentum and went on to all have great races. Once again, the team took the overall collegiate title, with the men placing first and the women second.

The race started off with a short 0.5 mile swim, which featured some very shallow water. Tim Bontrager described using his height to simply walk the last portion of the swim, watching with amusement as other swimmers struggled around him. He was among the first pack, along with strong swimmers Nik Pardoe and Zach Dahlseng, with JB Nosko close behind.

On the women’s side, Sophie Rabino and Eleanor Chomiak were the first Gophers out of the water....

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