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Hot Performances at Hoot!



HOOT LAKE TRIATHLON - Rookie pro KEEGHAN HURLEY, from Dent, Minnesota, and aspiring ITU pro ANDREA NUNEZ-SMITH (adorable photo), who appear to like each other a lot, led the way at Saturday's Hoot Lake Triathlon, which was celebrating its silver anniversary, which, for those who prefer numbers, is slang for 25th. (Oops! It was actually the 26th annual. According to Google, the event celebated its jade anniversary.)

And they did so in record-breaking fashion. Hurley's 1:01:21 wasn't far off his winning time in 2017 (1:00:38), when the bike course was two miles longer. The performance lowered the men's CR by more than three minutes,

Nunez-Smith, a Texan and graduate of the University of Arizona, kicked off her 2018 season with a win at the Havasu Olympic Triathlon. Her win at Hoot in 1:14:00 lopped more than four minutes off Angie Hop's long-standing women's record.

Andrea works for Clif Bar. Our guess is that Berry Pomagranite Chia is her favorite flavor. She has eclectic musical and cinematic taste, and unashamedly watches "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" and "Sponge Bob."(Who doesn't enjoy Sponge Bob?)...

Turning My Season Around...


Photo - Newly crowned Timberman Sprint record-holders, John Shelp and Taylor Lundquist.


By Taylor Lundquist (sisterswhotriblog.com)


Timberman Race Report - Well amidst all the rain, Saturday was a beautiful day for a race. The sun was shining, the people were smiling, and the music was rocking. It was an ideal race morning.

   I have to say coming into Timberman I knew it was time for a change. June is always an awkward time for me. Track is coming to a close and the triathlon season is just ramping up. I have to admit I always have mixed emotions coming into tri season. Part of me is in a state of what I like to call “track-withdrawal” and the other part of me just can’t wait to race again.

   This June was no exception. I went through my “track-withdrawal” and started working 40 hours a week. It was crazy adjusting from a typical school week to now a typical work week, not to mention training....

Finding the Love...



By Simone Lundquist (sisterswhotriblog.com)


Timberman Race Report - A few weeks ago I was asked along with my sister to come to a group of young triathletes and tell them why and how I got inspired to do triathlons and continue to compete in them. What started out as a simple discussion led to a breakthrough in my season that I needed.

When we arrived to talk to the kids, they had just finished biking and running and were ready to listen to what we had to say. We started with a simple introduction of who we were, when we started doing triathlons, and how old we were when we did our first one. It was easy to respond to most of the questions until someone asked me why I loved competing in triathlons so much. At this point in my season I was still trying to figure out this question because it did not feel like I loved to compete. I felt like my determination and my drive to do better was slowly slipping out of my hands and that there was no way to get it back. I felt that I was getting worse instead of better when I would compete which made me wonder why I was working so hard for no reason. At this point in my season I felt sad, slow, unmotivated, and scared that nothing was going to get better....

"Just Try It"...


By Marc Sontowski


Bertram Blast Race Report - What can I say……This race was a BLAST, pun intended.

This was my second year doing it and it will surely be something I plan to repeat every year as long as it’s around....


"A Joy From Start to Finish"...


By Jason Goepfert


Moose Lake Tri Race Report - In deference to pleas from the good folks at MN Tri News, I’ve been signing up for more races to support the local scene, especially some of the smaller races that might not have the support that larger organizations do.

One of those was the Moose Lake Tri, held this past weekend in (charming! easily accessible! welcoming!) Moose Lake. Even with construction on 35W, it only took about an hour and a half from the Cities to get there on race morning.

It was a joy from start to finish.

Race-day signup was a breeze, with friendly volunteers excited to see everyone show up. Transition was open and relaxed, with a definite local vibe. For those with higher-end equipment, there was a lot of oohs and aahs and friendly ribbing. Not a lot of those sideways competitive stares seen at larger races....

Records Tumble at Buzz VI...


BUZZ RYAN SPRINT - Alliteratively stated, the 6th running of the Buzz Ryan Sprint Triathlon produced a plethora of primo performances, starting with BRANDEN SCHEELS' thunderous race record 47:13, which improved the men's mark by more than three minutes. Let's keep in mind that Buzz is a short race (500yd - 10 - 2.5).

But we shouldn't be too surprised. A glance at the young athlete's 2018 scorecard tells us that an out-of-stater (Branden is from Fargo, ND) will undoubtedly claim a spot on this year's Team MInnesota, and perhaps an award nomination or two (Most Improved?). Doing so would put him in elite company alongside fellow Prairie Rose staters Sean Cooley, Rob Gilles, Marnie Walth, Melanie Carvell and Nick Nygaard.

Check out Branden's resume thus far:

- 1st @ Chain of Lakes - CR (Significantly lowering Marcus Stromberg's mark!)

- 1st @ Perham Triathlon - Course Record ...

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