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"Trying Not to Slow Down"...




Duluth's SHYANNE MCGREGOR has established herself as one of America's premier amateur long-distance triathletes, especially at the 70.3 distance. Back in May she placed 3rd at Chattanooga, then three weeks ago she won Ironman 70.3 in Augusta Maine. Her time was fast--4:28:25-and admittedly assisted by a downhill river swim. A flat water swim would have yielded a sub-4:40.

She had this to say about her Maine performance on Facebook:

What a day! The swim was fast thanks to the river. The bike was hilly but I felt strong. the run was just me trying to not slow down. Happy to take the overall female amateur win yesterday!

Thank you to my husband for putting up with me when I’m nervous and supporting my dreams.

Thank you to my family and friends for your love, prayers and words of encouragement!

Thank you to my coach @pedrogomestri for preparing me and building a unique plan that works for me. @pgtrisquad

Time to recover and build for the next one!

Here are some of Shyanne's long distance highlights: ...

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North Dakotans Excel at 20th Younglife Triathlon...



YOUNGLIFE OLYMPIC & SPRINT COVERAGE - North Dakotans have always supported the Younglife Triathlons, but never like this. Not only were their attendance numbers greater this year, but the lion's share of awards went to Peace Garden Staters. For instance, the Top 2 male finishers in the Olympic race were from Bismarck and Fargo respectively, and three of the Top 4 Olympic women also reside on the west side of the Red River.

The men's winner was JOSH ASKVIG, a perennial winner of his hometown tri, the Bis Man, Josh is also the race director of the Bismarck Marathon. A great guy.

Speaking of great people, Bismarckian MARNIE WALTH placed 2nd for the Olympic women. She is her state's winningest triathlete ever, gender notwithstanding, and has won the Younglife race on multiple occasions, as well as many other Minnesota tris and dus, e.g. Apple Du, Heart of the Lakes, Timberman, Square Lake, Blaine. Yesterday, she finished behind Detroit Lake's tri star CAMI ECKHOFF, Minnesota's Rookie of the Year in 2021 and Most Improved in 2002. 

This performance was Cami's 3rd YL victory. She won the Sprint race in 2022 and 2021...

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Brooks & Cheryl Again!




NORTHWOODS TRIATHLON COVERAGE - Retired star triathlete BRIAN BICH was an eleven-time winner of the Brewhouse Triathlon. TONY SCHILLER has won two races--Heart of the Lakes and Lake Waconia--more than ten times each. JAN GUENTHER, CATHY YNDESTAD and ELAINE NELSON have come very close to doing so as well. Still, the Minnesota triathlete who has more victories at a single race is BROOKS GROSSINGER, who just won the Northwoods Triathlon for the eighteen time last Saturday.


Granted, Brian, Tony, Jan, Cathy and Elaine have double-digit wins, or almost so, at events that are among the most competitive races in our state, while Northwoods' excellence is not based on its competitiveness. Still, eighteen wins at a single race, eighteen wins in eighteen starts no less, is herculean. It demands  that the athlete not be injured and that his or her bike is always sound....

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A Few Words About Tri West


Photo by MinnCam

MTN is a lifestyle promotion website, not a journalistic one. As a rule, we don't write negative stuff about people or races. If a race has serious problems, we won't cover it. We don't want to contribute to a race's demise, or stand in the way of its recovery. We want problematic events to bounce back. This said, we won't pretend that yesterday's Tri West wasn't flawed and that eventual results were unreliable. But we will say that in spite of what happened, this event deserves to continue. Its venue is terrific, especially the way it was set up this year. Its attendance increased for 139 in 2022 to 244 on Sunday. That suggests that triathlon is starting to see a post-pandemic rebound...

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Freaking Awesomeness, Mountain Gaps & Horse Manure...


By David Leard

IRONMAN 70.3 PENNSYLVANIA - HAPPY VALLEY - Race Report - After driving the bike course on Saturday, I texted a couple Penn State buddies and told them, “Just drove the bike course. Freaking awesome! Gonna get my butt kicked, but it’ll be freaking awesome!” It was. The whole race was.

I never did a “Ironman” 70.3 before. Always thought them a little overpriced and when I wanted to do a half, there are local ones I’d rather support. But when this race was announced, and it was indeed going to be held at Penn State and finish at the 50-yard line of Beaver Stadium, my travel plans were made, and my sister’s 4th of July picnic was planned before registration opened.

Because of a new job, I didn’t race at all in 2022 and probably only trained a third of what I would have liked for this race. I went in relying on experience, muscle memory and (I hoped) a deep base to just enjoy and try and finish this one with no other stated goal....

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Storm Delays & Exploding Hearts...


By Cami Eckhoff

Steelhead 70.3 Race Report - Steelhead 70.3 was an awesome and challenging experience! The highlight was having Keith and our boys with cheering and supporting me! The kids have come to a couple local short course races but being apart of a Ironman event and spectators on race day is no small endeavor. They came with to registration and bike check in the day before and were up at 4:30 am (3:30 our time) race morning, sat in the vehicle for the hour storm delay, walked miles across sand, road, golf course and more all to cheer for a few seconds each time. Every time I saw them, my heart exploded! They were the real champs of the day!

A quick race recap~ I truly swam, biked and ran as best I could with what my body gave me on Sunday.

Swimming in Lake Michigan was nerve-racking but I took it buoy by buoy being tossed around by the waves, telling myself to be calm and just keep swimming. I was so glad to lift my head and finally see the finish arch! ...

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