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Drama & Big Trophies...


LAKE MINNETONKA TRIATHLON - Fifty weeks ago, JOSH MORK sped out of T2 in first place at the Lake Waconia Triathlon. He was facing what was certainly the deepest men's field of the season, and though he was recognized as possessing "elite" credentials, it certainly appeared that he was, as they say, "in way over his head." The guys he was facing--PARISH, O'CONNOR, CRUSER, TREISE, BLANKENHEIM, ADRIAENS et al--were men he'd never beaten before....

Eight AG Records Fall at Lake Minnetonka!


LAKE MINNETONKA TRIATHON COVERAGE - TOM COUILLARD, a newcomer to "Level 7," set a new 70-74M age group record yesterday at the 16th edition of this classic event. On Facebook, he succinctly, yet eloquently, described the race:

 The Lake Minnetonka Triathlon does not go small on trophies for age-group winners. Like the lake itself, this race offers big challenges on a nasty weather day on the big water ... choppy waves in the half mile swim; never-ending hills and headwinds on the 15-mile bike; and nothing but rain, mud, muck and misery on the 3-mile run. Fun race!

Those last two words, especially, summed up the experience, not only for Tom, but for the other 466 participants who crossed LMT's mud-bog finish line.

In case you didn't know, Couillard, aka "The Pride of White Bear Lake," is a HOOT! He also shaved seven minutes off his AG's record. Here are the other AG records that were rewritten yesterday:

- 00-19 BOYS - KYLE SWENSON - 1:10:43 - Kyle, who also rocked an AG record at Buffalo Sprint, lowered a MICHAEL WILLIAMS (three-time Minnesota Junior of the Year!) record that has stood since 2006 (!) by 2:06....

"...Filled With Nostalgia"....


Back to my Roots....

By Jacob Braaten

TINONA RACE REPORT - Technically speaking, the 2009 Minnewaska Triathlon was my first tri. It came a month before I started my junior year of high school, on a bike I had gotten three weeks before the race. I spent the whole ride in the little chain ring because, quite frankly, I was too dumb to know how bikes worked. I don’t count this as the start of my triathlon career because it is not the race that hooked me.

The race that got me hooked was the 2012 Trinona. In late April of my first year of college, my dad called me and said, “Your brother and I are doing this race. I am signing you up for the Olympic Distance.” And that was that. I did laps in the pool for the first time the next day. Those first few attempts, I couldn’t get more than 3 or 4 lengths before I had to stop. I kept hammering away and made it to the start line knowing that I could swim the distance because I had done 1500 yards straight through with open turns (YIKES!).

It turned out that first race was a blast! One of those days where everything went to plan, and I passed my brother on the way to a podium position in my first race! ...

Launching a New Decade of Great Racing...



TRINONA XI - Avenging the rashy crash she endured the previous weekend at the Pleasant Prairie Junior Triathlon in Kenosha, Wisconsin, 15-year-old MACY IYER not only won her AG, she won the overall women's title in Trinona's Sprint race. It was the 2nd "adult" victory of her multisport career. She had also won at Cinco Du Mayo Sprint in 2018, where she crushed the junior record.

Iyer was unable to reset the girls record at Trinona, though she came within 14 seconds of doing so. FYI, it was her own AG record she was chasing, a 1:06:22 she posted in 2017 in a 2nd place effort at the age of 13!

A Junior of the Year nominee in 2018, Macy faced 10 fellow teenage girls last Sunday, and beat her closest AG rival by 3:54.

Placing 2nd in the women's Sprint, 1:23 after Iyer, was Trinona veteran MICHELLE MANRIQUE-FLEMING, 34, of Chicago.

Third place was earned by WHITNEY GREILANGER, 33, of St. Paul. We tried to find racing results for Whitney but came up empty. We did learn, however, that she grew up in Somerset, Wisconsin, studied environment stuff at UW-Oshkosh, loves dogs, has parachuted, and been to Sedona, Arizona...

Minnesota Women Claim Four of the Six Top Spots!


MADISON 70.3 - Four of the Top 6 women, five if you count DANI FISCHER, at this morning's Ironman Madison 70.3 were Minnesotans.

Fischer, formerly of Rochester, now of suburban Indianapolis, took the women's overall title, bettering the 2nd place efforts she posted in the first two editions of this event. And thanks in part to hospitable weather, unlike in 2018 and 2017, Dani's time was record-setting. Her 4:34:24 over the challenging route bettered DANI VSETECKA's previous CR by 11:24.

Minnesotans rounded out the podium, as GABY BUNTEN silvered in 4:46:48, and BECKY YOUNGBERG took the bronze in 4:51:17, which lowered the women's Masters record, set by former pro Jessica Jacobs, by 5:33. 

Youngberg has raced thrice this season, winning once and podiuming in the other two events. She set Masters Records each time.

The fifth and sixth spots were earned by 2019 Minnesota Rookie of the Year frontrunner PAIGE SCHULZ (4:52:03 - photo) and the University of Minnesota's premier swim-bike-runner RACHEL ZILINSKAS (4:56:34)....



By Laura Swartz


Buffalo Race Report…Dusting off the cobwebs…

Every season I can’t help the overwhelming nerves of getting the first race of the season out of the way. It seems like after 15 years of doing triathlons I shouldn’t get nervous but I do each and every single race. In fact I thrive off it. So how ironic that my race bib had a Katy Perry quote “Recycle those nerves and make them adreneline “.

Leading up to the race training was a bit off due to a trip to the ER and 13 stitches in my elbow after a trail run gone bad on Mother’s Day. The last half of the stitches came out the Tuesday before Buffalo and I was finally able to get back in the water. Taking two and a half weeks off swimming seemed like taking months off during my two short pools swims Wednesday and Thursday. The month of May as anyone with kids knows also means crazy kid schedule with one returning from college, one graduating from high school and one working hard to finish her sophomore year of high school. So many of these things could be excuses for why I didn’t perform the way I would have liked but I don’t like excuses. I like to figure out what I can do better...

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