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Birthday Party Triathlon...


By Cindy Bradehoft

Turning 40 is pretty epic, so your birthday party should be epic as well. Thankfully 40 is no longer considered Over the Hill, so why not do an Olympic distance triathlon with your friends and family? Even though you’ve never completed one? Great idea until the Life Time Tri Minneapolis on said birthday is cancelled along with every other race for 2020.

But that doesn’t stop Tom Ahles, who enlists his friend Dr. Francisco Mesa, everyone’s favorite dentist, to coordinate a Triathlon around his neighborhood in Chanhassen. To be clear this isn’t a race, it is just for fun. Said none of us ever. Minneapolis was just named the 3rd fittest state in the nation by the American College of Sports Medicine and it is our health and love of sports and competition that got us here....

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"It Felt Just Like a Race"...


By Jason Larson

What we did was organize a small training triathlon since all of the races through the end of July are canceled. It is understandable why they had to cancel, nevertheless many of us are bummed we cannot do some of the races we love so much. we arranged a small Sprint triathlon at square lake Park in Stillwater. It is very similar to the square lake Sprint triathlon, and in fact used the same bike course....

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The Race Must Go On!


By Steve Gunther

CHANHASSEN – The morning of Saturday, June 20th could not have been more perfect for a triathlon. The air temperature was 63 degrees and the water temperature just a few degrees higher than that. Absolutely no wind, perfect glassy water and not a cloud in the sky. It was glorious…except for one small thing: Two months earlier the Lake Minnetonka Triathlon originally set for that Saturday had been cancelled due to CoVid-19 concerns....

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"I Had No Idea What I Was Doing"...


By Ted Treise

Race: Iowa’s Best Dam Triathlon 
Year: Fall 2012 
Age: 18
Bike: Trek 1.1 W/ bucket pedals

About 50 yards into the swim my lungs no longer worked, and I couldn’t breathe as I treaded water watching the pack swim away. The collegiate men’s wave has successfully swam over me after I was insistent about getting a front row spot for the run into the water and the woman’s wave was about to do the same. During the pre-race meeting, we were told to take our caps off in the event of needing to be rescued during the swim. ‘Is now the time to pack it in?’ I thought....

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Self-Supported Adventure...


Awesome photos by Philip Skulte / Visual Captive


By Christina Roberts

Outpace 70.3 Race Report - We were supposed to be racing Ironman 70.3 Des Moines last weekend. But instead of sulking about our lost opportunity, Coach Anthony (of Outpace Coaching) graciously offered to host a team Outpace 70.3 triathlon at Lake Ann in Chanhassen.

Anthony, who on that day played the role of coach, race director, aid station manager, and swim buoy, brought his athletes together for a mock race to give us an opportunity to either test our fitness, try to hit race pace goals, or just get out for a solid training day. It was a choose your own adventure course which was set up as loops for the bike and run so that athletes could choose a distance that aligned with their desired workout for the day. ...

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"I Do Not Have Time To Get Bored"....


ED. Christel is a professor at Bemidji State University and a three-time nominee for Minnesota Master of the Year.

By Christel Kippenhan

I'm kind of curious about how my friends are dealing with the current situation.

Living by myself has never bothered me, and it still does not bother me, even if there are days I do not interact face-to-face with anybody.

But, I'm also still working, and I'm still interacting with my students, yet remotely. In addition, preparing my class content for remote delivery is very time-consuming, and I think the last time I worked this many hours in a day or week was when I was working on finishing up my dissertation. So, I do not have time to get bored or missing things I otherwise would do....

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