John Needs Us...


MTN is interrupting its usual content formatting to post some very important information about a Rock Star member of our triathlon community who is fighting for his life. Our dear friend John Snitko needs our help.

We should all GoFundMe -  LINK

CaringBridge - LINK

So many of us have anxiously awaited those ever important results at events over the last 30 years. John was often the man behind those results. If you don't know him personally, you certainly know, and have benefitted from, his work. He is a kind and caring man who reaches out to help others. His wife Jill has been a champion to him, a rock to the family as she so wonderfully cares for him in such a devastating time. Funds raised will go directly to them for out of pocket medical costs, comfort care/items they may need, or just a little extra for them to do something fun. They are humble and hard working. We had to coax them a bit to let us help....

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The Future of Triathlon...



By Kelly O’Mara (triathlete.com)

This past weekend, more than 1,000 coaches, race directors, officials, athletes, and triathlon enthusiasts gathered virtually for the annual Endurance Exchange conference, hosted by USA Triathlon. While we’re all eager to return to the fun of in-person Happy Hours, the upside of the entirely virtual conference was that it was possible for there to be so many more speakers and educational resources than could fit in a conference hall—over 100 speakers and 80 hours of sessions that you can still go back and watch on-demand.

While we didn’t sit in on every session (!), there were some overall themes we were able to glean from what we did attend—trends and questions left to be answered this year and next....

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Run Faster on Race Day...


ED. Well-traveled Mike Buenting is a two-time nominee for Minnesota Master of the Year He is also a triathlon coach and a real estate guy.


By Mike Buenting (agegrouper.us)

In order to run fast on race day, one must be willing to push hard in training and run fast on those days when nobody is watching.

Most of us age groupers find joy in running. We rise up each morning, go run our miles and enjoy the outdoors or treadmill. We just run based on how we feel, which really becomes the same pace day in and day out.

But then as we progress we start to set goals, lofty goals and we aspire to be faster!

So, how do we become faster?

I know it sounds simple, but to race faster we must train at faster paces. Here are some tips – three key sessions each week – I use in coaching athletes to run faster. (I have a knack for taking the average athlete and turning them into a Boston marathon qualifier!)...

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Swenson is US Junior Triathlete of the Year!



By Kristina Swenson

As a big sister, one of the best things in the world is seeing your little brother grow up to not only be an amazing human, but an amazing athlete too.
While I may have started the Swenson family triathlon journey back in 2005, the legacy my brother has left and will continue to leave has far exceeded mine - which I couldn’t be more proud of.

With nearly 500,000 members a year, our governing body USA Triathlon has awarded Kyle Swenson one of the biggest honors of 2021 - Men’s Junior Triathlete of the Year. The Junior age group consists of male athletes age 19 and under - in this case, approximately 335 of them. This tremendous accomplishment and recognition just makes my big sister and triathlete heart burst with pride. Below is what USAT and Kyle had to say about this honor - and what humble thoughts, too.

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Why Run-Walk Training is a Good Thing...



By Amby Burfoot (outsideonline.com)

Jeff Galloway almost certainly holds the record for a run-walk marathon — he ran a 2:16:35 at Houston in 1980 while taking a brief walk break each mile. It’s also his personal record, and it came eight years after he made the 1972 Olympic team in the 10,000m.

In 1978 Galloway remembers hitting a low point in his training and racing. He had injuries, suffered through races far slower than his expectations, and began feeling “down” about his running. “I thought, ‘Okay, maybe I’ve reached the end of my improvement curve,’” he recalls. “I wallowed in my misery for a bit, and then realized I needed a different goal. I came up with a new personal mantra: ‘Run Injury Free.’” ...

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