"When The Going Gets Tough....."




IRONMAN 70.3 WISCONSIN - As in the full Ironmant, Minnesota triathletes excelled in the 70.3. Despite inhospitable conditions, two men cracked their gender's overall Top 10, only to be outdone by our state's women, who earned half of their gender's overall Top 10 spots. Additionally, five Minnesotans podiumed, Olympic style, in their respective Age Groups. We are listing those athletes below, but they are not the only MInnesotans that rocked out that the 70.3. We encourage everyone to click on the "FULL RESULTS" link below to check out all the Minnesota times and placings.


Note that two of the athletes listed here--AJ MANNING and NICOLE HEININGER--are what we consider "Honorary Minnesotans." AJ lives in Fargo and races more often than not on our side of the Red River. He was named Minnesota's "Most Improved" athlete in 2020 and will likely be nominated for 2021 honors, as well as a spot on Team Minnesota. Nicole lived in Minnesota until recently when a job opportunity relocated her to Madison, Wisconsin. She was our state's Rookie of the Year in 2013 and has been nominated for numerous MMH awards.

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Going the Distance...


2021 IRONMAN WISCONSIN - Minnesota triathletes excelled at last weekend's IMOO. Two men and two women rocked Top 10 overall finishes and 11 placed in the Top 3 in their resective age groups, including two divisional winners. Understand that those listed here are not the only Minnesotans who turned in impressive performances. A results link will follow that will allow you to get a more complete picture of how well our state's men and women did.  For now, however, here are  the overall Top 10ers and the AG podium finishers:


4th - KRISTOPHER SPOTH (St. Paul) - 9:32:14

10th - JAKE KEEHAN (Maple Grove) - 9:50:02



5th - CARYN HERRICK (St. Louis Park) - 10:48:39

9th - MAGGIE SWANSON (Excelsor) - 11:06:53 - 

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Part III - Family & Doing This Pro Thing...


By Ted Treise

Heart of the Lakes Triathlon

This was an absolute blast of an event. My mom’s side of the family’s cabin is in Annandale and coincidently the weekend of HOLT was the same weekend as our family reunion at said cabin. On race morning, team Treise had a crew! Going into the race my mentality was, I just wanted to suit up and race, that’s it – whatever that meant for performance-wise was secondary after coming off a midseason break.

S: Josh Mork, AKA Mr. Wildcard, put in a huge effort with the goal of gapping the field. The young gun, Kyle Swenson, was able to hang on with Kevin O’Connor and myself sharing his draft. Once Kevin pulled off, the three of us swam back into shore.

B/R: On the bike it wouldn’t surprise me if Josh pushed 27-28mph or whatever to stay up front. IMO he races best on the front of the race & once he’s there, Josh is not going anywhere. However this wasn’t his day. I took the lead leaving transition then hung out there until the finish. I felt decent on bike, but am most excited to come away with a good run. My runs this year have been labored and I’m finally feeling the flow out there. In all, a great day on the course and you cannot beat racing local....

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To the Land of Endurance...


By Brian Storhaug

Top professional and age-group triathletes from around the world will test their mettle while traversing the red rock canyons in St. George, Utah, at the 2021 Intermountain Healthcare IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship. The challenging course with breathtaking views of American Southwest scenery is an athlete-favorite that attracts the best in the sport. This marks the first time the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship will be held in St. George.

On September 18th, two local Triathletes are making the trek to St George Utah- nicknamed The Land Of Endurance. Tom Emmerich (photo L) and Brian Warzecha (photo below) became qualifiers to compete in the Half Ironman Stage of the World Championships at their most recent race in Des Moines Iowa. The top five to ten percent in each age group are eligible to make the trip. For those who don’t know- a half ironman entails a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, followed by a half marathon- a 13.1 mile run. Only the best of the best qualify for a chance to represent their country. 

Brian Warzecha- had been a 3 sport athlete in high school- including football, basketball and was an avid golfer, as well. Growing up, and through his post-high school years, he enjoyed the sport of running to stay in shape. As a medical nurse, working in the city of Rochester, he met his soon-to-be wife, who unbeknownst to him, was (and still is) quite the endurance athlete herself. His second date was actually the longest run of his life (5 miles). Trying to impress her, he kept up with the training volume and eventually worked himself up to competing in his first marathon.

If you know Brian, it would not come as a surprise that his first road race was the Twin Cities Marathon. He kept training after his first race with more of a focus on the half marathon distance. He achieved his goal of one hour and thirty minutes (~6:50 min/mile pace) and then slowly made his transition back to marathon distance once his kids...

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Part II - Lots of Hanging Tough...


By Ted Treise 

Ironman St George 70.3
If we were shaking the rust off in Texas, I had no idea where we were at fitness-wise a month later in St. G. The field was nuts, close to a World Championship 70.3 roster with about 80 dudes on the start list – lots made the trek over from Europe due to closers. In the days leading up, I was just so excited to race these guys and see where I was at. For help wise, it was my mom and I taking on the world. Just us and a giant Tahoe Enterprise upgraded us to. A very fun trip completed with me loosing $60 at a Las Vegas black jack table in about 3 hands. Anyway back to the race;
S: I lined up with Ben Deal. I knew he could swim front chase pack and I just had to stay on his feet. His wetsuit is a DeSoto with some 80s neon blue logo on the side. After the gun sounded, all I saw was that stupid logo swimming away after 300 yards. But again, I swam with a decent pack and it was still a huge improved swim from prior years.

B: I pushed like mad on the bike enjoying the up and down course. Eventually I caught up to Matt Russel’s pack in Snow Canyon then hung out there throughout the descent. During this ride I couldn’t believe the people I was going through, Reid, Lagerstrom, Lieferman. It was truly something I’ll never forget....

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