Three MMHs For Rachel Z....



ATHLETE OF THE YEAR - Rachel clearly established herself as our country's premier long distance amateur female triathlete in 2021. She was undefeated in four starts against US competition, winning by ridiculous margins each time. Her only loss, a 2nd-place finish at 70.3 Worlds by 1:13 to decorated German triathlete Danielle Kleiser. Zilinskas richly deserves to be one of the frontrunners for US Athlete of the Year.

FYI - Earlier this month she made her pro debut at Ironman Florida, placing an impressive 8th woman overall in a PR-9:35:04. Proving her pro-readiness, Rachel outraced the fastest amateur womanthere by 33:53.

It needs to be noted that Jenna Horner also received some AOY support, her advocates citing versatility--she excelled in long course, Olympic and sprint races--while Zilinskas concentrated on long distance, and the claim that she raced against deeper fields (Age Group and Collegiate Nationals). In the end, winning and overwhelming margins of victory sealed the deal for Rachel....

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Off-Season Nutrition Adjustments...


By Alex Larson, MS, RDN, LD

Should you change your diet in the off-season?

During the in-season of training, nutrition needs are high! It’s common for triathletes to take in anywhere from 2,500-3,500+ calories daily and will have higher protein needs to support muscle recovery. And when transitioning to a less active off-season, it’s important to evaluate your needs to dial nutrition back for this period of the year. 

The off-season is important to give yourself a mental and physical break. However, it’s not always easy to shift back to eating like a normal person who doesn’t train hours and hours each week. 

Here are three tips to adjusting your nutrition in the off-season:

1) Keep the high-quality foods, but cut back on the portion sizes. ...

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Complete List of MMH Nominees....


2021 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Here is a complete listing of MMH nominnes. Leading the way with four nominations apiece are a phenomenal 19-year-old who has truly paid his athletic dues in  the years leading up to this season, and UM grad student whose rise has been meteoric. We're talking about KYLE SWENSON and RACHEL ZILINSKAS. Others receiving multple nominations are DAVID KOPPEL (3), JENNA HORNER (3), KORTNEY HAAG (2), TIM BONTRAGER (2) and tri-rookie HENRY JESSEN (2). What this tells us is that despite the pandemic's negative affect on our racing scene--loss of both races and athletes, many of whom are/were extremely decorated-- new names will emerge to perpetuate the high performance standards that our state is well known for.

Who will be the recipients of this year's MMHs? You'll know very soon.




Kortney Haag (photo)   Timoth Bontrager

Jenna Horner           David Koppel

Rachel Zilinskas       Kyle Swenson ...

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Jenna, Heather & Rachel


2021 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Here are the finalists for Female Performance of the Year:

JENNA HORNER (photo) - 5th overall woman at Olympic Nationals.

HEATHER LENDWAY - 1st @ Lake Minnetonka Triathlon - 1:07:57. HL is the only woman to have broken 1:10 at LMT, which she has done twice.

RACHEL ZILINSKAS - Amateur women's course record at Ironman Lake Placid. - Her 9:52:33 lowered the record Kirsten Schut of the RSA by 8:41!

RACHEL ZILINSKAS - 2nd amateur woman / 1st US woman at St. George 70.3 World Championships. Her 4:34:01 was 7:06 faster than her winning time on the same challenging course earlier in the season at the North Amercan 70.3 Championships....

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Henry, David & Kyle...


2021 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Here are the finalists for Men's Performance of the Year:

HENRY JESSEN (photo L) - 7th overall male at USA Triathlon Sprint Nationals. Henry's time was fast - 57:29--and he was only 1:15 behind the national champion.

COMMENT: Jessen, a tri rookie, was also the fastest Minnesotan at Olympic Nationals. Once again, his time was impressive - 1:58:25, and he outpaced all of his Minnesota peers. However, the national champion was almost eight minutes faster. It was agreed that Henry's Olympic performance deserved at POY Honorable mention.

COMMENT: Field depth and margin of victory made this performance special.

DAVID KOPPEL (photo below L)-  Amateur Win at Heart of the Lakes - 1:31:37 on a hot day. Outraced the deepest men's field of the season....

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