Mighty Midwest...


Photos L - R - Kaleb VanOrt - Cindi Bannink - Gavin Anderson

USAT and Triathlete Magazine have yet to announce their selections for amateur Athletes of the Year. When they do, don't be surprised if a disproportionate percentage of the honored or honorably mentioned athletes hail from the Midwest. A glance back at the 2010 season reveals that those..

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Movie Review...

scott pBy Warren Peece

MTN Movie Reviews - The MTN guys asked me to write a movie review.

"Hey, Warren, why don't you write a movie review?"

"Why?" I replied.

"'Cuz triathletes watch movies, especially in the wintertime when they spend so much time on their trainers," the MTN guy explained.

"Okay," I said.

After a pregnant moment, I asked MTN guy if my review had to be intelligent and well thought-out.

"Does my review have to be intelligent and well thought-out?"

"We'd prefer that it wasn't."

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70 With Great Hair...

hank bbhank trackhank coach

Photos - L - R - Pre-adolescent baseballer Hank - High School Sprinter Hank - Coach Hank

Going Off Course - The purpose of the "Going Off Course" features is to demonstrate that Minnesota triathletes have rich and interesting lives outside of triathlon and that they are worth knowing for those reasons as much as for the tri-lifestylish ones you share with them. These articles are also an opportunity..

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Santa's "Nice" List...

nice listBy Darin Wieneke

Last week, I posted what gifts some triathletes were hoping to receive from Santa Claus this year. You could tell by their lists, which included a Shimano Di2 drive train, Garmin 410 watch and computrainer, that these triathletes were pretty confident they were going to be on Santa

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Walker Triathlon Stuff...

chasePress Release:

Chase the Police Triathlon Committee is proud to announce that we will

be adding military personnel to our highlighted wave of Police and EMS.

Please join us in the pursuit on Saturday July 30th, 2011 in Walker, MN.

Registration opens 01/01/2011. Active.com will be our registration website


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