Like Deja Vu All Over Again...

yogiThough the picture is small, you should be able to tell that baseball guy Yogi Berra has incredibly humongous ears! Like Dumbo almost.

They haven't always been that long and droopy, though. Did you know that ears never stop growing? Scary, huh! Hey, when you're 114, as Yogi must be, you're lobes will probably lounge on your shoulders, too.

But we digress.

Most of you know that Yogi has a way with words. He's the guy who said,..

Worth 3000 Words...


Sometimes words aren't enough. Pictures do a much better job. You've heard the expression ,"A picture is worth a thousand words," haven't you? It's probably true, but how did the poet or philosopher or chronic drug user who coined this expression arrive at such a round number. Aren't some pics worth only 936 words? Aren't some worth, say, 1014? We digress.

The Lakefront Days Triathlon, the 5th edition thereof is Saturday, is a very cool event. Too bad it's full, huh? Record turnout, actually.

This Mosquito Won't Suck...

MOSQUITOGear West Bike & Triathlon is always trying to come up with ideas to get their customers excited about multisport events. They always look towards the functions they would like to attend themselves, and find a way to bring those to everyone. They feel they have accomplished this with the Gear West Duathlon, Gear West University, and with the Midwest Multisport Series and its giveaways. That said, they have come up with a new concept for multisport racing: the Mosquito Man Duathlon.

The Mosquito Man Du is a run-bike-run-bike-run event, designed solely for fun and enjoyment. This will be a professionally produced event with as much emphasis on the fun as the competition itself. And there will be plenty of competition.

Mosquito Man Du will feature the following:

Help! Kris Needs a Dress...

kris & MarkThe Whole Story :) - By KRIS MIELKE & MARK KUHN

Kris: It all began back on February 7th, 2009. It was the first gathering of the Team in Training Summer teams for a very chilly run around Lake Calhoun. Quite often a handful of runners get together before the team run to get in a few extra miles. I was not really up for the idea considering the icicles that would likely form on my face but peer pressure by two of my close friends at the time got me out of bed. We arrived at the lake and there was a handful of people there I knew and some that I didn't. One "newbie" caught my eye. All dressed in black with the best blue eyes and smile. Granted that's about all that was exposed due to the layers upon layers of run clothes but still :) That was my first introduction to Mark....

They Made A Day of It.....

By Zach Hacker (wasecacountynews.com)


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