Cuts & Scrapes & Barbecue...

bikerKingswood Race Coverage - By Steph Alcivar

This is the 3rd year of the Kingswood triathlon. The course is a .5 mile swim, 10-ish mile mountain bike, and 4 mile trail run through Camp Kingswood in Minnetrista, MN. My husband Tom and I went out a week before the race to pre-ride the course, and we were scared at what we saw. It is private land, and therefore the trails aren't open to the public to ride, and "break-it-in." So we were clearing downed trees, attempting futilely (is that a word?) to avoid attacks from the sticker burrs and stinging nettles in the way of the path, and walking our bikes through many unrideable sections. It was 90 degrees on this day, and we came across Paul Harcey, director of Camp Kingswood, working feverishly on the trail in a puddle of his own sweat. We...

Kitchy As All Get-Out...

pbputt putt

Race Preview - The Brainerd Lakes area is totally cool. Very lakey and verdant with plenty of fast food restaurants and places to get ice cream.

But when you think of the BLA--cool acronym for Brainerd Lakes Area--two things immediately come to mind...

Kate is #1!....Again!

kateMTN robustly congratulates Chaska's Katharine Lowrey, 15, on her second consecutive #1 USAT Youth Elite National Ranking. In the three National Youth Elite Series events this season she placed 1st at State Games of the West in Colorado Springs, 3rd at the Flatland Tri Festival in Des Moines, and 4th at the National YE Champs in San Diego, amassing 1138 points, a 30-point advantage over runner-up Hannah Rae Finchamp of California.

In three Minnesota races this season she finished 2nd overall! at Chaska (Jr. CR), 10th overall at Minneman (Jr. CR) and 2nd at Manitou Youth Elite....

Hippos, Numb Tips & The Space/Time Thing...

poolsteveMore Race Coverage - In an effort to feature as many voices as possible on this site, we ask athletes to write about their racing experiences. Our reason for this is simple: Numb Tips!


Numb fingertips. A function of being forced to tap out too much of the site's editorial ourselves.

Sometimes no one answers the call and we tap our tips--not every finger, mind you, we are primitive hunters-and-peckers--into insensate insentientosity.

And sometimes everyone submits stuff, which we love. That's why you are about to read the 3rd--count 'em!--Young Life Triathlon race report. Joining Sam Janicki and Dr. Christel Kippenhan, whose..

Words From a Big Picture Guy...

joshPigman Race Report - By Josh Riffpig

Pigman long course this weekend represented a (near) culmination of a fantastic season that keeps getting better. As a big picture person the actual race itself was the small accomplishment, it is everything around the race that makes this race so special.

The facts:

SWIM: The day started off warm. The water temperature was 78 degrees so it was wetsuit legal. We were warming up but by the 7:30 race start we still could not see the first buoy. About an hour later the fog suddenly cleared and the race started. I caught a perfect draft and decided to "own" those feet and play it smart. I exited with two of the elite women with Dan Cohen right behind me...

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