A Great Letter...

emmersonHey MTN:

During the Tri-Night 2009 awards celebration last September, I was one of the embarrassed few who could not raise a hand to the important question raised by one of the presenters: "How many of you volunteered at a race this year?" This immediately sunk in and I became determined to make sure I would be able to answer in the affirmative in 2010. With this in mind, earlier this year I registered to volunteer at the upcoming 2010 Ironman Wisconsin event (my wife and I will be wetsuit strippers and medal distributors). Even though I was only planning on one volunteer stint this season (at IMW), I'm happy to report that I will now have at least two.

You see, earlier this week, my entire family caught some sort of fever bug and we were sick as dogs for a few days. Even though I felt almost 100% by the end of this week, I decided that it would be best to not race, so I relinquished my spot ..

They're Back! Kort & Michelle Rock...

turtlesnakeKortney Haag won her first post-partum tri today, sharing the Turtleman XXVII spotlight with Matt Payne! Photos and Darin's Story coming soon...RESULTS

New & Improved...



OSCEOLA, Wisc. August 12, 2010

Trois Previewettes..Updated Yet Again..


"Trois Previewettes."


For those of who don't "spreckenze Francaise," "Trois Previewettes," pronounced "Twa Prehv-wah-etts," means

Totally Cool LTF News...

buckleHot News - Less than two weeks before the Leadville Trail 100 MTB Race, it was announced that all the Leadville races have been sold and are being run by Life Time Fitness, a company based in Chanhassen, Minnesota. The ANNOUNCEMENT came out Thursday. Life Time Fitness, which operates fitness, family recreation and spa centers across the U.S., had been the title sponsor of the race in 2008 and 2009.

In its new role, the company will also direct all of the other running and mountain biking Leadville races, including the Leadville Trail 100, the Leadville Silver Rush 50-Mile Mountain Bike Race and the 12/24 Hours of Leadville Mountain Bike Race. Race founder Ken Chlouber has directed the Colorado mountain bike race since founding it in 1994, which was was an addition to the ultramarathon running race, the Leadville Trail 100.

"I am very pleased that Life Time Fitness will continue the long tradition of endurance events and sportsmanship that the Leadville Trail 100 Race Series established back in 1983," Chlouber said in a press release. "We are excited that Life Time will bring added resources and expertise to take yet another giant ...

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