The Picture of Kerry Yndestad...

frankenhookerWhile scouring the Interwebs for cool movies to put in our Netflix queue, we came across the 1991 semi-classic: "Frankenhooker."

We're not making this up! Ever see it?

If you haven't, here's a summary: "This is your standard New Jersey love story, boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, girl gets sliced to ribbons by remote control lawnmower, boy patches girl back together with parts from hookers, girl goes on a rampage in New York City. The film is a riot, especially the "Exploding Prostitutes" scene,..." (from BadMovies.org/frankenhooker) The film made tens of dollars at the box office.

Gosh, they don't make 'em like that anymore.

To our total chagrin, "Frankenhooker" is not currently available on Netflix. Goshdarnit!...

Meat Frogs & Dork Ninjas...

buRace Preview - It is a "deep in the forest" kind of event for "deep in the forest" kind of people. You know, hermits and outcasts and ne-er-do-wells; unshaven and mmhunched with runny noses; odoriferous folks who talk to themselves; folks whose filthy bodies are ecosystems for multiple, especially insectile, disgusting life forms. Like "Raccoon Hat Guy" in the picture (right).

Well, maybe not that grizzly.

Actually, this event, the Burrito Union 5 & 10 Hour Triathlon, is for "part-time hermits and outcasts and ne-er-do-wells," otherwise civilized..

Treadman Du Stuff


Race Preview - Above are some pictures we burgled from the Treadman Duathlon website. On the far left is Ann Moyer, a very nice person who consumes huge quantities of yummy, organic, fair trade Peace Coffee, yet remarkably, does not have bad breath. How can that be? In a word: Altoids.

She Can't Resist...

logoBy Bonnie Trembler

It was race day and I had transitioned to the bike; pedaling smooth and steady with equal effort across my 360' degree rotations. The weather was perfect, the farmers' fields sailing smoothly by on my right and left, the air fresh with an overhang of crops scenting it lightly. Suddenly I felt an odd jolt beneath me. I glanced down quickly, not sure what to expect. My eyes went wide as my bike suddenly seemed to transform underneath me, the frame melting away and a smooth, black motorcycle evolving from the molten carbon lava. I jutted forward, instantly doubling my speed, not sure what was happening. I glanced down again only to look up in time to see myself crash headlong into a hay barrier that was layed out across the road. Wakening, I remembered the Easton wheels..

An Excuse to Post a Gary Larson Cartoon...


Kinda Like Race Coverage - Yesterday a guy with many, many children and a cool beard that looks even better than House, M.D.'s, e-mailed us a picture of his wife, who he referred to as "his beloved Charis." Beloved. Gosh that's sweet....

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