Not-So-Square Square Lake Preview...

lakeEven though Square Lake isn't really square-shaped (see drawing), it is still a very good lake.

Not-so-square Square Lake is also the site of two very cool multisport races, which are called the "Square Lake Long and Short Course Triathlons," which is less clumsy, though less correct, than calling them the "Not-So-Square Square Lake Long and Short Course Triathlons."

The 11th edition of the technically incorrectly named Square Lake Short Course Tri will be staged on Saturday; the long course event--half iron-ish in distance--will celebrate it's 10th anniversary on Sunday.

Hey, what are the course records, you ask?

Well, even if you didn't, here they are:...

Doing Moo....

logoKinda a Preview - Somewhere between 50 and 1000 Minnesotans will be participating in Ironman Wisconsin this weekend. We're not sure of the exact numbers, having gone blind picking out the "MN"s beside the names on the start list. MTN wanted to post an article that would be of interest to those Loon Staters who will "do Moo" on Sunday, especially those who are doing so for the first time. We also think that those who plan to do the 140.6-mile Tour de Madison in the future will appreciate this post, which we atmospherically "spiced up" with images of a farm, a happy cow and Jan Guenther.

By Rich Strauss (trifuel.com) - Athletes preparing for Ironman Wisconsin are eager for any information to give them a leg up on the day. Having seen the recent reports from Ironman..

The Picture of Kerry Yndestad...

frankenhookerWhile scouring the Interwebs for cool movies to put in our Netflix queue, we came across the 1991 semi-classic: "Frankenhooker."

We're not making this up! Ever see it?

If you haven't, here's a summary: "This is your standard New Jersey love story, boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, girl gets sliced to ribbons by remote control lawnmower, boy patches girl back together with parts from hookers, girl goes on a rampage in New York City. The film is a riot, especially the "Exploding Prostitutes" scene,..." (from BadMovies.org/frankenhooker) The film made tens of dollars at the box office.

Gosh, they don't make 'em like that anymore.

To our total chagrin, "Frankenhooker" is not currently available on Netflix. Goshdarnit!...

Meat Frogs & Dork Ninjas...

buRace Preview - It is a "deep in the forest" kind of event for "deep in the forest" kind of people. You know, hermits and outcasts and ne-er-do-wells; unshaven and mmhunched with runny noses; odoriferous folks who talk to themselves; folks whose filthy bodies are ecosystems for multiple, especially insectile, disgusting life forms. Like "Raccoon Hat Guy" in the picture (right).

Well, maybe not that grizzly.

Actually, this event, the Burrito Union 5 & 10 Hour Triathlon, is for "part-time hermits and outcasts and ne-er-do-wells," otherwise civilized..

Treadman Du Stuff


Race Preview - Above are some pictures we burgled from the Treadman Duathlon website. On the far left is Ann Moyer, a very nice person who consumes huge quantities of yummy, organic, fair trade Peace Coffee, yet remarkably, does not have bad breath. How can that be? In a word: Altoids.

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