Minnesota State Championship Series (MSCS)

State championships in Minnesota are not a new concept, Heart of the Lakes Triathlon has long been considered the

Ten Fingers. Ten Toes...

famDecorated triathlete Steve Sander and his lovely wife Kelly are now parents. Their initial offspring has been named averyAvery. Cool name! On Sunday, Steve provided these photos and words:

Avery Dawn Sander finally made her first appearance on Thursday. Avery was almost a week late and Kelly was scheduled for an induction the same day but Avery was determined to do this on her own. Kelly had a tough first trimester with all day sickness but certainly got the benefit of a very quick delivery. Kelly was only in labor for about twelve hours and only had to push for about an hour. The result was a 7' 4 oz. beautiful daughter complete with ten fingers and ten toes. Everything went as smooth as could be....

BOUS Selects New Champs Site...

logoBest of the U.S. is very excited to announce that the 2011 National Championship will be hosted by...(drumroll, please)... Alabama Coastal Triathlon, on the pristine beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama! Saturday, September 10 is the date, so start your planning now.

Alabama Coastal is a production of the venerated Team Magic race production company. Team Magic produces cream-of-the-crop multisport and running events, including Powerman Alabama, Music City Triathlon, Chattanooga Waterfront, Buster Britton, and a...

Mighty Midwest...


Photos L - R - Kaleb VanOrt - Cindi Bannink - Gavin Anderson

USAT and Triathlete Magazine have yet to announce their selections for amateur Athletes of the Year. When they do, don't be surprised if a disproportionate percentage of the honored or honorably mentioned athletes hail from the Midwest. A glance back at the 2010 season reveals that those..

Movie Review...

scott pBy Warren Peece

MTN Movie Reviews - The MTN guys asked me to write a movie review.

"Hey, Warren, why don't you write a movie review?"

"Why?" I replied.

"'Cuz triathletes watch movies, especially in the wintertime when they spend so much time on their trainers," the MTN guy explained.

"Okay," I said.

After a pregnant moment, I asked MTN guy if my review had to be intelligent and well thought-out.

"Does my review have to be intelligent and well thought-out?"

"We'd prefer that it wasn't."

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