Jumping Off the Page...

jackieIronman Wisconisin Stuff - Have you looked at the Ironman Wisconsin results?

Kevin's O'Comments...

kevinWe received this e-mail from Treadman Du winner Kevin O'Connor on Sunday evening:

"Quite a race at Rev 3. I also see Cathy was 9th pro at IMWI. To be as fast as she or David. I hope you saw David

Today...(With Continuous Updates!- DKT Podiums in IM Debut!)

dktLotsa stuff are * going down today and we'll do our best to keep you informed.

What's happening?

Well, Ironman Wisconsin is happening and we'll be following the race and keeping you informed on how the Minnesota participants are faring.

And David Thompson's Iron-debut at Rev 3 - Ohio is today. We hope to provide periodic updates on his performance. We have a good feeling about this. We think DKT (photo) will rock the Erie coast!..

Staying Strong & Optimistic...

margyBy Kevin McKinnon (ironman.com) - Dr. Margaret MacMillan is no stranger to challenges. The pediatric oncologist is used to watching her young patients fight for their lives. She's used to telling those patients and their families to remain positive, strong and optimistic. She thought she lived those words last November as she struggled to get the last qualifying spot in her age group at Ford Ironman Florida. Making it to Kona was nothing compared to her next challenge - just getting back to her next Ironman.

MacMillan dug deep to get that Kona qualifying spot. She

Kids Stuff...

kyleThe process to determine the recipients of the 12th annual Minnesota Multisport Awards has begun. MMA Selection Committee Members will be attending their first of several meetings next week. One of the eight categories they will be discussing is 2010 Minnesota Junior of the Year. The competitive resumes of more than twenty 19-&-under athletes will be scrutinized and four kids will ultimately receive JOY nominations. This is a coed category.

The Committee will look at how often and how well each athlete raced. The quality of the competition they faced will be evaluated as well as the time differential between their efforts and that of elite adults in the same racing environment. They will also be compared with those athletes who have set the junior performance standards in years past. It's not enough to win one's AG on a regular basis. The times must also be impressive and the effort must compare with those of past champions.

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