Chris' Mind Dump...

predatorsBy Chris Hawes

I was asked about to write a review of the worst movie I have ever seen, and it turned into a stream of consciousness mind dump. Also, what is good and what is bad, when it comes to things like books, movies, music, is subjective. To an extent. There are some movies, songs, books, that a majority of people agree are bad. It is hard for me to say what is the "worst" movie I have seen. I have seen plenty of bad movies and they all kind of get bundled together. We all know, as long as movies are being made, there will be bad ones, and there will be "worst" (Worser? Not a word, but who cares) ones.

So, if I offend someone, too bad, it is just my opinion. With that being said, the first movie that came to mind is Scary Movie. Why? When it came out on video I rented it and got tired of watching it before it was over. I just thought it was dumb and not funny enough to wade through, so I quit....

Your Need For Speed...

manitouMinnesota's Best Run Course...

By Darin Wieneke

Holy frijoles, the best run course poll results are in and the top vote getter might be the most blistering, breakneck and dizzying run course in all of Minnesota. That run course, garnering 51.4 percent of the votes, is of course, Manitou. The 3.1 mile out and back course..

Rastafarian Proctologists & Walking With a Lisp...

neologismLast week totally cool, insanely articulate triathlete and recent featuree in a "Going Off Course" post, Steve Paladie, sent us the list of winners if the Washington Post's "Neologisms Contest." Steve claims to actually know what a neologism is. He steadfastly maintains that he didn't have to Google the term.

We didn't have to Google it either. But we did anyway.


Greatest Female Triathletes Ever...

erin(Photo: Erin Baker: Arguably the greatest female triathlete of All Time.)

Inside Triathlon: The 10 Greatest Female Triathletes Of All Time

by Courtney Baird

Inside Triathlon magazine announces its picks for the 10 greatest female triathletes of all time. WEBSITE

Whenever you put the word

Joyful Multi-Tasker...

lindseyGoing Off Course - The great 20th century philosopher Jon Bon Jovi imparted these prophetic words on the subject of "Luck:" "The harder I work, the luckier I get."

Some may look at Lindsay Kurhajetz's life and conclude that luck played a role in her many successes. Only 30, she's well-traveled, a former finalist on The Amazing Race, a former Miss Maple Grove, the founder and co-director of the "instant classic" Maple Grove Dare to Tri, one of only four women selected to model for the 2011 Triathlete Magazine Swimsuit issue and she knows Phil Liggett personally (photo below).

If you know Lindsey, though, you know that her successes and opportunities were the result of intelligence, boundless energy and above all, hard work. You won't meet a person who works harder, or multi-tasks better, than Ms. Kurhajetz (pronounced "Kurr-hy'-etts). And she does so joyfully. No kidding. She loves to work. Luck had little, if anything, to do with the favorable outcomes in her life...

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