Mashing & Sparging With Bill...

bill c(Photo L: Triathlete / brewer / totally cool guy Bill Copenhagen.)

By Tom Segar

Beer and Triathlon might not necessarily go hand-in-hand, but they

A Sound He Could Not Ignore...

litterED. - We had lunchies with triathlete/embroidery guy/amazingly good rookie nordic skier Bendon O'Flanagan last Monday. Gosh, he's a cool guy. And one of the most honorable dudes you'll ever meet. Last August we posted a story about Brendon's confrontation with a litterer. For those who may have missed that story, here it is:

"Hey!" Brendon called in a controlled voice; neither too loud, nor too combative. He walked briskly toward the escaping vehicle.

The taxi driver, who was backing out of a space in the Cub parking lot, stopped and turned his face to his summoner.

Their eyes met.....

Dog Days Ahead...


Going Off Course - Dave Schutz is a really nice guy. He is also the recently appointed director of the Life Time Fitness Minneapolis Triathon and the founder/director of Trinona, which was named 2010 Triathletes Choice Race of the Year. He has a smoking hot wife and rad son named Kaler, age 14 months.

Life is good, right?....

Paper or Plastic?

dolanGoing Off Course - "Paper or plastic?" he asked the adipose woman with orange hair, painted-on eyebrows and a smudge of Twinkie cream on the corner of her heavily lipsticked mouth. His tone was both pleasant and businesslike. He was a professional; the #1 bagger at Hy-Vee's South Lucust Street location in Dubuque.

The oblivious woman didn't answer. Her groceries, almost $600's worth so far, were piling up on the conveyor belt.

"Excuse me, ma'am. Would you prefer paper or plastic?" Outwardly, The Bagger was in control. Internally, he was becoming frantic. Groceries had begun to spill onto the floor. The scene resembled an episode of "I Love Lucy."...



By Darin Wieneke

During the month of L-O-V-E, MTN has tried to show its love and affection to our readers by way of free love, swag and affectionate discounts. While this is the final week we will be giving away free swag and discounts, we wanted you to know that we will still cherish you when the flowers of spring appear, when the summer air is filled with heat, when the leaves turn gold in the fall and when winter

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