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ED. After an exhaustive back-and-forth with city officials, plus overwhelming support from our region's triathletes, the Chisago Lakes Triathlon will return for it's 19th anniversary and hopefuly for many years thereafter. Huge thanks to Gloia West and everyone who worked had to keep this iconic event at Paradise Park in Chisago City.


CHISAGO LAKES TRIATHLON COVERAGE - The 18th edition of the Chisago Lakes Triathlon was, as always, awesome, but sadly, there may not be a 19th, that is, at the wonderful Paradise Park venue. ...

CHISAGO 70.3 COVERAGE & OTHER STUFF - Here's what MTN posted this morning, as well as a great comment, one of manny, from triathlete Matt Wiitala

Hey Everyone - We've been told that the Chisago City Parks Department does not want the iconic 18-year-old Chisago Lakes Triathlon to return to Paradise Park. MTN loves this race and considers its venue to be one of the premier Triathlon locales in the entire region. Perhaps the Triathlon community can influence a decision to keep the race where it is. It should include lighting up social media with your commentary, and emailing supportive words to race management as well as to those in Chisago City who could influence the event's demise. Here are three email addresses to contact with your comments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the Park Superintendent Doris Zacho - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Let's do what we can to keep the Chisago Lakes Triathlon at it's current location.

Matt's comment: 

I have attended events all over the state and this is my favorite event by far! What makes it my favorite is that it’s a true community event. The volunteers (residents) are the most friendly and helpful people and don’t just show up, they work hard!

Their police officers keep the riders safe which is a huge part of an event like this. The community is beautiful! The lake, park, country side roads. Its truly a gem. The people in the town that cheer on participants are also a highlight. Super helpful, enthusiastic and are helpful in the aid stations on the course.

I hope they reconsider your stance. Otherwise you run the risk of losing thousands of people that come to your community and support your local businesses.

This said, race management (DuTriRun) is committed to this event. They are willing to find another venue but wholeheartedly want to remain to Paradise Park. 


Race-friendly weather greeted the seven hundred triathletes that lined up on the north shoreline of beautiful Chisago Lake. The 70.3ers launched first. 

Leading out of the water was Pennsylvanian JOHN REED, a sophomore pro / race favorite with the makings of a Snidely Whiplash mustache, and a heckuva nice guy to boot. Lots of talented dudes followed and when leaders started to arrive in T2, it was star master DAN ARLANDSON that de-biked first.

Dan was destined to have an amazing result but could he fend off Reed, 2017 Chisago winner SEAN COOLEY, DAVID KOPPEL and PETER WIKMAN and others? 

Unfortunately, Koppel and Cooley were out of podium picture because Koppel was struck by a car and Cooley stopped to help until medical services arrived, which was quick. Elite master BRANDON LEE also sacrificed a few placed in the Top 10 by stopping as well. We don't know the extent of David's injuries but we are happy to have learned that they are not life-threatening.

Second off the bike was Reed, a former collegiate runner. He needed to make up almost three and a half. That would not be a problem. What remained to be seen, though, was if others would also threaten Arlandson's position. The guy who came the closest to doing so was tri coach ANTHONY JAGIELO, who was on his way to recording his second best 70.3 personal time ever.

The men's podium was set: Reed (4:17:10), Arlandson (4:20:44) and Jagielo (4:22:44).

As in the men's race, an elite master had an awesome performance and rocked an overall 2nd place finish. AMY HITE, 47 (photo), came into the 2023 race with silver medal effort at Ironman Coeur D'Alene (10:57:51) under her belt and threw down great bike and run splits en route to her 4:54:16.

Out in front of the women's competition was pre-race favorite CARYN HERRICK, who took over during the bike phase and then outran the field. Last year she was 2nd in 4:48:40, a time she crushed this year at Door County (2nd in 4:37:47) and here (4:40:50). The win was her third in four starts this season.

John Reed was in Minnesota to visit his Champlin-based girlfriend, EMILY PINCUS. It was Pincus who climbed the final step on the women's overall podium proving it was a successful day for couples. Herrick's main-squeeze--does anyone recall that expression?--Peter Wilman,  placed 4th in the men's competition, and like her is enjoying his best racing season yet.

Only one AG record was set by viola, violin and bagpipe teacher BETH HASSLER, who rocked another 65-69W win by taking the former divisional best down by 6:07.  RESULTS

Joint coverage of the Chisago Olympic and Sprint will post later in the week.