Better Than Ever...


Press Release - Registration has opened for OptumHealth Performance Manitou Triathlon set to take place on Sunday June 12th, 2011. This is a great early season triathlon that attracts triathletes of all levels of fitness and experience. Here are a few new features this year that are bound to make OHP Manitou Triathlon better than ever!....

Rooting For the Bad Guy...

despicableDespicable Me

By Bonnie Pinzeneedles

Movie Review - I have not watched TV since I was 15. That would put it somewhere around 25 years of being TV free. And it feels good. I can tell I haven

US Duathlete of the Year?...

jennyUSA Triathlon's 2010 Athetes of the Year will be announced soon. Will any Minnesota multisporters be honored, as they have so often in the past?

Maybe. But we'll just have to wait until the official announcement is made.

We're sure you recall that Kevin O'Connor was named "2009 US Duathlete of the Year." There is a slight possibility that another Minnesotan will win the 2010 title.


Minnesota's 2010 Duathlete of the Year Jenny Wilcox, of course....

Zoning Out With Devon...

devonBy Darin Wieneke

Every athlete has a certain look when they are in the zone. By zone, I mean the metaphysical space you can get to when you are playing with beauty, flow. Michael Jordan stuck his tongue out when making a critical basketball shot. Chrissie Wellington smiles as she rockets past the professional (women and men) triathlon field. And Devon Palmer does.....whatever it is that is depicted in the photograph here. His look was captured as he was "in the zone" in route to an 18th overall place at Ironman Arizona in November.

As Devon just wrapped up his first season as a professional triathlete, MTN thought that we would catch up with him to see how he thought his inaugural season went (and to chuckle a bit as Devon has a good sense of humor). Devon did not disappoint with his responses to the Q&A we posed to him.

MTN: How did the 2010 triathlon season go for you?....

Spunky Girl...

lou & maryGoing Off Course - Remember that great episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show when Lou Grant leans across his office desk and says to the insanely effervescent flippy-haired Mary Richards, "You know what? You've got spunk." To this the toothy Richards blushingly replies, "Well, yes..." The frowny faced Grant then gruffly announces, "I HATE SPUNK!"

What a great scene from a great "they-don't-make-'em-like-that-anymore" sitcom.

Let it be known that we here at MTN like spunk! Alot! And

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