Going "Off Course" With YOU..

keiferMTN's most popular off-season posts were our "Going Off Course" features wherein we introduced our readership to the non-triathletic side of Minnesota triathletes. We learned cool and important stuff about them. For instance, Brooke Darst Rice, who doesn't hyphenate, has a Keifer Sutherland/Jack Bauer fetish (photo L), loves Cheez-Its and yearns to be an Orchestra conductor. Did you know this? You would have if you'd read MTN on May 7.

And did you know that Stephanie Shuster's favorite book is the profoundly irreverent Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs and that she eats turkey sandwiches for breakfast? You would if you'd visited the site on March 28....

Grand Performers...

melindaMMA History Stuff - Today's installment, the 2nd in the History series, looks back at the past winners of the Grand Master of the Year awards.

This category has evolved over the years. From 1999 through 2002 it was known as Divisional Dominance and was intended to honor our state's standard-setting athletes age 45 and above.

The category's title was changed to Grand Master of the Year in 2003 and honored athletes age 50 and over...

Re-Naming Suzie's Dog..

suzieYesterday, while scouring the Internets for cool stories we can filch, we learned that 2009 Rookie of the Year Suzie Finger got a new dog. Here's a portion of what she posted on her cool blogsite (LINK) last month:

"I have a new man in my life .... He is incredibly handsome and a great kisser. We decided to take the plunge and he moved in with me immediately because it was love at first sight, we are even sleeping together already and he loves to cuddle. Isn't he perfect? ...

It's an Aptitude Thing...

joyceemily & larsmorgannate

Photos L-R - Former Minnesota Rookies of the Year Joyce Bourassa - Emily (& Lars) Finanger - Morgan Luzier - Nate Kortuem

Minnesota Multisport Awards - This is the first installment of "MMA History Stuff," wherein we playfully introduce you to past award winners and update you on what they're doing these days....

Cool Tri Night Stuff...

Dick Beardsley will be the featured speaker at the 11th Annual Tri Night Banquet, presented by OptumHealth Performance.tri night

Press Release - Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, November 11th, 2010

The Minnesota triathlon and duathlon community is proud to welcome Minnesota native Dick Beardsley as the featured speaker at Tri Night 2010 on Saturday December 4th, 2010. For a brief moment in the early '80s Dick Beardsley became the most famous runner / athlete in the world - by losing a race. In the 1982 Boston Marathon, Beardsley, foiled by a motorcycle that cut him off near the end, finished two seconds behind Alberto Salazar in a contest often called one of the most memorable in marathon..

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