Clumsiness or Male Pattern Baldness..

steveBy Steve Sander

Kelly and I are expecting our first here in the next few days if not hours. She is a girl and after a few minutes of deliberation decided that the name Avery will be the most difficult name for other children to turn into vicious insults. We are extremely excited to find out what type of an triathlete Avery will be. More importantly, will she take after her mother (soon to be Doctor Sander) or her father who was voted least studious in his senior class. So here are the pros and cons.

If she takes after her mother she will be able to outsmart anyone on the course with simple equations of wind,water, stroke, stride, drag, resistance that will help her maximize her efficiency. The cons with her taking after her mother ..

POYs, TOYs & More...

ath decade

(Great Steve Stenzel Photo.)

MMA Stuff - More explanations of what the heck the Committee was thinking when they determined the Emma winners...

More Whys. More Wherefores...

pp(Steve Stenzel Photo - Patrick Parish making one of his three acceptance speeches.)

MMA Stuff - Below are brief explanations of why the MMA Selectors made the picks they did. The controversial Rookie of the Year category, plus Junior of the Year and Grand Masters were dealt with in an earlier post. LINK

As with the earlier post, we are parenthetically including tri-blogger / future MMA Committeman Steve Stenzel's picks.

FEMALE MASTER OF THE YEAR - Jan Guenther (Steve's Pick- Julia Weisbecker)

A mid-season injury dropped Sarah Mercer from "Award Worthy" status to "Nomination Worthy." Had she been able to pop that big performance at Ironman Wisconsin, as was her goal, she may have picked up her second career MMA last Saturday...

Timberman Stuff...

timberPress Release

Registration for the Timberman Triathlon will begin January 1, 2011.

Registration is on-line only at active.com. Register early -- this event

is limited to 400 racers and has always filled very fast.

Whys & Wherefores...

tri night(Steve Stenzel Photo)

Minnesota Multisport Awards - What the heck were they thinkin'? How could they have chosen so-and-so over you-know-who?

Prior to Saturday's MMA Presentation, blogger extraordinaire Steve Stenzel posted his picks (LINK), i.e. the athletes he believed, based on his own astute observations and thoughtful consideration, should take home the awards.

Six of his choices matched the Committee's ultimate picks. Six did not.

Because of his fresh and differing perspectives, Steve (cool portrait below) has since been officially invited to become a member of the 2011 MMA Selection Committee...

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