It's a Former Zygote!

Peanut WienekeIsn't it cute? It's a fetus. It started as a zygote, then became a blastocyst, then an embryo. And now, it's a card-carrying fetus. Is that cool, or what?

This 12-week old humanoid fetus / future triathlete resides in a lovely uterine condo, which is owned and operated by Maria Vu Wieneke, wife of MTN's Darin Wieneke, a recent escapee from Alcatraz.

An official name has yet to be selected--we recommend Charlemagne for a boy or Murgatroid, if it's a girl. For the time being, he/she is referred to as Peanut Wieneke

2023 Race Calendar


 calendarhead january


calendarhead february 


27 - Tri-U-Mah (University of Minnesota, Mpls)


  March 2023

05 - Indoor Winter Training Session (Minneapolis)  

06 - YWCA Indoor Triathlon (YWCA Midtown, Mpls) 

12 - Indoor Winter Training Session (Minneapolis)

29 - Indoor Winter Training Session (Minneapolis)


April 2023


May 2023

06 - UMM-Tinman (Morris)  - 

06 - Cinco Du Mayo (Square Lake ) - CANCELED

20 - Apple Duathlon (Sartell) 

28 - Oakdale Spring Classic Duathlon (Lake Elmo Park) 


June 2023


03 - 4ht Open Water Swim Challenge (Hopkins) - 

04 - Buffalo Triathlon (Buffalo) - 

09 - Tri For Health Youth Tri (Jackson) - 

10 - Tri For Health Adult Tri (Jackson) - 

11 -  Trinona Weekend (Adult triathlon only) (Winona)

12 - 2nd Women's TriFecta (Shoreview)

17 - Fairmont Triathlon (Fairmont) -

17 - Lake Minnetonka Triathlon (Excelsior) -

24 - Graniteman Clearwater (Warner Lake) - 

24 - Average Jo Triathlon (Perham, MN)

25 - Manitou Triathlon (White Bear Lake) - 


July 2023


08 - Timberman (Grand Rapids) - 

09 - Bertram Blast Off-Road Tri, Du, MTB (Monticello)

09 - Turtleman Triathlon - Sprint & Olympic (Shoreview)- 

16 - Buzz Ryan Sprint Triathlon (Island Lake, Duluth) - 

22 - Alexandria Triathlon (Lake Brophy County Park, Alexandria) -

23 - Tri West Olympic & Sprint (Lake Rebecca)

30 - Chisago Lakes (Chisago City) -


August 2023

05 - Graniteman Big Lake (Lakeside Park)

06 - Brewhouse Triathlon & Root Beer Kids (Island Lake, Duluth) -

12 - Moose Lake Triathlon (Moose Lake) - 

12 - 20th Northwoods Triathlon (Nevis) - 

13 - Green Lake Triathlon (Spicer) 

19 - Younglife Tri (Detroit Lakes)

25-26 - Maple Grove Triathlon / Kids Splash & Dash (Weaver Lake Park) - 2022 USA Triathlon Minnesota State Championship!

26 - Kiwanis Kids Triathlon (Baxter)

27 - Lakes Country Triathlon (Baxter) - 


September 2023

02 - Hopkins Royal Triathlon 2018 Race of the Year - (Shady Oak Beach, Hopkins) - 

9-10 - Square Lake 70.3 & Sprint (Stillwater)

17 - One Last Tri - Sprint & Olympic (White Bear Lake) - 


October 2022

08 - Fall Classic Duathlon (Oakdale)

15 - Gear Western Half Marathon & 5K (Long Lake)






Seriously Impressed

(Photos: Steve with a shirt & Steve without a shirt.)

By Steve Sander

When I arrived at the transition the wind was already getting strong and the temp was telling me this was not going to be a comfortable race.

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Name Change & Sauerkraut Pizza...

The "Powers that Be" at Gustavus Adolphus College have instructed the organizers of what used to be known as the Gustie Triathlon to change the name of their event. Legal stuff. The race, the umpteenth edition of which is this Saturday (May 8), will "hereafter be known forthwith" (cool legal talk) as the "Take the Hill Triathlon." As the name hints, the bike course is not as flat as a pool table.

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Cinco Du Mayo Preview: Make a Day of It...

There are many good reasons to do the Cinco Du Mayo Duathlon at beautiful Square Lake this Saturday. Here's three: Great course, Casa Lupita Tacos and hanging around the area after the race.2010-05-06

On the last point--hanging out--we suggest lunch and drinkies in one of Stillwater's fine eateries or drinkeries or a stop in Marine on St. Croix, which ha s a totally cool General Store, appropriately named "General Store" and an ice cream shop called Village Scoop.

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