Brewhouse Goes Bichless...

After 14 Bichful years, the Brewhouse Triathlon will be a Bich-Free Zone on Sunday, August 1. It's gonna feel strange.

Brewhouse Preview will be posted on Thursday morning...BHT WEBSITE

Suzie's Favorite Race..

ywcaJuly 31 Last Day to Register for YWCA Women

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Previews of Previews...


Have you ever heard of elephantine Polish entrepreneur Colezslau Growleroski? A lover of cabbage and beer, he is responsible for two of the greatest inventions of our time: Cole slaw and Growlers. If it wasn't for this gluttonous genius,...

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Impressive Stuff...

parkSooooooo much about Sunday's Chisago Lakes Triathlon(s) was impressive, and not just basic stuff, like DKT's sub-4 hour winning time, or Patrick Parish's and Jenny Wilcox's crushings of the race records in the sprint. That's really good stuff, though.

What else was there to be impressed with then, you ask?

How about how downright maturishly Ross Weinzierl and Joanna Hall handled their misfortunes. Ross was kicking tush when he was forced to DNF. How did he handle it? With an understanding shrug of the shoulders, a big smile--which is a ubiquitous part of his extroverted signature--and the clear understanding that there will be other opportunities.

You thoroughly impressed us, Ross. (See photo on next page. Ross is the tall smiley guy on the left.)

Poor pretty Joanna. Two flats and more than a half hour of..

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$100 Tree City...

hootWhat do you know about Fergus Falls, Minnesota?

Not much, huh?

We know lotsa stuff about it. It's a town. It's in Minnesota and the Hoot Lake Triathlon (photo) is there. Or somewhere near there?

What else?

Did we say mention that it's somewhere in Minnesota? And that it's a town?

Realizing that we don't know too darn much about Fergus Falls, we Googled it. Here's some totally cool historical stuff we found:

"In 1857, Wiley Cloversheets * was sent by his employer, Langford Fergus* , to locate a site for a new community. Along the way he...

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