Hotel Timberman...

swim"...You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."

This is one of the more jarring lines from the 1977 Eagle's classic "Hotel California." The song allegorically addresses the addictive and self-destructive nature of excess in America, and especially in Southern California; an especially in the SOCAL music industry.

These words apply, albeit in a non-sardonic way, to what can be called the "Timberman Experience." Staged in one of our region's most picturesque and peaceful locations, the Timberman, "Minnesota's Destination Triathlon," is addictive. But it is not destructive. It is rejuvenating...

In Search of Epistolary Performances...

stickyMatt Priess (L - we don't have a picture of him yet) is anxious to race at the Graniteman Triathlon this Sunday. lakeSo much so that he'll probably pee a gazillion times between now and then.

Why is Mr. Priess so goshdarn anxious?

He thinks that he can win on Sunday. If he does, it would be his first career victory.

Good luck, Matthew! We think you have a legitimate chance to make your bladder-stimulating dream come true. Certainly your 3rd place finish at RochesterFest Sprint last month suggests that you're...

Dinner With Crowie!



Joins us at the Historic St. Paul Hotel on July 10 for dinner, conversation and a Q&A session with the three-time World Champion triathlete, Craig Alexander.

Lighting Up the Room....Then Leaving...

BNThere's a great scene (among a plethora of great scenes!) in the 1987 movie classic "Broadcast News" wherein Tom Grunick (William Hurt) accuses Jane Craig (Holly Hunter) of "Lighting up a room...then leaving." Craig had just burst into his office amid a wonderful barrage of profanity and accusation aimed at Grunick, only to discover that Grunick's terminally straight-laced father was present. The acerbic words--"Light up a room...then leave"--were deadpanishly delivered as Hunter's mortified character slunk round-shouldered from the room.

Hurt and Hunter received well-deserved Best Actor Oscar nominations for their portrayals...

Minneman Bonus: Like Coverage, But Not Really..

doobieHave you seen YndeCam's spectacular MINNEMAN photos yet?

No? Do yourself a favor and visit yndecam.com ASAP. If you're a Facebooker, you can check out the highlight images on Kerry Yndestad's page. Kerry and company wield their Nikons as adroitly, and with as much aplomb and panache as Joe Mauer wields his Louisville Slugger.

To inspire you to visit Kerry's site, we'll describe some of the more compelling, in our humble opinion, shots.

* 0002: Co-Race Director Jonny J de-waxing his right ear.

* 0009 - The Minneman was not just a triathlon, it also hosted the 2010 Pillsbury Smile-Off. These are the finalists....

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