Speed: It's Not Just For the Fast Guys & Girls...

speedyBy Ironguides (Huh?)

Conventional wisdom and training practices have created a void between coaching of endurance sports and that of high-skill sports such as basketball and soccer.

Are these sports really so different in their demands and as such should the training be so different?

In endurance sports it seems almost set in stone that any ....

4th Eve Fireworks at Lake George...


Cathy Yndestad & Jenny Shaughnessy were two of the brightest stars in the Minneman VI galaxy...Stories & More Photos coming..RESULTS

It's All Good....

lake georgePardon the anthropomorphizing, but races have personalities. In fact, they are downright logo"moody."

Take Timberman and Northwoods, our state's "destinationy" events, for example. They have a laid back vacationy vibe. These races are preludes to barbecues and cold beer and laughter and pontoon rides. Very cool.

Then there's Heart of the Lakes, our state's most gregarious race....

Missing Bill...


By Darin Wieneke

When the starter's gun goes off at the MinneMan triathlon this weekend,..

If She Wants It...

jenny"She's gonna be good," said the shiny-crowned guy with the toilet-seat haircut to no one in particular. He was standing at the final turn that led to the finish line. Rookie triathlete Jenny Shaughnessy (photo) was about to round that last corner, her victory on the verge of officialization. Turning his fringed cranium back toward the final hill, he squinted. There on the distant crest was a running woman. It was Jan Guenther, her style unmistakable. It would be at least a minute before she would turn the final corner.

Toilet seat guy was wrong. Jenny Shaughnessy is not "gonna be

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