Wisdom & Italian Shoes...

By Bonnie Retifismcraig

Glancing around the room, I chatted excitedly with a few friends about the evening

Locale Flavour...


Triathlon turns 25

By Brenda Erdahl Staff Writer

Judy Bowdin has competed in every Annandale triathlon in the event's 25-year history except one.

Silver Anniversary Edition...

cakeDoesn't this cake look like a ginormous cleverly sculpted Little Debbie Zebra Cake? It does to us. Ummmmmmmm. Looks super yummy and totally devoid of nutrition and capable of causing diabetes with just one bite, doesn't it? There's got to gallons of high fructose corn syrup in that sucker!

Excuse us whilst we sop up the saliva off the keyboard.

Well folks, the beloved Heart of the Lakes Triathlon is celebrating its 25th anniversary this weekend. We'd like to recommend that all participants make a special effort--smiles and thank yous are good, hugs are even better--on Sunday to let the race organizers and volunteers know that you appreciate the

Important Stuff About Niacin...

niacinBoy, Was I Ever Red In the Face!

We Want Anne To Win...

anneAnne Garlock is a totally nice person. She's and avid triathlete and her family may evenbarn have a barn with "GARLOCK" shingled into the roof. But maybe not. There may me more than one Garlock family in the world. The photo of the insanely pretty girl may or may not be the right Anne Garlock. We found this pic on Google. As we said, it's possible that there are multiple Garlocks, and maybe even multiple Anne Garlocks.

Yesterday Anne--we're on a first name basis now--sent us an e-mail saying that she enjoys Minnesota Tri News. Her generous words, there were at least 20 of them, made our day. Heck, it made our week. We now want Anne to be our BFF.

And we hope that Anne wins the Chaska Triathlon on Saturday....

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