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devon turtle

(Photo: Incognito MJETs. Devon shaved his Hitler 'stache before the race. Lauren did not.)

St. Paul's Devon Palmer (photo) collected his 7th career multisport win on Sunday at the 18th annual Pigman Sprint mustachesTriathlon. The bright and amiable first-year pro who has cool hair, the bushy kind that never needs to be combed, was the first of six Minnesota men to crack the overall Top 8. The others were 6 or 7 time Pigman Sprint winner Kevin O'Connor (2nd), eight-time PS champ Brian Bich (4th), 20-year old Kyle Serreyn (6th), John Heinlein III (7th) and three-time Minnesota Junior of the Year Michael Williams (8th).

A great swim followed by his signature supersonic bike split--1:19 faster than O'Connor's 2nd fastest split--delivered Palmer to T2 with a nearly insurmountable lead. Kevin was able to make up 54 seconds on the run (and a faster transition). Still Devon won by a thick margin of 56 seconds....

Jody's "Jihad Chant".......

jenny5th Annual NEW BRI TRI....June 5..S-800m-ish, B-14ish miles, R - 3ish miles

1. Karl Shultz, 40 - 1:06:12........1. Jenny Wilcox - 1:11:02

The Apple: BFFs Go 1-2...

Apple LogoCathy and Julie are best friends. They do almost everything together and between them they have 64 blindingly white teeth that are rarely covered. Julie pointingSingularly and collectively, they radiate happiness and good will.

They are also top level multisport athletes. Heck, Cathy was the 2009 US Athlete of the Year. And Julie's not far behind. On Saturday at the 28th edition of the Apple Du, she was ahead. Until the final mile of the final run, that is. In the end, the AOY demonstrated why she had won that award. And 11 skinny seconds after Cathy finished, Julie was there to give her a big, toothy hug! Walking away from the line, the lettering on their bums reminded us that their last names were Yndestad and Hull.

Apple Stuff: The Boys...

Do you remember Peter Skorseth? Handsome guy from pastoral Baldwin, Wisconsin. Looks a lot like a smilier version of actor MarkFor Apple Story Harmon. (We don't have a photo of Peter, so we inserted a shot of Harmon. Imagine Mark with teeth. That's what Peter looks like.)

If you've been racing in Minnesota for more than five years, chances are good that his name is familiar. If you are an elite tri or du-athlete, though, you should remember him well. Peter Skorseth was a GREAT multisport athlete. In 2005, he won two MMAs--Master of the Year and Most Improved--and his herculean effort that year at the Apple Duathlon earned him a Performance of the Year nomination.

Fast Juice At Apple Du

Apple JuiceThere must have been something special in the juice this morning. Records were dropping all over the place. David Thompson crushed his previous course record, notching his 60th win in the process. Cathy Yndestad had to run down a hard-charging Julie Hull for her win #41. And five amateur men broke the record set by Peter Skorseth back in 2005. Full story later, stay tuned. Results

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